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Approximate set of staple foods for rheumatologic patients.

Allowed Not allowed
Meat of chicken, turkey, rabbit, veal, lean mutton 2-3 times a week  per 150 gr Pork
Butter, fresh sour cream daily to 30 gr Fats: pig, beef, mutton
Fish oil 1 teaspoon daily, linseed oil -2 diet spoon daily Sunflower, corn, cotton-seed oil restrictedly
Rye and bran bread 200 gr every day, buckwheat and oatmeal 50 gr every day, hard kinds of macaroni 50 gr daily, rice 50 gr daily Sausage, frankfurter, small sausages
Different vegetable mixtures, topinambour, not sweet kinds of apples, pears to 1 kilo every day Grapefruit
«Small loaves of bread» (rolls)  1 packet a day** Semi-prepared foods
Soy products (drinks – 1 drink=200 ml, cheese-tofu 25 gr every day Fastfood
Mixtures for enteral meals by doctor’s prescription Salt
Low-fat kinds of cheese 50 gr every day
Almonds 25 gr every day, almond «milk»*
Ginger – daily in diet as seasoning
Natural juice with pulp 0,5 – 1,5 l
2 eggs 2-3 times a week
* For people who are not allowed solid nuts ** Cheese tofu – soy-bean cheese. Small loaves of bread (rolls)– of different kinds – rye, buckwheat, oat, wheat. One packet 100 gr.