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Happiness is a state of a person that corresponds to the greatest inner satisfaction with the conditions of one’s life, its fullness and meaning of life, the realization of one’s human destiny. Happiness can be found in two ways. The first way is external. Buying a better house, better clothes, making more pleasant friends, we can to some extent feel happy and satisfied. The second way is the path of spiritual development, and it allows you to achieve inner happiness. However, these two approaches are not equivalent. External happiness without inner one cannot last long. If life is drawn to you in black paints, if your heart lacks something, you will not be happy, no matter how much you surround yourself with luxury. But if you have achieved inner peace, then you can find happiness even in the most difficult conditions (Dalai Lama XIV). Any person wants to be happy and have real happiness. WHAT IS HAPPINESS FOR A MAN? THIS IS THE PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTION. Everyone has his own definition of happiness. Criteria of happiness can be various, but for most people they are: 1. Family 2. Harmony 3. Self-realization 4. Love 5. Financial well-being 6. Success The point is that everyone has his own view on happiness. Unfortunately, people suffer rheumatic diseases, which have their own distinctive features in terms of deteriorating the quality of life, not periodic but constant, daily and hourly. Rheumatic diseases are characterized by inflammation of the connective tissue, which is the skeleton of the body, its organs and systems. Rheumatic inflammation is a systemic inflammation, the products of which are spread all over the corners of the body, causing a person to feel weak and broken. The disease has a constantly progressive nature, causing complete destruction of the joints. Certain types of rheumatic diseases are fatal and poorly suited even to modern methods of treatment. In most cases, a person’s joints are affected, which leads to disruption of walking, the appearance of complexity in everyday life, self-service and in fact limits the most important thing for a person – his FREEDOM! Do not forget about the need for aggressive treatment, including the use of immunosuppressants and other drugs with a large number of side effects. But there is no alternative to control the course of the disease for the pathogenetic (eliminating the cause of the disease, and not individual symptoms) treatment. Modern philosophy offers two ways to achieve real happiness. An external path to happiness. In this case, a person decides for himself that happiness is the outside world. And he will try to have a happy family, good friends, financial prosperity. At the same time, he will feel happy for some period of time, but not for long, like a little child, who was given a new toy. At first he rejoices and is happy with it, but very soon he forgets about it and wants a new one.  Then a new one. This way leads only to short-term happiness. The internal path to happiness. Another way to happiness is spiritual development, personal growth. Such a person will read a lot, engage in various practices, improving his spirituality in every possible way. Real life proves that the feeling of happiness by acquiring   new things or knowledge is too short-lived and very quickly forgotten. Such a feeling of happiness lives in our past and does not help us to be happy today. But neither the external path nor the inner one guarantees us that we will find constant happiness in our life. Therefore, the natural question arises:  what shall we do? The secret of true happiness for man. Happiness is a mirage that haunts us everywhere. Whatever we do, whatever we aspire for, we always think of happiness. However, it always depends on certain conditions. And if these conditions do not coincide with our ideas, then we are unhappy. The stronger we want happiness, the harder it is for us to find it. Happiness is our most important desire. After all, we do not want a car, an apartment, a job, namely, to become happy. Happiness is what we want, but not at all what we really need. And what do we need then? It’s very simple – we need to find something that will give us confidence in the future, peace and understanding of what is happening to us. You need to learn to understand yourself, feel and live here and now. In order to find true happiness, you need to learn to be aware of yourself here and now. To realize who we are in this world and why we have come to this world. Having learned consciousness, we can finally get our happiness. And this happiness will not depend on external factors. It will always be with us, and we will always be able to feel it, if we just want to. The real way to become happy and successful is living in harmony with yourself, without vain dreams and hopes, without fear. A happy person sees all his adversity and problems calmly and clearly. Reasoning about what happiness is, leads us to a fairly simple answer. It is an inner peace and understanding of the value of each life minute. A happy person does not concentrate on his cares and fears. He enjoys the beauty of the surrounding world, which is reflected in his soul. Happiness can be in the present only. However, human thoughts are constantly directed to the past or to the future. Few are the people who think of the present, and yet enjoying   every minute of life is true happiness. A person who is constantly thinking about the future is only going to live happily, and losing the “here and now” moment. People do not really make much effort to be happy. And this is good. In fact, people do not want to achieve what they are actively seeking for. Perhaps, it is something to dream about as an unattainable object of desire. Much of what we desire wholeheartedly, we do not need at all. The only way to evaluate yourself is to compare with others in the same way as he compares different things. At the moment, happiness for a man is a sense of satisfaction from the thought that he has more than others. In reality, happiness is what forms a creative approach, real and all-round relationship with people and nature, as well as with the susceptibility to them. People sometimes feel happy or sad. Only their experiences and relationships are significant. The happiness of a rheumatologic patient. Assessing the situation objectively, you need to outline a number of real key points in keeping health and the struggle against rheumatic diseases. It is only you who is the main “builder” of your happiness. First, it is necessary to decide on the attending physician or hospital, whom you trust your health. The treatment process does not provide breaks, days off and vacations. This is a continuous, ongoing process. “Horseracing” from one hospital to another or from one doctor to another lead to the loss of individual responsibility, when there comes a collective responsibility which means no responsibility in reality. Actually, you need to evaluate your “attractiveness” as a patient for a medical institution. Of course, every medical institution is happy for any patient, but it can also have some priorities in the treatment of certain nosologies, real conditions for rendering certain types of care, narrow specialization. The “list of services” here is as in the “stars hotels”, while it t is the result of treatment which is important for you. “Turn on” the internal reserves: therapeutic exercise, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle. Orthopedic products and orthopedic shoes can be of effect for you. This will allow you even to engage in individual sports. In case of despair or disappointment, use the “comparison method”. Remember your friend’s rheumatologic patients or look at the neighbors in the ward. You will understand that there are people who have things much worse ….. Try to realize yourself completely, as an individual, in work or in your hobby. Women may realize the maternal instinct if possible. Do not retire into illness and do not try to become an invalid requiring care. Be an active participant in the treatment process. Remember – the earlier the correct diagnosis is made and the vigorous treatment is started, the more chances you have to achieve a stable remission and avoid complications in the treatment process. When the result is achieved, do not “disappear” for decades from the view of the doctor in charge. Good results are provided by dispensary observation. It is proved that frequent contact with the attending physician gives better results in treatment. At the same time, be interested in the course of the treatment process, and not in conversations about how you will feel well afterwards wherein. Try to individualize the standard of treatment together with your doctor. The team of “Visual Rheumatology” wishes you happiness and good health. 1 HUMANITY HAPPINESS IN FIGURES AND FACTS Proportion “All the World – 100 people”. Ratio by continents:  Asia – 57, Europe – 21, South and North America – 14, Africa – 8. Ratio by sex: 52 females, 48 males. Ratio by race: 30 white. 70 nonwhites. —————————————————– Ratio by religion: 30 Christians, 70 non-Christians. Ratio by sexual orientation: 89 getero, 11 homos. Ratio by wealth: 6 rich, 80 poor. Ratio by literacy: 30 people can read, 70 cannot. Ratio by food security: 50 men are starving; 50 men are stuffed. ——————————————————– Ratio by demography: 1 is born, 1 dies. Ratio by computers: 1-man has got a computer, 99 people have no computer. Ratio by higher education: 1 has, 99 have not. Ratio by freedom of religion: 1 can pray free, 99 pray facing the threat for their health and life. Ratio by availability of material goods: 25 have material goods. Ratio by the bank account: 8 have. ——————————————————