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The astrological rheumatological forecast for December 2021

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In December, Aries can't do without adventures, you often run into a showdown with the
people around you.
In December, you will receive unexpected but interesting proposals for the development of
your finances. Don't expect a big profit, but a positive result is guaranteed.
Family Aries, will establish mutual understanding, love and mutual care. Free Aries can
meet their soulmate on business forums.
You are fully engaged in self-realization, but you are afraid to apply new knowledge,
because you don’t want to take on an important responsibility.
Health: Aries in December should pay attention to his nervous system. You may be
unnecessarily annoyed.

December for Taurus will bring many temptations that you will not be able to resist.
You will have a lot of costs. Again, expenses will exceed revenues. If you decide to take
money on credit, then you will be approved without any problems.
Taurus in December is hardly able to distinguish feelings of love from sexual desires. Your
mind will be consumed by an uncontrollable desire for passion. If you don't control your
emotions, you will do a lot of stupid things, which you will regret and feel ashamed about
later. But the memories will be pleasant.

Health: Taurus is worried about dizziness and headaches in December. The reason is the
condition of the vessels of the neck area.

Gemini in December will be completely dependent on their significant other. You do not
notice anyone or anything around you, except for the object you adore.
December is a good time to invest. The acquisition of a block of shares will be a profitable
investment with a guarantee of profit.

In any case, do not lend money, especially on a large scale. There is a high probability that
they will not be able to return the money to you.
Health: Gemini is concerned about the reproductive system.

Cancer in December is a diligent family man. If you are still single, the stars are preparing a
fateful meeting for you.
Financial success is guaranteed to Cancer, which deals with foreign firms. Everything related
to import and export will bring you an excellent result.
Health: Special attention should be paid to the health of pregnant women. In December, the
Cancer is ready for surgical operations.


Leo will have to become an exemplary parent. It is your behavior that can give the best
example in the upbringing of your child.
Do not be surprised by new responsibilities at work, because you will be promoted. At the
same time, your income will increase slightly.
Health: if Leo was prescribed medicine earlier, you should double-check the doctor's
appointments. It is likely that the prescribed treatment does not cure, but harms you.


Virgo in December should control her expenses and not be wasteful on all sorts of hobbies.
If not – you will get financial instability soon.
Study the business offers you receive carefully. You should carefully analyze all the pros and
In career growth, Virgo is waiting for obstacles. The advice of a good friend will help you,
who in practice will be able to provide you with a useful service.
In a personal relations you”ll have a short pause, you will often be nostalgic for pleasant
moments that have long been in the past. Don’t worry, your personal life will get better soon
and you will be able to believe in magic again.
Taking care of your family and home improvement require constant attention. Try to pay
attention to your mom.
Health: Virgo should not ignore varicose veins. It is important for you to eliminate the
disease as soon as possible in order to avoid serious consequences in the future. Monitor
your blood pressure.

Libra is waiting for external changes in December. Your outlook will be transformed into the
image of a very successful person.
Strenuous and thoughtful actions are necessary for financial success. If you do not relax, you
will see very rich fruits of your work.
Great success awaits private entrepreneurs and owners of their own businesses in agriculture,
construction and equipment production.
With all your employment, keep an eye on the document flow, because supervisory
authorities may unexpectedly come to your office with a check.
Libra is waiting for an unusual love. You will either get acquainted in the social networks or
in a group of friends. Love will turn your head.
Health: watch your diet. Libra may be concerned about digestive problems, constipation. It
will not be superfluous to visit a gastroenterologist.

In December, Scorpio confidently goes to the set goals. In financial matters, there is a high
probability of exceeding your expectations. To do this, you need to analyze the situation all
the time and act accordingly.
Difficulties can arise in your family, especially with your soulmate. You lose your temper
over every little thing. Keep your emotions under control, you can offend a loved one with
your harsh statements.
An unpleasant information may be revealed in some important documents. And Scorpio will
know the secret that was carefully hidden.
Health: Severe fatigue, headaches will bother Scorpio. You should be treated with a complex
of essential vitamins and minerals. Give up bad habits.

In December you are waiting for stress and aggression. If earlier you had let something take
its course, then the result will be negative for you.
Financial profit awaits you. But at the same time, you will have to pay fines, repay debts, or
pay alimony.
In the matter of personal relations, Sagittarians will be divided into two groups: some are
waiting for quarrels and parting with their soulmate, others, on the contrary, will be in
harmony with their loved ones.

The best variant for your is to take care of yourself. Go to a swimming pool or take a
massage course. Try to expand your comfort zone as much as possible.
Health: Sagittarians should be more attentive to viral diseases. High risk of colds.

In December, Capricorn deftly manipulates others in his favor. You are so skilfully and
tactfully conducting a dialogue that it is difficult for anyone to resist your charm.
Capricorn is interested only in money and only large sums. If business partners do not have a
decent offer, then there is no point in bothering Capricorn.
If you go on a trip, there is a chance of a fateful meeting that will have great prospects for
romantic relations.
A family Capricorn should bring bright colors into life so that the relations with a loved one
will play in a new way.
Health: Respiratory organs, nervous and cardiovascular system will require special attention.
Take care of your health, do not do not lead to complications.

It's time for Aquarius to open the champagne. What you have been working hard on for a
long time, what you have been fighting for, will finally belong to you rightfully.
Each purchase should be approached wisely, because you are so drawn to waste. For the
most part, you spend money on family and friends. Aquarius will get his debts back in
December. December is a good month for new financial ideas and the start of a new
If you are deprived of fateful gifts, prepare for the long-awaited happiness.
Aquarius will plunge headlong into a romantics and it is likely that your partner will be a
person you have known for a long time. Such outbursts of romance are also possible for
married couples, as at the very beginning of their relations.
Health: Eat less, sleep better. You should pay attention to rest, go on vacation for privacy in

Pisces are interested in their career growth. You are waiting for a long-awaited promotion
and there is a high probability that your candidacy will be considered soon.
You arrive in constant motion, meet new people and make friends with interesting and
authoritative people who will bring positive results for you.

In finance, the situation is twofold. On the one hand, you have a good income, but every now
and then you allow yourself unplanned expenses. Pisces should have patience and money.
Pisces is drawn to dating foreigners far from their homeland or with people of another
nationality, although close in spirit.
Health: it is necessary to visit a urologist if you are worried about pain and discomfort in the
kidneys. Cystitis is possible.