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Astrological rheumatology forecast for May 2022

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Aries is waiting for luck. Secretly manipulating the people around you, you get your way.

Aries is tempted to get a lot of money, and the goddess Fortune helps you. Your main task is not to be lazy and not to waste time, otherwise you will miss the chance to make good money.

Aries fall in love strongly and on first dates in May. You just need to throw out a range of tender emotions.

Eclipse: The eclipse will affect the solution of your problems regarding property, resources and your internal energy.

Health: you are concerned about the cardiovascular system, joint pain. You should check your thyroid gland.


In May Taurus is in the spotlight. Others are watching your life, as if you are the hero of an action-packed bestseller.

The greatest profit is made by people with the profession of a business coach, you have no equal in consulting. Your speech works magically, fascinates and attracts the attention of the audience.

You communicate a lot with your friends. A fateful meeting is waiting for you, which can become the meaning of your whole life.

Eclipse: The eclipse affects Taurus physically. You want to change your appearance. Be careful, you may get injured.

Health: Taurus is worried about frequent headaches. You may be worried about hemorrhoids.


Gemini should lead a modest and economical lifestyle.

 You spend too much on entertainment and hobbies. This is wrong.

You will have many temptations to have an affair, and this applies not only to free Twins.

In May, you have opportunities for spiritual development, transformation of the inner world and gaining new knowledge.

Eclipse: Gemini will be able to test their friends during this period. You will finally be able to understand who is a real friend for you, and who is not worth your attention.

Health: Gemini can suffer from insomnia, panic attacks can haunt. You should visit a neurologist or a psychotherapist.


In May, Cancer feels like he is trapped. The reason lies in your own passions. You dream about extraordinary adventures with difficult situations.

Your financial situation depends on your superiors. If you are the owner of your own business, then you will have to work hard and communicate little with your household.

Try not to conflict with your loved one. Your statements may be harsh, and this will worsen the relations with your partner.

Eclipse: your emotional background will be disturbed, you will feel increased anxiety and apathy. You will change your attitude towards your friends.

Health: in May you have unstable blood pressure, sleep problems and nervous system disorders which can be solved with products like this CBDDY: delta 8 juice.


In May, you tend to philosophize. You are like a teacher carrying the banner of secret knowledge.

Your financial situation will improve significantly. You will receive interesting job offers. You will use old skills in a new way.  You will meet very interesting and influential people.

In personal relations you will act, forgetting all doubts and fears.

Eclipse: in May it is useful for you to engage in spiritual practices and self-development.

In the worst case, the eclipse will make you unwilling to learn from your mistakes – you will make new ones.

Health: Exclude spicy and fatty foods, as well as alcohol from your diet. Monitor your cholesterol levels.


In May, Virgo has a special gift of persuasion. Your speech is interesting and captivates listeners. You are able to convince absolutely anyone.

Virgo’s career growth is guaranteed.

Virgo will revive the old business, will be able to apply new methods that will bring profit. 

You will build intimate relations with a person who will help you in business.

Eclipse: You will be able to develop your intuition. You will be engaged in self-education and spiritual improvement.

Health: Virgo may be concerned about pain in the knee joint. Pay attention to blood pressure.


Libra has a great desire to be away from home and from the exhausting hustle and bustle.

It’s time for you and have a vacation and a good rest. But you should go on vacation alone, otherwise the rest will be spoiled by listening to other people’s complaints.

May is a good period of financial growth for you. You manage money skillfully.

You’re not in the mood for romance right now. You may be called callous, thinking that tender feelings are alien to you.

Eclipse: you have a huge desire to take out a big loan. Be reasonable – otherwise you may assess  your capabilities incorrectly.

Health: you should go to a sanatorium, undergo a full examination and restore your body.


In May, Scorpio is waiting for a lot of changes. Some kind of transformation or even rebirth is happening to you.

Scorpio should bring to mind the work that has begun. Financial difficulties and unplanned expenses are possible. There will be difficulties in terms of career, but do not try to give up. Patient work will bring generous results.

Family Scorpions are expected to replenish the family, and lonely Scorpions will finally meet their own person with whom they can build relations.

The eclipse will affect the choice of a partner. Be reasonable and listen to your heart.

Health: be careful with cold drinks, you can easily get purulent sore throat.


Throughout May Sagittarius is under the sensitive attention of his relatives. Everyone is trying to give you advice that you want to hide from.

There may be a conflict with your neighbors, which may lead to litigation.

Sagittarius has enough money, but because of entertainments and hobbies, you may lose your sense of reality. Do not plan long trips, you may get into an unpleasant situation and come back morally depressed. All trips should be rescheduled.

Eclipse: The main issue that worries Sagittarius is the conception of a child, especially if it is the firstborn for you. 

Health: Sagittarius should check the heart and monitor blood pressure.


Capricorn will have a good rest in May, and then he will take up work and conquer new horizons with renewed vigor.

Capricorn will think about buying or arranging his comfortable cozy home.

You will have a great opportunity to earn money in a new business project. You should not trust all the work to partners, control their actions so that they do not take all profits completely.

Wait for pleasant events in the family and in a relations with a loved one.

Eclipse: You want to change something in the house. You can make repairs or at least rearrange the furniture.

Health: the main danger for you is varicose veins.


In May Aquarius can only rely on himself. You have a radical rethinking of your life. Your relatives think that you are depressed. They will try in every way to get you out of this state. In fact, you are experiencing some kind of transformation. You are trying to sort yourself out and act for your own good. In May, you will actively work and increase your capital and wealth. Aquarius, who has debts, will be able to pay off most of them.

Family Aquarians are united by children. Free Aquarians are in no hurry to burden themselves with obligations. You have been deceived before, and it is difficult for you to trust someone now.  A person from your past will make an attempt to restore relations with you. 

Eclipse: when you work with documents, be careful and don’t make mistakes.

Health: due to improper nutrition your stomach may bother you. Consult a gastroenterologist. 


The Fish in May has accumulated a lot of unresolved problems, which are mostly far-fetched. You are confused in your fantasies, which you broadcast to others. The solution of pressing problems is delayed indefinitely.

You are trying to make money. But all the earnings are spent on random spending.

In personal relations Pisces made a lot of mistakes. You’re always trying to sit on two chairs. In  personal relations you take more than you give. By committing frivolous acts, you can lose a person who is dear to you, who treats you with tenderness and faith.

Eclipse: You spend a lot of energy making money. You should consider how correct your actions are.

Health: you may suffer from constipation due to disorders of the nervous system.