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Astrological Rheumatology forecast for April 2022

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Aries in April will actively deal with issues of personal well-being. Some will receive significant income from successful investments.

In love affairs, it is better to listen to your mind than your heart. Sound reasoning will help you make the right choice.

Health: Switch to proper nutrition, your stomach suffers from unhealthy food. Otherwise, you will have to consult a gastroenterologist.



In April, Taurus will be engaged in self-development, achieving goals and moving up the career ladder. You will return to unfinished business, for which there was not enough time before. Routine work will take a lot of time.

In personal relations, Taurus prefers to remain brig free from obligations.

Health: Taurus has vulnerable lungs in April. There is a high probability of bruises and injuries.


Gemini in April is especially charismatic, and your magnetism is able to charm any interlocutor. With all this, you are in an internal struggle with yourself. This transformation of the spirit will take you to a new level of consciousness.

Your financial condition is stagnant, but by the end of the month you will eliminate all problems.

In personal relations avoid disputes, your stubbornness can harm fragile feelings.

Health: Gemini needs healthy sleep and properly selected sedatives. Possible disorders of the nervous system, as well as a high risk of varicose veins.


In April, Cancer is actively engaged in financial issues: some increase income, others are busy paying back debts.

In matters of love, everything is going fine. You are popular among the opposite sex. Family Cancers have a lot of support from a loved one. You can trust your soulmate without a doubt.

Health: In April Cancer can be disturbed by headaches, migraines, mild ailments. Spend as much time outdoors as possible.


In April, Leo works hard on himself and corrects the mistakes he has made. Sets tasks and goes to the intended goals. With all this, your financial situation is improving.

With a loved one, it is worth moving to a more serious level of relations.  Act decisively, otherwise you will miss another opportunity to build a harmonious relations.

Health: Lion should pay attention to the heart, kidneys and adrenal glands, and the urogenital system can also bother the Lion. 


Virgo cannot understand what your society imposes on you and what you really need.

You have a good chance to increase your money.

There will be a lot of painstaking work in the paperwork related to the birth of a new family member.

 Your friends will help you improve your relations with your loved one. There is a high probability that you will show interest in a person older than yourself.

Health: Virgo should be more attentive to her eyes, vision may deteriorate.


Libra shows resilience in April. You are not confused by negative news and are not relaxed by positive events. A good period for learning and acquiring new skills.

Libra has a high probability of changing jobs or increasing the career ladder.

There are all prerequisites to take a leading position.

Most of the time, Libra pays attention to a loved one. You are afraid that you may fall out of love.

Health: Libra should pay attention to the thyroid gland. Special attention should be paid to the gastrointestinal tract, as well as to the joints.


Scorpio is waiting for changes in familiar spheres. The month will be emotional, but pleasant.

Scorpio will take money on credit from the bank to help loved ones. From the middle of the month, your affairs will get better by themselves.

Scorpio is able to lose his head from a recently started or new relations. Do not give in to such emotions and be cold-blooded in everything.

Health: The nervous system and the heart are what you should pay attention to. Nerve cells don’t regenerate, don’t be nervous about the inevitable – it’s not reasonable.


In April, Sagittarius needs to overcome his sullenness and short temper. Diplomacy and sociability are required of you.

You are particularly noticeable and attractive to others, you seem to be illuminated by an inner light, while you absolutely do not know in which direction you should move.

In April the most important issue for you is financial. You need to decide where to earn money, where to get job.

In April, Sagittarius is drawn to past relations. There is a chance that after a long separation you will be able to reunite. But know that you will be disappointed. 

Health: High probability of fractures. Sagittarius can be bothered by headaches and toothaches, and there may also be vision problems. It is necessary to visit an optometrist.


In April, Capricorns will have significant changes in communication with children.  Some will become parents.

There may be a slight pause in business, but later, you will find more active and fruitful work that will exceed all your expectations. Now is the time when your competitors are not able to lead and surpass you. Your lucky star shines brightly, illuminating your life path.

Capricorn feel great, especially in the company of the opposite sex. You are like a magnet attracting the admiring glances of others. 

Health:  Capricorn should be picky about food to avoid food poisoning. Soб eat only healthy food, follow a diet.


In April, Aquarius will be able to show himself very brightly. You will demonstrate your talents and work hard. It is difficult to cope with the huge flow of information that comes to you. You have every chance of a brilliant victory.

In personal relations you have not made your choice yet. Perhaps you will resume the old relations that was once dear to you…

Health: Aquarius should not postpone treatment. Pay attention to the spine: massage and exercise will be useful to you.


Pisces fluctuate between their own desires and responsibility to society.               

Pisces are ready to quit routine work and plunge into romance. But you have obligations that require public activity. Pisces are waiting for honor and respect. The financial situation will improve.

Health: follow the diet, eat more foods containing calcium, it is important to strengthen the bone system. Pay attention to the spine: massage and exercises will definitely be good for you.