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Astrological rheumatology forecast for March 2022

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In any situation, Aries remains the soul of the company. You have a special charisma, thanks to which absolutely everything is forgiven to you.

In terms of finance, Aries can feel quite confident. And this is not because everything is easy for Aries. It’s just that Aries intuitively knows where and when to be and what and with whom to discuss. You play a major role in various events. Your discipline and hard work play an important role.

But in love matters, Aries commits rash acts that will lead to quarrels and scandals. If such behavior amuses you, then you will alienate your loved one for a long time.

Health: Aries is worried about joint pain, stomach pain. Pay attention to the digestive tract. You should consult a gastroenterologist.


Taurus wants to change the situation in March. You wholeheartedly want to leave, relax and even change your place of residence, but different circumstances do not allow you to make what your wish come true.

Taurus can suffer financial losses if they completely trust Fortune. It’s a good time to develop intuition and spiritual practices, but don’t get too far away from reality. You should take care of your career growth first.

The financial situation will be stable for those Taurus who sell spare parts, automotive parts and modern equipment.

Taurus’s relations with a loved one develops in an old-fashioned way. You love sensually and tenderly, as in a classic novel. Family Taurus should not quarrel with a loved one because of circumstances that are quite solvable.

Health: Taurus are prone to colds and skin diseases


March is favorable for Twins working in the field of law and law enforcement. For others unexpected checks are very possible.

You have important information. If you are engaged in journalism, you will get a good chance to prove yourself and get career growth.

In March you are trying to get loans, mortgages or borrow from very important people. Be vigilant, because the promised must be fulfilled, and the debt must be returned in time.

Gemini are trying to deceive a loved one in every possible way, as they believe “for his own good.” You are trying to protect the emotions of your patner, but give up lying. It’s better not to tell all truth.

Health: Twins need to examine the vessels of the neck and head in case of frequent dizziness. You may be concerned about varicose veins on your legs.


Cancers will be engaged in social activities, be in the spotlight of friends, colleagues, partners. There are many altruists among Cancers.

For professional growth you need to work in a team. It may not immediately increase your earnings, but it will strengthen your position. March is a good time to create or promote websites. You will be in plain sight. Follow the chain of command and do not make enemies.

Your personal relations are at the stage of transformation. Relations breakup is possible, or a reboot, or a return from the past. Act boldly and decisively.

Health: Varicose veins, cramps, muscle pain, especially in the lower back. Get healthy, take vitamins.


You are ready to help absolutely everyone. Your mercy knows no bounds. Don’t be surprised if you find Leo in deep thought and tears. Leo is not worried about himself, but about humanity.

Many suffer losses. But Leo will be able to use innovations and achieve good results.

Leo will be able to establish relations with promising partners. They will help you to use new methods of work that will help resolve financial difficulties.

Leo will receive great financial and moral support from his children.

There are elements of drama in Leo’s personal relations. Sad memories of the past plunge you into melancholy.

Relations with new partners are fraught with challenges.

Health: take care of the cardiovascular system.


Virgo analyzes what is happening, draws conclusions and proceeds to action.

Virgos are not too confident in their financial well-being. Those Virgins who work in the field of medicine, accounting, animal husbandry and labor protection control their incomes confidently.

In other cases, the income pleases you not as much as before. Be patient. All financial difficulties are temporary.

In personal relations, Virgos will manifest themselves vividly. You are too jealous, trying to pamper and control a loved one.

Many Virgos will turn their “secret” personal relations will make explicit and perhaps make them “legal”.

Health: Virgo should pay attention to health. It’s like you got a set of different ailments. The central nervous system requires special attention due to poor sleep and excessive anxiety. Your joints need treatment.


On the one hand, Libra is calculating and cold-blooded, on the other – gambling and mysterious. The uncertainty and uncertainty frighten but fascinates you.

Due to monetary difficulties, Libra will buy lottery tickets, buy and sell stocks. You will receive additional income from your hobby or from tutoring. Your expenses exceed your income.

Others demand attention, love, determination, serious steps and actions from you.

You are tired of the hustle and bustle. You just need to be hugged, pitied and be supported with love.

You pay a lot of attention to your children. High probability for conception.

Health: have rest, otherwise you can undermine your health.

Libra should drink sedative pills. Sleep disturbance can shake the nervous system and the psyche as a whole.


In March Scorpios are like the media, they find out and spread all kinds of news and gossip. It is vital for you to be aware of everything that is happening, and it does not matter – it concerns politics, work, science or personal relations of the “second cousin of your friends’ neighbor”.

For financial improvements you will invest in advertising, because the more people learn about your activities, the greater is the chance to make profit.

Also, some Scorpios will actively deal with the issues of registration of documents for the sale of real estate or the registration of the home purchase.

Scorpio, who is in informal personal relations, will soon legitimize. There is a high probability of childbirth.

Single Scorpio will meet his soulmate in the sphere of his activity or close to his work.

Health:  Scorpio should be attentive to the vessels of the neck and head. Dizziness, headaches, migraines are quite likely.


In March Sagittarius experiences emotional shocks from joyful to depressive. Your emotions are like a roller coaster.

On the one hand, you have a strategic plan to increase income. On the other hand, your greed can ruin everything. Other Sagittarians just sit and wait for “manna from heaven”, sincerely believing that money can be obtained without difficulty. Don’t be lazy and don’t be greedy.

In personal relations you also experience fluctuations.  You are told that you are the best, but in practice you see a consumer attitude. It’s driving you crazy. Take your mind off all this fuss. Do sports, yoga or something else.

You need to think carefully about what is happening and make a “reboot”. After that, he will continue to work according to his own plan.

Some Sagittarians are waiting for an unplanned conception.

Health: In March, Sagittarius may have a thyroid gland malfunction. Seek help from an endocrinologist.


Despite changes, Capricorn will be able to apply them for the good to achieve his goals. Capricorn does not give in to panic. While others are thinking, Capricorn is already approaching his goal.

You are developing a program of actions that will bring financial results for quite a long period.

Capricorn will choose a trusted and reliable friend as a partner who will help in the implementation of his plans.

Capricorn has a secret love relations that are developing rapidly.

The family Capricorn has a strong relations with his loved one. You are loved and supported in everything. Someone will find out about the upcoming addition to the family.

Capricorns are able to distribute their income reasonably, but make generous purchases for children.

Health: inflammation of lymph nodes is possible, especially in the groin area.


In March Aquarius wants peace and quiet, but it turns out to be impossible. You will be the center of attention, hiding some personal secrets that become known to others. Your resourcefulness will help you get away with it.

Aquarius will have to change the usual way of earning money, change the work strategy. Aquarius will not violate generally accepted norms. Some Aquarians will be offered a completely new job. The received offer should be kept secret and carefully consider all the pros and cons.

Aquarius is concerned about family problems, the arrangement of comfort in the house, personal security issues. It may seem to the partner that Aquarius is too indifferent. In reality, Aquarius is immersed in his own thoughts, putting on a cold-blooded mask.

Free Aquarians continue secret relations, or communication in a neutral position.

Health: The main problem of Aquarius in March is the nervous system and a depressed emotional background. Some have insomnia, others have constant drowsiness and loss of strength.


In March Pisces are waiting for a new turn of events. On the one hand you are experiencing limitations. On the other hand, these same limitations give you the opportunity to assess the situation differently, to identify new opportunities for yourself. The main thing is not to lose heart! Otherwise, you simply will not be able to realize all your brilliant ideas.

Fish engaged in ensuring the safety of life will increase the income. Many Fish will start saving money for a rainy day.

Pisces are able to fall in love so much that they will either want to legitimize relations, or offer a loved one to live under the same roof. Perhaps this will happen to old acquaintances.

Family Pisces will keep a certain secret from their loved one.

Health: Take care of the nervous system. Fish will have problems with the gastrointestinal tract because of the strongest stresses.