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This summer month will be very unstable, but very saturated. To all the signs of the zodiac, the stars advise to be very vigilant and cautious, especially for сar-drivers. But pedestrians should not lose their vigilance. The most intense period of this month will be an eclipse, which will be held on July 13 at 06:02 in the constellation of Cancer. The Moon eclipse will come on July 27 at 23:23. But this should not be fearful, since the harmonious state of the Earth’s biosphere (which begins after July 3) will largely mitigate their
influence. All the tasks you set will be fairly easy to resolve, especially if you rely on intuition. In this period try to look closely and listen to what is happening around you. To those who will be active and motivated stars promise excellent results of their activities this month. It should be noted that one should not rely only on luck. Be active, determined and prudent!



July 2018 for Aries is a rather difficult month, intense and eventful. During this period Aries should spend their energy reasonably, so as not to die prematurely, halfway to success. The influence of stars will not contribute to a quick result. You will have to be patient and make every effort. 
    The first decade of July 2018, will make the life of Aries beautiful and versatile. They will devote much time to the dearest and nearest. And those who have already dreamed of vacation must “Go!”, the work can wait. 
    And the second decade of July 2018 will be a very productive and promising period in the life of Aries. The results of the month will depend directly on perseverance and hard work. But do not forget about good sleep and rest otherwise you will be strongly irritated and aggressive And that will do much harm both in personal relationships and at work. You should take your emotions under strict control! And the main thing is not to rush making decisions and not to jump to conclusions. 
  The third decade of July 2018 for Aries will be a time of pleasant meetings, events and surprises. The influence of the planets will have the best effect on the mood, so that you will be in the focus of people’s interest. In the final period of the month you will get excellent results in all directions. A lot of Aries will make new acquaintances and friends, some of them will linger in your life for a long time, opening up many new prospects and opportunities for you. 
However, for the summer mood, special care should be taken of the vessels, especially the vessels of the head. 
Do not be too lazy, wear a summer hat and check your cholesterol. It will do you only good.  Eat more products rich in vitamins of group B. 
Favorable days: 4, 11, 18, 22. 
Unfavorable days: 3, 9, 17, 26. 





For Taurus July 2018 is a promising and productive month. This is a month of changes. The main events will be entertainment and interesting meetings. Just the children can bring some trouble, but it will soon turn into  pleasant chores. Work can bring good results. 
 The first decade of July 2018 will be marked by promising interesting and necessary acquaintances. Single Taurus can meet their mate. It is not worth taking the advanced training course or get new knowledge, it will be either of no use, or irrelevant for you. 
The second decade of July 2018 is very promising in financial terms. This is the most appropriate period to improve your financial situation and to realize all the opportunities given to Taurus. The influence of the stars will favorably affect the business and professional qualities of representatives of your Zodiac sign. If you do not need this kind of prospects for career growth and business, you can safely delegate the powers of deputies or colleagues and go with your family to rest. 
The third decade of July 2018 is the most suitable and favorable period for holidays. At work there should not be any unexpected  situations, everything will be stable and measured. Still pay attention to your healthDiseases can pass secretively, chronic diseases can develop, and the throat, kidneys and pancreas can become problematic, and the thoracic spine deserves special attention. 
Favorable days: 5, 8, 17, 26. 
Unfavorable days: 2, 10, 12, 25. 





The Twins will experience a powerful burst of energy in July 2018. Life will be dynamic and very interesting this month. Positive changes and bright memorable events are expected. Luck this month will step on your heels, so use your luck and put into life what has been planned for a long time. The only thing that can hinder the plans is your nervousness. 
    The first decade of July 2018 will be a very successful time. Twins during this period will be able to come close to their main goal, expand the circle of communication, enlist the support of family and friends, and also gather enough information to succeed in the new business. At work everything will be calm, but it will be necessary to control what is happening. 
    In the second decade of July 2018, many Gemini will begin to restore order in their personal lives. Stars recommend to clear out the relations with a person who has turned into a burden to you. And it does not matter, if he is your lover or friend. Life is too short to waste it on useless communication. 
   At the end of July 2018, many Gemini will begin to lead a healthy lifestyle. As you know, proper nutrition, healthy sleep and physical exercises strengthen both physical health and psycho-emotional state. This is the best time to change radically everything for the better, do not miss your chance to get on the right track, which is not quite easy, but will definitely lead you to your desired destination. You will be proud of yourself! Nevertheless, your back and spine are most vulnerable. You should be very cautious with physical activitis. And this is the most suitable period for preventive procedures associated with blood circulation. 
Favorable days: 3, 9, 18, 20. 
Unfavorable days: 19, 24, 28. 




July 2018 will be one of the most romantic and emotional periods in Cancer’s life. Family and relationships with a loved one will be a priority and the main efforts will be aimed at strengthening and improving relations with a partner. Direct the excess of feelings boldly on children and your beloved one.  Love and family affairs of single Cancers will come to the fore, and everything that will occur at work, will worry them little. You should not count on promotion, on prospects of professional growth or expansion of business, although this will not bother you very much. Cancers, boldly plunge into love!
In the first decade of July 2018, you will easily and quickly overcome any obstacles. There will be a good opportunity for a trip which will strengthen the relations, and make non-married Cancers think about marriage. Women-Cancers have a huge probability of pregnancy.
In the second decade of July 2018, the emotional state will affect taking the decisions. Business and matrimonial relations do not exclude difficulties. Partners can strongly irritate you. Pull yourself together, because it’s only your personal feelings, people around you are not to blame. 

The third decade of July 2018 implies a complete detachment from the work and an excellent time outside the urban fuss. If you have not planned a vacation this month, organize a picnic in the country, preferably near the river or lake. Go there with those who accept you as you are. At this time try to turn off the phone for a while and break the connection with the outside world.
As for health, Cancer’s kidneys are vulnerable. It is worth paying attention to the work of the hormonal and immune system. Be careful with the new or unfamiliar food and medicines, there is a danger of allergic reactions.
Favorable days: 1, 14, 19, 25.
Unfavorable days: 7, 15, 21.




July 2018 will be difficult to call successful for Lion, but it will not be catastrophic. Therefore, it is not worth starting an important business. The priority will be the well-being of the family. There will be anxiety, but all these are only gloomy, unfounded thoughts that have emerged against the background of fatigue and apathy. The optimal way out will be ordinary physical work or sports.
The first decade of July 2018 will be full of various unexpected events. Lions should not go ahead, it is better to calculate everything in advance. This will help to achieve your goals without much effort. Moreover, in July Lion’s  energy potential is not great.    

The second decade of July 2018 will be more calm and regular. Lions will become less restless. They’ll want to learn something, maybe change the circle of communication. And improving the financial situation will contribute to this. If you do not plan a vacation in July, and work days are coming, then it’s time to express yourself at work. Do not be afraid of criticism from others, take it easy. It is inevitable. But to join a new position or change jobs to “more prospective” is not recommended strongly.   

The third decade of July 2018 will be fruitful in terms of mental activity. But the competitive struggle can be greatly aggravated. Quarrels and violent clarification of relations are not excluded, both at work and at home.
In July, old chorea diseases can become aggravated. Particularly attentive to themselves should be people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Favorable days: 3, 5, 15, 20, 25, 30.
Unfavorable days: 2,6,12, 13, 22, 27, 28. 





In July 2018, the Virgo will be more energetic as ever, your authority will increase greatly. Virgo will become single-minded, persistent and fearless, which was not observed before. But this fearlessness, which is so good in personal growth, can turn into carelessness and cause problems. Do not be too self-confident. Confidence in one’s own abilities and capabilities is important for a successful life, but you can lose a lot if you ignore what is happening around. 
   The first decade of July 2018 will force Virgo to reconsider the initial plans and adjust them to the circumstances. Perhaps, you’ll have to cancel a trip to another city, because your partners or friends will come to you. Or maybe you will have to shift your vacation from the beginning to the end of the month, because now new prospects will open, which you simply do not have the right to miss. 
   The second decade of July 2018 will be more calm and understandable. Under the influence of aspects of the planets, Virgo will be able to correctly prioritize, revise their views and attitudes to a particular situation, which will greatly simplify their life. Your work will be noticed by the authorities and appreciated. Do not be afraid to take responsibility, this is the best time for you. But the Virgin will miss warm and emotional relationships. Some representatives of this sign will try to seek for them out of the family. 
The third decade of July 2018 will please Virgo with excellent results. There will be a lot of free time, which they would like to spend among the closest people. Virgo will take close to the heart every word, every action and step of his  belovedSingle female Virgo can come across fateful meetings. 
In July 2018, in addition to exacerbation of old chronic diseases Virgos may have new ones. Traumatic danger will increase, especially during flights and long trips. On the nervous side, severe headaches may appear.  
Favorable days: 4, 11, 19, 23. 
Unfavorable days: 1, 8, 26. 




In July 2018, cheerful Libra can destruct their own plans if they speak about them on every cornerLots of  people around you will not support and understand this behavior, and your views will be strange to them. If you wanted to jump with a parachute or a bungee, do it in secret from those who will not approve of it. Do not frighten your family in advance, because their sufferings can spoil your mood and prevent the implementation of your plans. 
    The first decade of July 2018 will give Libra great opportunities to realize their cherished desires and dreams. But family problems and household chores can delay your attention. At work everything will be quite calm and without unforeseen circumstances. In the circle of friends, Libra will be in the center of attention, due to their artistry and nobility. 
    In the second decade of July 2018 Libra will have to settle down for a while. There are cases that are boring, but you cannot do without them. And it should accepted. The influence of the planets can create some complications and obstacles, but if you gather your thoughts, use all your creative and intellectual potential, you will quickly deal with unexpected small problems and resolve pressing problems and issues. If you do not follow the advice of the stars, you may find yourself in a very ambiguous situation. 
   The end of July 2018 will be a period of glory and success of Libra. The influence of the stars will fill your life with positive emotions and joyful events. For Libras the final period of the month will be the time of creative search, rethinking their lives and building new plans. There will be good prospects for new romantic relationships that can grow from friendly into closer relationships. 
Libra health does not arouse any danger this month. The only thing that can damage Libra is the excessive use of liquids in general and alcohol in particular. 
Favorable days: 3, 5, 8, 9, 17, 25, 30. 
Unfavorable days: 2, 6, 11, 13, 21, 28. 




In July 2018 Scorpios will gain self-confidence, increase self-esteem, so that they will achieve a life’s well-being. It will be impossible for you to stay home, maybe you will go on a trip or out of town. In any case Scorpios will live a very busy life!!! Some of the representatives of this remarkable Zodiac sign can make a career this month. 
  The first decade of July 2018 will be marked by a cycle of joyful and bright events, a desire to be in thecenter of everyone’s attention. In this period Scorpios will spent most of the time at various events, corporate parties, meetings, and noisy parties. You’ll want to change your image, which can lead to unexpected changes. Quarrels with the beloved man are waiting for married Scorpionsbecause of the increased activity unless they  participate in public life together. Meet halfway to be both satisfied with the chosen style and pace of life. Only in this case you can achieve mutual understanding. 
   In the second decade of July 2018 Scorpios would like to change life completely, perhaps their principles and beliefs. Do not rush, by the end of the month everything will fall into place. If the temptation is still great, try to contact a psychologist or an astrologer. Visiting will do you a lot of good  and will help avoid many problems. 
   The end of July 2018 will be the most peaceful and harmonious period in the life of the Scorpios this month. The excitement and ardor for professional achievements will decrease. With great impatience Scorpions will  hurry home after work, where they are waited by their beloved and relatives. You will want the peace and stability that only your family can provide. 
The stars will not have a negative impact on the Scorpio’s health this month. That is why it is worth paying more attention to preventive measures, it will be good to strengthen the muscles of the back, respiratory gymnastics will give a good result. And do not forget about the diet, eat more food rich in calcium and magnesium. 
Favorable days: 2, 6, 13, 19. 
Unfavorable days: 3, 18, 24. 




Life of Sagittarians will be rich in changes in July 2018. The month promises to be quite tense, but it’s not always bad. Boring life will end and a new stage will begin, with new perspectives, broad opportunities. The wind of changes will not cause any special discomfort to the representatives of your sign and will not knock the ground from under your feet. Inventiveness and pragmatism will help Sagittarians to solve their financial problems successfully, and also strengthen their authority in the team. Some Sagittarians will have to make serious steps, for which until now they lacked courage. Someone will propose, someone will sell the apartment, but it is not worth to buying expensive cars, better wait until the middle of September.
The first decade of July 2018 will be a difficult period in the life of Sagittarians, it will effect the professional sphere. Someone constantly now and then will put the stick in the wheel, thereby preventing promotion and career growth. You’ll want to apply for dismissal. Do not get excited, you will retire quickly and without problems. But it will take a long time to find a new job or the work proposed to you will not come up to your expectations. Better show courage and perseverance in this work, fortune loves such people.
The second decade of July 2018 will be a time when all professional passions will settle down, and you will deal with your family. It is best of all to go on vacation with a second half, or simply relax outside the city or at the cottage. Single Sagittarius can meet their man. The main thing is not to stay at home, to travel more and to communicate. Try not to jump to conclusions, pay more attention to the dignity of the person who will be next to you, then the shortcomings will not be noticed.
The final period of July 2018 will pass under the banner of fun and carefree. The influence of stars will favorably affect the physical and mental state and harmony will settle in the soul. During this period, Sagittarians will be able to successfully complete the business started, draw up literate short-term and long-term plans, and find a new hobby that will help reveal the creative potential to the maximum. You are expected great prospects in the professional field, profitable business projects, you will have something to ponder on. Do not rush to make a choice and make hasty decisions. You have enough time to think it over. Do not lose sight of your ill-wishers, who are trying to prevent your plans from carrying out. Be cautious and take care of your happiness.  

This month, Sagittarians nutrition is important, the diet will be the key to your well-being. If this is not respected, the heart, throat, and entire excretory system will suffer. Be careful with the air conditioning, otherwise the kidneys will suffer, there is a danger that the entire urination system will suffer too.
Favorable days: 2, 6, 11, 24.
Unfavorable days: 9, 15, 23.




 July 2018 will be one of the most controversial periods in the life of Capricorns. In this period of time they will give the impression that they are cold, concentrated and all the time busy with something. In everyday life, Capricorn’s communication will be fairly selective with a safe distance from others. Your soul comfort and quietness  will be your priorityThey will prefer rest in the circle of relatives and friends and avoid noisy parties and crowded places. 
In the first decade of July 2018, Capricorns will devote more time to relatives and close people. The harmonious influence of the aspects of the planets will have a favorable effect on well-being and mood. Communicating with others, Capricorns should try to be impartial about irritating situations and provocative actions. Do not take all the criticism and comments at the face value. This can lead to a deterioration of mood and even depression. Listen to your feelings and inner voice. In the professional sphere, the Capricorns will proceed peacefully and smoothly. Tired of everyday problems, some representatives of your Zodiac sign will strive to stay in silence, close to nature, enjoy all the delights of rest. 
The second decade of July 2018 will be one of the most difficult, but eventful. You can find yourself in an extreme situation, which you will soon benefit, if you can reveal your self-control and leadership qualities. Capricorns will have many new cases and troubles, mainly related to changes in their personal lives. The changes will resemble a contrast shower, but in most cases they will be very enjoyable and exciting. At work it is necessary to be engaged in strengthening the ties. That will contribute to improving material well-being. 
The third decade of July 2018, will probably be directed at a decision related to the execution of documents. The problem can arise with taxes, insurance, loans and real estate. Capricorns will have to run around all sorts of instances. The situation can be quite complicated. There may be additional financial requirements, and they will have to be accepted. It would be good to enlist the support of a close associate, and the help of a competent lawyer will not be superfluous to you. 
In July 2018, with chronic diseases associated with the cardiovascular system and the spine should be especially cautious for Capricorns (the greatest aggravation in patients with Bechterew’s disease). At the beginning of the month, pressure jumps may be disturbing, vision problems may occur. All preventive measures will be useful, but it is better  to wait with being operated on, if it is not an urgent operation. 
Favorable days: 1, 14, 18, 25, 30. 
Unfavorable days: 2, 6, 10, 22, 27, 28. 




Retrograde Mars in your sign means that all the energy of Aquarius will be directed at himself. Anything that will contradict your views will cause discontent, and at times even aggression. In July, the stars advise Aquarians to direct their entire energy into a peaceful channel, so as not to exhaust their strength. You will easily lose your temper, which will lead to problems in the relationship, the risk of injuries and accidents will increase due to your harshness and haste.
In July, Aquarians should avoid wasting money, pay close attention to the finances.
The first decade of July 2018 will be quite controversial, there may be a stormy clarification of relations with relatives or colleagues at work, even casual passers-by can cause your discontent. Aquarius is better do more for the improvement of their own homes and try to establish a trust and warm relationship with family and friends. In this period it is important not to rush or force events. Be patient and persuasive. For that at work, Aquarians can improve their positions well, and get the approval of management. The main thing is not to cause competition in the team and not to provoke a conflict.
The second decade of July 2018 will not be so tense and troublesome. Under the influence of stars, many Aquarius will be forced to make important and swift decisions regarding the well-being of their family. You will have an opportunity to improve your material and financial situation, but this will require promptness, determination and courage to take on additional responsibilities and obligations. At some point, it may seem to you that everything has fallen on you at once and you cannot bear such an experience. Look on the other side. It will not last too long, and you will win a lot. 

The third decade of July 2018 will help Aquarians put everything in their place and effectively balance their lives. You will have a lot of free time, which only you have the right to dispose of. If you feel tired and completely unwilling to work, write an application for a vacation. If there is a desire to sleep off, stay at home and enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or reading a book. If you have children, now it is just the time to establish a relationship with them.
As you know, health is directly related to the emotional state. And your emotional background will be very unstable, which can lead to psychosomatic problems. Nervous breakdowns are possible. Your liver and gallbladder can be very affected. As never drink more pure water, it will be truly life-giving for you.
Favorable days: 3, 4, 10, 15, 18, 25, 30.
Unfavorable days: 2, 6, 12, 15, 19, 27, 28.





July will turn out a somewhat tense and difficult period for Pisces. Fish, accustomed to a calm and measured life, will experience a feeling of discomfort and uncertainty. Many of you will be slightly lost, because of what it will be difficult to focus on the main thing. The effectiveness of work and health will largely depend on your mood and emotional state. In July, it will not be easy to make important decisions, because you will doubt the correctness of the choice made. To eliminate this trouble, you need to listen to your intuition and inner voice, which will not let you down in July 2018. 
  The first decade of July 2018 Pisces is better to spend on vacation, not going into work and household matters and problems. Family and close friends will be in the priority in this period. If there is no possibility or desire to go somewhere far away, you can stay at home and start working on the arrangement of your home. Change the wallpaper, replace the old furniture with a new one, make a rearrangement, clean up the house, review the things in the closet. It is desirable to get rid of unnecessary things and destructive and inhibitory development of relationships, as well as negative thoughts. Surround yourself with loving and not indifferent to you people, and soon everything will fall into place, and life will acquire a new meaning. 
    The second decade of July 2018 under the harmonious influence of the planets will be one of the quietest and most remarkable periods of this month for Pisces. You will have the desire and strength to achieve your goals and implement plans. Some Pisces during this period will be able to stabilize and improve the financial situation of the family and pay off debts, someone will indulge in a complete new wardrobe, and someone will fulfill their cherished dream. At work during this period you will have friendly and confidential relations with your superiors and colleagues, due to which the probability of promotion will increase highly. Unemployed Pisces will find a decent and well-paid job, where they realize their potential and will enjoy the process itself. 
    The end of July 2018 will be very interesting and fruitful for Pisces. Many of you will find new hobbies, which will open up new talents and abilities. Some will want to open their business on one of their hobbies, which will ensure a comfortable existence in the future. In the third decade of 2018 it is profitable to make purchases, because right now it is possible to buy the desired thing or equipment, and maybe even real estate at a good price. In the end of the month, Pisces will look to the future with optimism and objectively assess their capabilities. Before you open up new horizons, do not miss this opportunity. 
The health of Pisces in July 2018 does not cause any special concern. However, there is a high probability of accidents, injuries, trouble driving and traveling. Be careful and circumspect, avoid any risk situations. This does not apply to Pisces suffering from cardiovascular diseases. There is a high risk of strokes and heart attacks, especially in the period from 10 to 18 July and from 24 to 30 July. 
Favorable days: 2, 9, 18, 22, 23. 
Unfavorable days: 4, 13, 28, 29, 30. 


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