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Horoscope for September 2017



Aries, this month your life will be as volatile as the weather in September. Changes will not occur only in the working environment, but also in personal relationships. You will either decide to break the tiring communication, or you will realize that you are ready to take a serious step towards your half. This month promises to be eventful. Be ready for a trip to another city for business. Most likely, you are also looking for a new job. Consider whether the amount of effort expended and the benefits from this venture will be equivalent. Pay attention to creative activity. Engage in singing, dancing or go to the theatre. Your inner requirement dictates something high, follow your inner voice.

Horoscope of health

The health horoscope recommends paying attention to the drinking regime. The truth is in the wine, but the health is still in the water. You can Learn More at Peninsuladailynews.com. Do not neglect fresh fruit and vegetables. September will not bring serious problems with well-being, but still, if you feel unwell, seek advice from a rheumatologist. Your doctor will help you to understand the cause of the disease and eliminate it.




Taurus, autumn will start with worries for you. You’ll have to settle lots of home problems – a long time dripping tap, creaking door and other trifles. You can’t ignore domestic turmoil, so begin to do repairs step by step. Meantime, no one has canceled the work, so you will constantly be pressed for time. Try to idle away for a day or two. It is not necessary to overexert absolutely. The bosses will react to your situation with understanding, but only taking into account your professionalism. Do not abuse their good attitude.
Be careful with alcohol this month. You can rely on your family in September, but you should also be ready to set your shoulder.

Horoscope of health

The health horoscope advises to arrange a rest for both the soul and the body more often. And the right rest is a change of activities, so do exercises, do yoga or just do walking. Physical load should be moderate. Particular attention should be paid to the spine. Make a densitometry test – this is a reliable method of diagnosing osteoporosis. It is better to correct Calcium deficiency before the fractures. Consult a rheumatologist to find out how to compensate the lack of this important element better.




Gemini, in September you will be in the focus of other people. Do not pay too much importance to it, otherwise nervousness will not be avoided. Try not to speak out radically in public, you may be misunderstood. Restraint and caution in words is the motto for September. Your love affairs will be quit for a while till they satisfy you. Universe will respond to any requests, but it will take time. You dearest and nearest will help you in every possible way. You will pay them back. Communicate more with children, your attention is of great importance for them.

Horoscope of health

The health horoscope warns that nervous overstrain may be manifested in September. This can cause not only mental, but also physical ailment. Try to surround yourself with positive people, they will have a great influence on you. You may be worried about ankle joints. Do light gymnastics and do not forget to wear braces.




Cancers, it’s high time to look around and evaluate all the work done during summer. And only after that set a goal for the autumn. Comfort will provide dimension and certainty without fuss. Therefore, on drawing up a plan of action, you will apply systematically to achieving your goal. Do not expect to avoid shake-up completly. In some situations you still have to rely only on yourself, but these are trifles which you can easily cope with. Show restraint and patience with you family, your households will appreciate your patience and will be grateful. Have fun in September – go to the movies, do shopping or just chat with friends. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to have fun.

Horoscope of health

The health horoscope warns that in September, a breakdown is possible. If you ask for qualified help in time, you will avoid serious health problems. The rheumatologist will give the necessary recommendations and will support with the medicines. Provide a full sleep, fresh vegetables and fruit. Do not forget about gymnastics, at your disposal there are effective methods of influence on the body.



Lions, show favor to people who trust you. Generosity and sincerity will help you make relationships with any person in September. Be ready to help friends and colleagues. The first autumn month will become quite busy at work. Business trips and new contracts will fall on you. This will greatly contribute to career advancement. Family Lions will be happy to communicate with children and relatives. Lonely representatives of the sign can meet their fate in September. Just do not miss your fate. You should be in public and communicate more often. Your friends will be happy to keep your company, you will have the time of your life.

Horoscope of health

The health horoscope promises Lion a calm month. Energy reserves have been replenished enough after the summer, and the autumn melancholy will bypass you. Do not forget to do gymnastics and stretch yourself. Try to adjust a diet and reduce the consumption of fatty, fried and canned food. Pay attention to the knee joints In September. Wear orthoses, follow the recommendations of a rheumatologist, and health problems will not disturb you.




Virgo, September will be a harmonious month for you, and many plans will be easily put in life. Do not let things go as they are. Colleagues will respect your professionalism and intuition. Success at work will not be the only one. Your hobby will begin to bring the additional income. You do not invest a lot of effort in vain, both moral and material success is ahead of you. Arrange periods of relaxation to be always on one’s toes.
At home there comes a quiet and emotional period. Mutual understanding with loved ones will become your strong support. Do not miss the chance to be a happy person, it is enough to remember that happiness is an internal state, and external vanity should not concern you too deeply.

Horoscope of health

The health horoscope advises the Virgos not to overwork. You will save both strength and health. Restore the sleeping regime. High-grade rest and food, and a great mood – all that is needed for a good state of health. Pay attention to the exercises and stretching, and spend more time out-of-doors while the weather is fine.




Horoscope for September 2017 predicts Libra a lot of interesting exciting events and meetings new people. This month, Libra can plan trips abroad or tour around his native country. Although, if you limit yourself to smelling the flowers, it will also give you many pleasant experiences. In September you should be harder at work, because the authorities will keep an eye on you. But the stars say you should not worry about this. Just do not give a pretext to pounce on you, and the month will pass quietly. In financial terms, in September, representatives of this sign should slightly reduce their appetites. Try to spend less, save more.
As to intimate relations, you are facing real battles for your happiness. Your partner will suddenly show the character, and only your wisdom and restraint will help to keep the relationship. But after the storm a quiet period of family happiness will follow. Lonely Libra can look forward to a romantic meeting. It depends on you, whether it will lead to a serious relationship.

Horoscope of health

The stars advise Libra to be less nervous, then the state of health in September will be excellent. Even if you do not like sports, still do not neglect elementary exercises to strengthen the muscles of hands and feet. In addition, you need to take care of the flexibility of the spine. Do not forget about your joints, physical activity should be moderate. Try to strengthen the immune system before the cold.




The horoscope for September 2017 predicts to Scorpios that in the first fall month you will experience great joy and certain disappointments. At work, behave more correctly with colleagues. If you blurt out too much, you will later bitterly regret your incontinence. Do not conflict, in all cases be moderate and careful and do not risk your position. If there is a desire to do charity, then it will strengthen your authority in 2017.
In financial terms, September will be a very calm month for the Scorpions. But in your personal life you can experience a real flood of feelings. You will meet a person who will give you an unforgettable experience. Perhaps this is your chance to experience sincere feelings so rare now. It is very likely that at the end of the month an unexpected surprise will await you – the arrival of guests from afar or meeting the first love.

Horoscope of health

Scorpios need to force themselves to do at least an easy exercise in the morning and observe the diet. You must not catch a cold, otherwise serious complications may occur. If you feel that the inflammatory processes in the body are increasing, do not delay the visit to the doctor. Pay attention to the knee joints. Get warm knee pads, they will help you survive the cold.




Horoscope advises Sagittarians in September 2017 not to work hard at work, but to rest more. Allow yourself to relax, but then you can start working with new strength and plan new projects. In late September, you will have additional income. This is an opportunity to improve the financial situation, although at first the profit will be small. The stars predict a high probability of promotion and salary. You deserve it. Just do not miss your chance, do not spoil relations with colleagues and bosses because of trifles. This can spoil your career. Be careful when signing documents, otherwise problems may arise in the future.
In his personal life, Sagittarians must understand that their family is a real value in life. Close people will prove their love and respect to you, supporting you in your most daring undertakings. And lonely Sagittarius must be on look out. You can meet not quite decent people who skilfully disguise their shortcomings.

Horoscope of health

In September 2017, Sagittarius should take care of his health. Not keeping to the diet and bad habits can undermine health. Stop smoking, if it is your habi and try to drink less alcohol. Do not neglect the signals that your body gives you. Pain in the joints, fever, general deterioration of well-being – all this indicates that you should visit a doctor. Pay special attention to the condition of the spine. Do not allow the development of stagnant phenomena, do at least an easy exercise.




Horoscope for September 2017 Capricorn predicts a month full of adventures and unexpected suggestions. In his personal life, Capricorn can make a fateful change. In September, you will meet a man for whom you may decide to change your established habits and views. Family Capricorns will find that their second half can be unpredictable and mysterious and easily swirls your head, even if you have been together for many years.
At work, you can display your best features. In September, the initiative will not be punished, but on the contrary – it will be appreciated. As to the finance, you should not take risks. You may need more money than you have. Do not rush to the bank for a loan or borrow from friends. If you judge sensibly, you can do without the thing, you seek to acquire,

Horoscope of health

Horoscope warns that in September, Capricorn will feel a little tired. Autumn depression will not pass you by, but you will be able to cope with it. Your loved ones and friends will help you. In addition, you need to meet and communicate more with optimistic people. Even mild illness in September can give serious complications, so do not miss the moment when you need to visit a doctor. Pay special attention to the cervical spine and shoulder girdle. And try not to overcool, you know what consequences are fraught with even a common cold for rheumatologic patients.




The stars promise Aquariaus that September of 2017 will become a bright and unforgettable month. You will meet new people who will enrich you with interesting ideas. Listen to them, it will help to change your life for the better. If there is an opportunity to travel, do not deprive yourself of it. In September, Aquarians are waiting only for positive emotions and no trouble while travelling.
But don’t take the loan during the first autumn month. Be careful not to borrow money even from your close relatives. It will be difficult to repay debts to representatives of this sign in 2017, so do not take risks.
Do not wait for special changes at the work, everything will go its way, without any stress and trouble. There will be no positive changes. Try to evaluate this quiet period as it is.
In personal life, the horoscope predicts fireworks of emotions for you. For lonely Aquarius this can be a real gift of fate, so be more active. Family Aquarius should not get carried away seriously, because your partner is not worse.

Horoscope of health

In September, Aquarians need to control the pressure. Problems with the cardiovascular system and a decrease in immunity are possible. If you are still smoking, immediately give up this habit. This is your chance to stay healthy for many years. The stars advise Aquarians to undergo a survey. For those who have rheumatologic problems, it is necessary to do this without fail. It is possible that old sores will remind about themselves. In September, you should pay special attention to the condition of the knee and hip joints.




Pisces are people of mood, and in September 2017, the stars predict that emotions will not only affect you, but they can radically change your life. So do not plunge into the negative, better look for a silver lining in everything. At work, there can be conflicting situations, try to get out of them with honor. Do not develop a conflict, time will prove that you were right. With finances, no trouble is foreseen, if you pull yourself together and settle all urgent matters. And, by the way, do not waste money in vain.
In personal life, the horoscope advises Pisces to be more generous to the mistakes of loved ones. Show indulgence, even if relatives are unfair to you. Believe, they will appreciate it.

Horoscope of health

In terms of health, the stars advise not to overestimate their strengths and not to neglect the first symptoms and signals of the disease. Remember that for rheumatologic patients autumn is not the easiest time. It will be more correct to go through this period together with a doctor who will be able to check your condition. But do not blunder yourself, try not to catch a cold, or some banal ORZ. After all, such diseases can lead to serious complications, especially if there are problems with immunity. Take care of yourself, it is entirely within your power.