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The astrological rheumatological forecast for February 2022

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February for Aries promises to be intense, a little crazy, but memorable. Most of the time, Aries is busy extracting resources, money and seeking and public recognition. If you are lazy, you will not achieve success in the financial sphere. If you work with business partners, you still have a decisive role in the affairs.

Aries has a great opportunity to take a higher position, where you can express yourself most vividly. Forget your fears and doubts, you will cope!

You will face the problem of choosing – love or money? Aries is more inclined to choose financial success.

The family Aries is waiting for reproaches that you pay little attention to the family.

Health: The reproductive sphere does not particularly please Aries, there are complaints of kidney failure. Many are concerned about pain in the spine and hip joints.



You are waiting for changes in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

In February Taurus has a stable financial situation. But you should stock up on money, as you will need significant amounts in the near future. You dream of career growth and public recognition, but the real possibilities do not quite coincide with your desires.

Taurus dreams of love, tenderness and passion. Family Taurus will have problems because of their own jealousy. Free Taurus should turn their attention to their friends. You will see that your friend is definitely not indifferent to you.

Health: Be attentive to your health. In February, chronic vascular diseases may worsen. Pay attention to those organs on which surgical operations were previously performed.



Gemini is driven by vanity, self-confidence and a huge thirst for money. Gemini in February have important information that can be sold profitably. Gemini in February have an irresistible desire to borrow money from friends or issue a large loan.

An unexpected meeting awaits the free Twins, and you will lose your head from love. The stars promise harmony and mutual understanding to the family Twins. This month Gemini parents can be proud of their children.

Health: Gemini should be attentive to their health. Chronic diseases can worsen. Special attention should be paid to the thyroid gland.



Cancer will have the opportunity to pay or repay old debts. Also, you will have a great desire to take out a loan to implement the conceived idea. Your superiors will pay attention to your efforts and offer an interesting option for moving up the career ladder.

The stars do not advise Cancer to reanimate old relations that have long outlived themselves. You should not start new relations until mid-February, otherwise they will be temporary and joyless. A more pleasant period for romantic relations is the second half of February. Family Cancers will be attentive and caring to loved one.

Health: Cancer should exercise more actively, follow a diet and increase immunity.



Leo is working hard on his new projects until the end of February. Leo will return to the old methods of work but with new ideas. What was previously irrelevant or impossible will become a reality. Leo will take a loan to implement his plans.

In February Leo has a period of drama in personal relations.  Mutual reproaches and misunderstandings are simply unbearable. Despite everything the main initiator of all events will be Leo. In family relations it is important to meet each other halfway.

Health: you should get a physical.  You may be concerned about chronic diseases.  Visit a therapist, take a general blood test.  Sanatorium is recommended.



In February the Virgos will be able to exceed their work plan. You purposefully solve the tasks and get rewarded for it. There is a good opportunity to interest a superior. This will require, first of all, your personal charm, professionalism will be of secondary importance.

Virgo can lose her head from love. Many Virgos will legitimize relations. If you are married, Cupid’s arrows will still hit you. Everyday relations will once again sparkle with new colors and bring you joy. Family Virgos should take the initiative of serious decisions on themselves. Be careful when working with household appliances, they may deteriorate in your hands this month.

Health: Virgos should take care of the cardiovascular system and nervous system. It is be to have a vacation, take care of your health and relax.



This month your financial situation will be stable. However, on the way to success and career advancement, someone from your environment will try to stop you. Be alert and act. You can’t lose!

You will face difficulties in personal relations. On the one hand duties call you, on the other hand you experience feelings from which you get real pleasure. This month you only want the person you haven’t seen for a long time and whom you would like to see so much. The family Scales should restrain emotions. Maintain inner harmony.

Health: be attentive to your stomach. Add more healthy ingredients to your diet. Give up spicy, fatty and alcohol. Due to overloads you may be bothered by frequent headaches. Have a good rest.



You bring new ideas and new opportunities to your work. Active actions will lead you to financial success. Some Scorpios will want to do the old craft.

If you are still single, then a fateful meeting will take place soon at work or in another sphere. Be ready to develop your relations. Family Scorpios should add more sensuality and romance to your relations.

Health: In February, you may be concerned about kidney stones and back pain. Take care of your spine and don’t slouch.



Sagittarius should pay attention to his behavior, be more compliant, otherwise you may quarrel with the people around you.  Sagittarius will earn a lot, but also spend a lot on solving various problems. Be careful with the documents. There is a high probability of losing important documents. As a result, you will have to spend a lot of money to restore them. Thanks to good relations with your relatives, you will be able to earn additional income.

For Sagittarius, personal relations in February will be of particular importance. Free Sagittarians are ready to meet “their soul mate”, and family Sagittarians are preparing to join the family.

Health: Sagittarius may have a decline in strength and a violation of immunity in February, so it is recommended to visit an immunologist.



Capricorn will spend money, first of all, on himself. Capricorn will purchase a gym membership, buy a foreign language course, attend other educational institutions for his own development. Your income will be stable. There will be some difficulties and obstacles that Capricorn will be able to overcome them. Focus your efforts on your career and you will achieve what you want.

Capricorn will feel love for himself.  The fact is that you overestimate your usual lifestyle. Your loved one is always in your heart, even if you don’t tell him about it. Some Capricorns will resume an early ended romance. Get ready to take decisive actions. If you are ready to start a family, then do it.

Health: In February, Capricorn’s most vulnerable organs are the heart, lungs and thyroid gland. Avoid fatty foods, strong alcohol and try to smoke as little as possible.



In February Aquarius’ expenses are not entirely rational. You are torn between what is necessary and what is desired. In February, you will be in the center of public attention, so you have no right to make a mistake. In financial matters you will be helped by your secret influential connections that you hide from society. You should be more reasonable about your budget. Your patron will help you in your career.

In February, Aquarius will enjoy the attention of the opposite sex. On the one hand, you remember your pleasant past relations, on the other hand, very promising new relations are waiting for you, which will no longer be based on love, but on a sober calculation.

Health: Exclude foods that can cause digestive problems. Also avoid colds.



You have a lot of temptations to spend money on things, purchase new furniture, purchase new gadgets. However, your income is not big.

The most important thing for Pisces this month is the correct distribution of money, reasonable savings. Pisces will make efforts to move up the career ladder.

Pisces, who are in friendly relations with the opposite sex, will see their soul mate. You should open up your feelings. It’s time to act. You now have a great opportunity to enter into mutual relations. Family Fish will have interesting acquisitions to create a home comfort.

Health: Fish have a shattered nervous system. The reason is constant self-restrictions.  You need to relax.