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Horoscope for October 2017


aries Aries, October will become a very busy month. Be ready for business trips, new acquaintances and communication. The meetings will be joyful, professional, and even romantic to some extend. However, not everything will bring exclusively positive emotions. Do not worry about trifles, many of your problems will be solved if you just ask a friend for help. Make it a rule to share what worries you with your loved ones. This will save you from many neuroses. In the working team, show restraint and prudence, your authority will only rise in the eyes of colleagues. Horoscope of health The health horoscope strongly advises Aries to do physical exercises. While working you sitting most of the day. A lot of health problems can arise because of this. It is better to prevent them. Therefore, at the first opportunity crouch and do warming up exercises. Do not forget to eat regularly and get enough sleep, then you’ll have enough strength even for the boldest ventures.  


taurus Taurus, a horoscope for October advises you not to worry about every penny. This month, the job for which you did not know how to tackle a deadline will move forward. This will bring significant dividends. Just do not waste everything at once on all sorts of trifles. There are enough important plans that require financial injections. Perhaps you will decide to start your own business. Romantic Taurus is waiting for an acquaintance, which may bring to something more serious. Your leadership qualities will manifest in October. Do not hold them back, but avoid any open conflict. Horoscope of health If Taurus is prone to rheumatic diseases, he needs to monitor health more thoroughly in October 2017. Walk outdoors and do not overcool. If you do not take preventive measures, you’ll catch a cold in October.  


gemini To Twins, stars promise life filled with acute moments in October. But how many vivid impressions you will get! You will fall in love and be disappointed, make new acquaintances, both amorous and friendly. But be careful in financial matters. At work, be collected and businesslike, do not relax. Stars advise you to be more careful while speaking with the leader. Don’t waste money, money is not easy for you. Horoscope of health The stars advise to take a vacation and rest if possible. In October, chronic diseases can become aggravated, which cannot be neglected and treated without the doctor’s recommendations. Visit a cardiologist, perhaps you should support your heart. You can get your back and large joints sick. There is nothing to do but to address your rheumatologist. Try to sit at the computer less. If the doctor recommends you to purchase orthoses, do so.  


crab Cancers, in October everything that was conceived will come true. Protracted repair will be finished, it will be possible to change the car and organize your life. And what is important, you will afford it. Just control your impulses and avoid unnecessary waste. Envy is a destructive feeling, its control will help you keep the inner energy in October. Otherwise, it will have a bad effect on the mental state. Stars promise Cancers a tour or a business trip. But on the way to the destination you are expected to have a romantic acquaintance, which will change your personal life as a whole. Horoscope of health The health horoscope recommends Cancer to undergo a survey and to prevent the onset of the disease. If you follow the doctor’s advice, you will be able to maintain health. We will have to make some efforts to discipline ourselves. Be careful about the diet and day routine. Start exercising and move more.


leo Lions, autumn took possession not only of the weather, but also of your mood. You will grieve over the warm sea and the sun. But you will not have time for spleen. Work is in full swing and your participation and advice are requiredeverywhere. Restraint and diplomacy will help to establish friendly contact communication with colleagues. And disable your skepticism and seriousness in communication with the opposite sex at least temporarily. Do not share all the details of your romantic experiences with your friends. No wonder they say: “Happiness loves silence.” Especially it concerns those Lions, who consider that something does not go right. Horoscope of health The health horoscope advises Leo not to overexert himself this fall. Change activities, walk, meet friends. Be careful about what you eat. Tablets with vitamins should be replaced with vegetables and fruits. You may be disturbed by knee joints, wear orthoses and follow the recommendations of a rheumatologist.  


virgo Virgo, you are overflown with enthusiasm. Optimistic attitude is catching, so the surrounding people will also take care of everything that you offer them happily. Work in October is in full swing. Favorable acquaintances and agreements will help Virgo to get natural charm and ability to find contact with people. Nevertheless, you are receptive to negativity. Share what you care about with your family and friends. So you will avoid nervous overexertion and keep cheerfulness of the spirit. In October, the Virgin will face the need to acquire a new skill. This will prove to be a profitable skill, it will give an opportunity to improve the financial situation. Horoscope of health The stars advise the Virgins not to exhaust themselves with deeds. Your activity pleases everyone, but not your body. Give yourself a break. Do yoga or go to the swimming pool. You need to train daily, but do not overdo it. Measure is needed everywhere. Limit heavy meals and fizzy drinks. You will find that you are full of energy, adhering to these simple rules.  


libra For Libra the stars predict a very favorable time in October. Everything you planned, you will be able to implement. In addition, October is a very interesting period when you will repeatedly experience a feeling of deja vu. Pay attention to this, perhaps this is a special sign – a hint that will show you how to live on. Agree if they offer a business trip at work. In October, the road won’t involve you any trouble. However, if you are driving, be careful. In relations with loved ones do not try to change them. All the same it will not work. Better take care of your nerves. Horoscope of health Horoscope predicts Libra that October can be a rather difficult month in terms of health. Colds, viruses and chronic diseases are possible. Just do not self-medicate, for rheumatologic patients this is not the best solution. In October, do not neglect the physical strain – they will only benefit Libra. Pay special attention to the condition of the joints of the shoulder girdle and neck.  


scorpion The stars promise that October will be a wonderful time for the Scorpions, when you can relax and have a rest. Meet your friends, drink coffee, walk in the park, see good movies. You will not be overloaded at work, and in your personal life only pleasant emotions are awaiting for you. Glad your family with shopping and restaurant. But remember, this respite is not forever. It is possible that it will be followed by a time pressure, which will require the strain of all your forces. But in October have a rest and enjoy life. Horoscope of health According to the horoscope, the Scorpios in October can significantly reduce immunity. Taking into account rheumatologic problems, this may not be so bad. But everything is good in moderation. Take measures to prevent the flu: drink the vitamin complex, do exercises. Women should pay special attention to diet. The stars predict the possibility of gastric diseases for women in October. But everything will be OK if you strictly follow the elementary precautions. Horoscope recommends to pay attention to the condition of the lower extremities, especially the hip joints.


sagittarius The stars recommend Sagittarians to react to all possible difficulties as calmly as possible in October. Perhaps your plans will be violated, but remember that often it’s even for the better. There may be trouble at work, but do not rush to excuse yourself. Truth will triumph, colleagues will understand everything. Just be patient and be kind, despite the injustice shown to you. According to the horoscope, Sagittarius is coming to a fairly long and quiet period in financial terms. You cannot save every penny, but you do not need to squander money. Horoscope of health The stars predict that in October Sagittarius may have complications with respiratory tract. To prevent disease, drink vitamins and dress according to the weather. Sleep enough and keep to the rest regime strictly in October. It is vitally important for you to get enough sleep, because you already, for sure, have noticed how good sleep improves your state of health. It would be very good if you pull yourself together and stop overeating. Do not overwork in October. Remember that health is the most important thing. It would be very handy to undergo a massage course and begin to engage in physical training. According to the horoscope, you need to pay special attention to the condition of the spine.  


aries2 Horoscope for October 2017 predicts that the best thing for Capricorn this month is to focus on work. This will help to achieve high results, because October is the time when you can jerk up if you really want it. So work hard. You will benefit from communication with the people on whom your career can depend. No problems are foreseen with finances, but be prepared for the fact that relatives can ask for a large sum of money. It is better to postpone a journey, but if you still get together, then be careful. Horoscope of health The stars predict that Capricorns may have jumps in blood pressure. Do not leave it without attention, hoping that “it will pass itself”. Maybe it will pass, or maybe not. Try to get an appointment with a cardiologist. Eliminate life from risky situations, if it is within your power. At least do not get on the roads. It is likely to catch cold this month. Do not forget that rheumatologic patients are at risk. And if for someone it is an elementary illness, for you it can be a real ordeal. DO NOT wait for complications.  


aquarius Horoscope for October 2017 recommends that Aquarius should not think about the past but plunge headlong into the present. Try to expand the circle of friends, communicate, do not reject the possibility of a new love. October will provide a lot of energy for the realization of all your plans. The stars advise you not to load yourselves with thoughts of work in October. Pay a little more attention to personal life, and you will see how your loved ones appreciate and respect you. It is possible that in October you will have to make a long trip. It depends on you, whether your road becomes dull or turns into an exciting and vivid journey. Horoscope of health The stars recommend you to exclude in October any extreme, sports or recreation. Do not tempt fate, postpone parachute jumps and other tricks for an indefinite time. Walk more and if the weather permits, enjoy staying in the country-side. Avoid stressful situations, drive the car as carefully as possible. Mix with positive people and enjoy the time with them. If in October your joints start to hurt, this is a direct indication to a visit a hospital. The doctor will not allow the disease to go too far, and you can pass the autumn without any complications. Try to follow the elementary rules in the diet. Eat less fat and fried, because a healthy stomach is very important while having rheumatologic problems.  


pisces In October 2017, Pisces can be a little sad. People with a subtle emotional organization are receptive even to a change of weather, and autumn casts a melancholy mood on you. But the stars predict that, apart from the weather, you will have no cause for sadness. At work, you are treated with respect and appreciated. In intimate life no storms are foreseen either. On the contrary, Pisces can relax and enjoy a quiet period. Just be more careful with finances. No additional income should be expected, so cut your coat according to your clothes. Horoscope of health Horoscope recommends Pisces to reveal a little egoism and care of the health both of the nearest and dearest and your own one. Do not be nervous and take things easy. Being nervous is harmful for any creature to say nothing of tender Pisces. October can be a difficult month for you if you catch a cold or flu. Do not forget that this can be a serious ordeal for rheumatologic patients. In October, you need to dress warmer and go to bed earlier.