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The astrological rheumatological forecast for January 2022

The astrological rheumatological forecast for January 2022

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Aries in January is not able to keep secrets in secret. Other people’s secrets and intrigues amuse you like a little child.

Aries expects not only a monetary reward, but also a promotion. You will be so passionate about your work that you are able to forget about your personal life.

A free Aries should look at someone at work, perhaps a person close in spirit is around all the time.

The family Aries is waiting for a happy addition to the family.

Something unpleasant will happen in the circle of your friends, but this event will not spoil your positive attitude.

In January, Aries should refrain from dangerous sports because of the high probability of injury.

Health: in Aries, chronic joint pain will worsen. Contact a rheumatologist, you need proper treatment.


Taurus feels the happiest away from home. Absolutely different events are waiting for you. New love, interesting offers, decent earnings are possible. Down with the gloom! Go where you have always been drawn to with your heart and soul.

Be attentive to incoming offers. Do not let yourself be persuaded to do something that seems doubtful to you.

Some Taurus are waiting for a change of position with a promotion and with a move to another region.

Taurus has tender feelings for a representative of the opposite sex among close acquaintances.  Don’t start a relationship in January, but show signs of attention. Save the intrigue until the end of this month.

Health: Various injuries are possible if you are not careful.



Gemini will arrange a holiday for himself in full, even if others do not like it. You’re just bored when you’re like everyone else.

Gemini’s financial affairs depend on his partners. It is important to understand who is your ally and well-wisher. Your profit or loss depends on it.

If you like a person, you need to act! Otherwise, there is a high risk that the beloved object will not be in your arms. There is a high probability of meeting a nice object in public institutions.

The family Twins will be busy with mortgage matters.

Refrain from any adventurous offers. You may be dragged into dubious projects, where you will then have to pay.

Health: Special attention should be paid to your spine. Only your spine supports you in all situations. Do not ignore the pain, contact a specialist.



Cancer can’t rest in any way, you are overloaded with work. You should relax and set yourself up for a positive.

To implement a business project, you need reliable partners. You will invest a lot in your ideas. It’s not worth taking out a loan this month. You will not be able to spend money rationally.

In personal relationships, you have continuous ambiguities and expectations of actions from your partner. Don’t wait, act on your own!

Family Cancer can inadvertently offend a loved one. Do not take it to heart, You are loved and expected despite all the insults.

Health: Cancer should protect the liver. Give up alcohol and fatty foods.



Leo is the most honored guest in any house in January. You are the soul of the company. The people around you are so happy that some people envy you.

In financial matters, you feel some difficulties, but towards the end of the month the situation will develop in your favor.

In his personal life, Leo feels a certain timidity. Leo is afraid to open his feelings to the chosen object, which he fears that he will not meet reciprocity. You are afraid that all this will become known to society.

Leo has a vulnerable soul, but a brave heart. If necessary , Leo will come to his friends ‘ aid .

There may be problems with children. You are at a loss how to resist your will.


Health: Do not allow chronic diseases to poison your life. In addition, Leo is worried about varicose veins.



Virgo wants to be alone from everyone. You are immersed in solving everyday problems, mostly related to heat energy.

Old debts will be returned to you. You dream of getting a new position or changing the field of activity, but the fulfillment of your desire is delayed

The family Virgo criticizes her partner. But if necessary, Virgo helps out of any situation.

A free Virgin will plunge into love adventures. If you don’t think about it, you will make the wrong one.

Many Virgos will meet new personalities on social networks.

Health: When was the last time you visited a cardiologist?  It’s time for you to take care of your health.



January is the time of changes for Libra. The changes will relate to property issues and family problems.

In financial matters, you should not trust business partners. They will be an obstacle for you in moving up the career ladder and earning income.

Family Libra should be less critical of the partner. High risk of divorce with further division of property. Keep calm and you will be able to smooth out the sharp corners.

Many Libra at the end of January will fix a damaged relationship. Perhaps you will legitimize this relationship.

Health: Take care of the respiratory system, especially if you have chronic bronchitis. It is necessary to wait with conception. To begin with, go through an examination, you should check your hormones, thyroid gland.



For Scorpio, January is eventful. Keep your nervous system under control. Your nervous system is shattered, but there will be problems on the love front.  Your close relatives and friends give you advice on what to do and how to live properly. In their opinion, they know it better than you.

It is a good time for learning foreign languages and for scientific activity.

Scorpio immediately spends all his earnings on expensive things that are absolutely useless for use. Restrain yourself from shopping.

Personal life is like a roller coaster for you. Do not idealize or dramatize the current situation. Find positive moments.

The family Scorpio is waiting for unexpected everyday problems. But you will decide easily, admiring your soulmate.

Health: Colds and purulent sore throat can overtake Scorpio.



Do not divulge other people’s secrets and do not participate in intrigues. The stars will punish or reward Sagittarius according to their actions.

A large amount of money will pass through you. You will be greatly tempted to appropriate at least some of this money.

January gives you a chance for career growth. Be attentive and focused.

Difficulties are waiting for you in a relationship with a loved one. On the one hand, you are fascinated, on the other hand, you show dissatisfaction with the choice you have made.

You should go to the mountains to put your thoughts in order.

Health: Be attentive to food, as there is a high risk of poisoning. Check the stomach, consult a gastroenterologist.



In January, it is difficult to hide anything from Capricorn. Others are willing to share information with you.

Capricorn has financial savings and income. Capricorn tries to accumulate money and not spend it on entertainment.

Capricorn should start a new interesting hobby that will help you relax and take a break from unnecessary fuss.

The Capricorn family expects unexpected pleasant household chores.

Capricorn, free from relationships, will stop hiding sympathy for his chosen one and finally open his feelings to him.

Health: Capricorn’s main problem in January will be his reproductive system.



 Aquarius, under the auspices of Uranus, is ready for radical changes in his life. Humble your rebellious spirit, control yourself, think about your words and actions. Otherwise, you will have to correct what you have done.

Aquarius is concerned about the questions: “where to get money?” and “where to invest money?”.

Family representatives of the sign should go on vacation, refresh their relationships.

Aquarius, the parent, should be more attentive to their children.

Free Aquarians will meet an interesting passion with a significant age difference. Most likely, your relationship will be a secret for others for a long time.

Health: Do not delay a visit to the right doctor, you have a high probability of exacerbation of chronic diseases associated with the spine, varicose veins and joints. Learn to love yourself and listen to your body.



In January Pisces is busy with paperwork for their home. It is likely that you will be presented with an unreasonable demand to pay the debt.

Pisces is perplexed by the financial costs. On the one hand, you get a solid income, on the other hand, spending money does not go according to your plan.

Family Pisces should go on a joint vacation to strengthen relationships.

You’re going to have a baby soon. If you have been waiting for this, then the joy will be huge.

Pisces will find love among friends. A person who was previously just familiar to you will give you such attention that you will make a fateful choice.

Health: The heart and nervous system require your attention. If you don’t pull yourself together, the consequences will be disastrous.