Ph.D. Khanov A.G. Laboratory control of inflammation in rheumatic diseases is leading in an objective assessment of the initial clinical situation, the results of treatment, the construction of further tactics of therapy and the prognosis of the disease. Building a treatment and diagnostic plan for a patient is carried out in accordance with the diagnosis […]
Laboratory Diagnosis and Inflammation Monitoring in Rheumatology Ph.D. Khanov, A.G. The doctrine of inflammation is the cornerstone of medical science (clinical pathology). While healing, the physician gradually passes from the symptoms or external manifestations of the disease to the essence of the processes that are taking place. The external manifestations of the disease include also […]
Oberarzt The subject of science is that side of the object for which specific studies in this field of scientific knowledge are directed. In rheumatology they are: the study, diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory and dystrophic diseases, in which connective tissues and joints are affected. To a certain extent, the development of science is the […]
ARIES Aries, October will become a very busy month. Be ready for business trips, new acquaintances and communication. The meetings will be joyful, professional, and even romantic to some extend. However, not everything will bring exclusively positive emotions. Do not worry about trifles, many of your problems will be solved if you just ask a […]
ARIES Aries, this month your life will be as volatile as the weather in September. Changes will not occur only in the working environment, but also in personal relationships. You will either decide to break the tiring communication, or you will realize that you are ready to take a serious step towards your half. This […]
Happiness is a state of a person that corresponds to the greatest inner satisfaction with the conditions of one’s life, its fullness and meaning of life, the realization of one’s human destiny. Happiness can be found in two ways. The first way is external. Buying a better house, better clothes, making more pleasant friends, we […]
Ph.D. Khanov AG Rheumatology is one of the dynamically developing therapeutic medicines now due to the emergence of a large group of pharmacological drugs, including GEBA (genetically engineered biological agents), which allows to carry out pathogenetic treatment. At the same time, in other brunches of therapeutic medicine, there are processes associated with the reorientation of […]
Ph.D. KHANOV A.G. The doctrine of inflammation has an ancient history, since the time of Hippocrates (400 years BC), but it began to develop rapidly in  the middle of the XIX century, after the invention of the microscope. At present, the doctor has  an opportunity to move from the symptoms or external manifestations of the […]
Polyakova Yu.V., Sevardova L.E.,  Akhnerdyan U.R., Nenasheva N.V., Zavodovsky  B.V. “Autolady” as an important factor of BMD decrease. FGBNU “NII K&AR”, Volgograd, the Russian Federation. Osteoporosis (OP) is driving the Earth, spreading all over the world. Approximately 50 percent of cases are symptom-free, and the sick don’t suspect of the disease until the bone fracture […]
Global test (GT) is a general comprehensive test, research, trial, check. Global tests are tentative screening tests for a certain area or the whole musculoskeletal system of a human body. Doing simple stereotyped movements (bending, squatting) in a certain plane or while passing a certain point in these tests is provocative for emergence of a […]
We deeply regret to announce the death of Alexander Zborovsky, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medicine, Professor of Hospital Therapy Department, Military Field Therapy with a course of clinical rheumatology at Volgograd State Medical University, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Emeritus Professor of Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy (2001) and […]