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The last month of this hot summer does not promise to be boring. Especially if the two previous months were not the ones you wanted. August can bring quite strong changes into your life; will they be bad or good will depend only on your resistance to your own feelings and dreams. Your feelings and intuition will prompt more than your mind what you really want. Allow yourself to do little crazy things, this month suits it.

August will reward us with increased activity of Venus, which will enter the sign of Libra, the mistress of which she is. This indicates that many signs of the zodiac are waiting for love adventures and new acquaintances. You can expect that these love affairs will become fatal for many.
The only thing that can spoil the ideal picture of this month is the eclipse on August 11 at 12:47. The energy of the eclipse will be stronger than in July. But it will affect the business sphere more. Therefore, the stars advise to be extremely cautious in promises. Also, watch what you say, where you speak and how you speak!



In the first half of August 2018 the stars advice not to take hasty decisions relating to your personal life, partnerships and plans for the future. The desire for excessive risk can draw Aries into a crisis situation. Minor troubles and problems will grow like a snowball, and lead away from the main goal. Arrange the right priorities and the situation will develop in your favor.
The main expenses can refer to personal and family problems. Perhaps some of your friends can get in a tight corner and ask you for financial help. Do not risk money in vain, do not lend money to friends. There is a chance to lose both money and friends. And, consider the interest rate for non-payment on time when concluding large transactions. The best time for professional matters is the end of the month, it is during this period that constructive changes will begin.
Although in August the energy potential of Aries is quite high, the aggravation of chronic diseases cannot be avoided. Aries who have never had heart problems can feel them fully. So do not neglect the rules, drink more water and do not stay in the open sun for a long time bare-headed. These simple rules will save you from serious health problems.
Favorable days: 7, 14, 17, 25, 28.
Unfavorable days: 1, 2, 4, 5, 11, 20, 25, 30.



For the Taurus August 2018 will be tense, but unforgettable. They will have to control their emotions and give up rash actions. This will help the cautious Taurus to avoid troubles. If you still want to take a risk, the decision should not be spontaneous, but considered.
In romantic relationship Taurus is waiting for surprises too. You do not stand false attitude and will more appreciate simple human care. There is a possibility that your old love can return. You’ll feel like flirting, but the relations will not develop. Spouses may have problems with real estate. Either this will be connected with repair or with the acquisition of housing.
The financial position of Taurus is not stable, incomes will decrease, and expenses will increase. This situation can be delayed, so reduce your expenses.
The work will not please Taurus, the time for a change is coming. It is important for you to accept that change is not always a bad thing. It’s a good time to improve your skills or learn something new. Try not to conflict with colleagues and bosses especially. Otherwise, it will lead to unpleasant surprises.
Energy potential of Taurus in August 2018 is not great, so they need to spend more time out of doors, to be less nervous and fussing. It still will not bring any benefit. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially those rich in fiber. Take care of the kidneys and do not abuse the sweet. Special troubles can be brought to sick with red systemic lupus. Do not neglect the prevention of the disease and diet, they are especially important for you in August 2018.
Favorable days: 6, 13, 15, 26, 29.
Unfavorable days: 3, 5, 7, 9, 13, 21, 25, 30.



August 2018 for Gemini will be held under the motto “look before you leap”. The Twins will have to check carefully all coming information and be extremely attentive while speaking. Otherwise, you can be accused of lying. Be prepared for the fact that a lot of unresolved problems will appear and they will have to be decided without delay.
In the first half of the month try to be vigilant while driving, even if you are an experienced driver, do not rely on it. And beginners are better to reduce the trips in the car to a minimum.
In love, Gemini will be luckier! This is the best period for establishing relationships with the loved ones. Stars advise Gemini to stop, take a step back, not to get involved in clarifying the relations. It will bring no result, but aggravate problems. Try to hear your favorite person, and your life will be painted with new bright colors. Single Gemini has the opportunity to meet his soul mate.

Revenues will not please Gemini. Therefore, calculate everything in advance and be more economical. At work do not take what is happening to heart. Little time will pass, all urgent work will end, and the obstacles will be overcome without problems and losses for you.
In August 2018 your health will completely depend on you. You can both improve it and worsen it. For Gemini with systemic diseases August is an excellent period to go to the hospital and get a course of treatment. If there is no such a possibility, it is necessary to address to your attending physician for the correction of treatment. Also, Gemini should pay attention to the genitourinary system and the kidneys.
Favorable days: 2, 4, 7, 17, 23, 28.
Unfavorable days: 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 22, 27.



The change of circumstances in August 2018 will greatly affect your work. Your friends, partners or close relatives with whom you are connected by business can let you down. Do not take close to heart, do not worry about it, the sequence of eclipses will pass and everything will fall into place. Cancers must not borrow and lend money. The money may not be returned, or it will take a very long time.
August 2018 is a time of compromises in family relations. Old claims and grievances emerge. Try to resolve them before the second half of the month. Do not let the past interfere the present. To improve relations with a loved one it would be good to go to the seaside. Such a trip will set you up in a romantic way and life will seem fairy and sublime to Cancer. Returning to reality, try not to lose the feeling of a holiday.
The financial sphere is quite stable. Large revenues are not expected, but Cancers will be able to redistribute their expenses properly. In the second half of the month, be careful with valuables, because thefts are possible.
At work, Cancers may have conflicts related to finances, and they can be quite tough. When working with documents, be careful, any mistake or hasty decision will cost you very much. In order to avoid trouble or to smooth it, you should put papers in order and check the financial documents.
Cancers health is not in danger, but they must pay attention to the diet. Your liver is tired of buns and sweets. It is better to eat fruit and berries. Do prevent the already acquired diseases, it will help to avoid serious problems in the future. Particular attention will have to be paid to systemic diseases of the skin and bone apparatus.
Favorable days: 1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 28, 31
Unfavorable days: 3, 14, 23.




August 2018 is the most sociable month for Lion. It will be marked by new acquaintances and pleasant surprises. Perhaps, these acquaintances in the future will entail changes for you in life. For harmonious relationships, both with your partner and others, pay more attention to fiddlesticks. Otherwise, these fiddlsticks can greatly spoil your life.
On the material level, Lion does not foresee any shocks. It is desirable to save some money for a rainy day. At work, everything is relatively calm. Just avoid harsh actions and do not jump to decisions. You will have to work with information very carefully till August 19.
If something does not work out, then you should not make great efforts, there will not be enough energy anyway. You’d better wait till the retrograde Mars does not straighten (till August 27).
Lion’s health leaves much to be desired, especially the cardiovascular system. It is necessary to abandon active recreation, spend less time in the sun and drink more clean water.
Favorable days: 1, 7, 8, 9, 10, 17, 18, 22, 27, 30, 31.
Unfavorable days: 3, 13, 23.




Virgin will idle in August 2018. She will be obsessed with the desire to spit at everything. At work, she will not be able to make herself work hard. Such mood will not arouse special problems, because luck will accompany you throughout the month. Virgo will not have to strain for solution of current problems, everything will be resolved by itself. But the feeling that everything is not as good as you would like will not leave during the whole month.
The most successful will be the first half of the month. Success and luck will please you in all spheres of life, including personal. Moreover, a friend will emerge in your life with whom you haven’t got in touch for a long time. The stars do not recommend to attach special importance to this person and a new meeting and not to return to the past. Remember that you cannot enter the same water twice.
In the second half of the month, it’s time to start bothering yourself. Little by little you need to return to the usual rhythm of life. It is strongly recommended to adjust yourself to the positive and stop grumbling. Especially since dissatisfaction has never benefited you.

The health of Virgos in August 2018 is threatened by new diseases and exacerbation of old, especially neurological ones. Especially since August is very traumatic for Virgos! Be especially careful while driving and in the trips, avoid risks.
Favorable days: 1, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 22, 25, 29, 30
Unfavorable days: 3, 13, 26.




August is the time when everything will go to the planning for Libra. A quiet environment will help relax and solve problems gradually. It is the best for Libra to start planning the future In August. Promising proposals can come at work, and personal affairs will develop OK.
Within a month, Libra’s money will go away the same way as it comes. Stars advise not to get involved in shopping, including clothing and accessories. Most of the purchased will remain in the cabinet without use. In August 2018 Libras are healthy and vigorous. You have every right to pamper yourself with something pleasant and not too harmful!
Favorable days: 2, 7, 9, 10, 12, 19, 22, 27, 29, 30
Unfavorable days: 3, 13, 23.




Scorpions already know what they will do in August. The plan of changes has been drawn up, and it’s the time to put it into life, even though the surrounding people will stick the spoke into the wheel. The famous motto “Per aspera ad astra” – is just about the Scorpions in August 2018. Many plans will be successfully realized, especially since external circumstances are favorable.
In personal life, unfortunately, there will be disagreements. Try to make the past not to interfere but to help your family happiness.
Financial situation is stable, but if you want something more, then try to refrain from buying on credit. It is better to postpone large purchases. In your work, focus on the old cases, since an old mistake may appear. No matter who has committed it, it is you who will have to correct it. Take it easy.
In August 2018, Scorpios may develop chronic diseases, especially those associated with the gastrointestinal tract and hearing. Inflammatory processes are possible. In this situation, do not lose time, contact a specialist.
Favorable days: 1, 5, 9, 10, 15, 20, 25, 29, 30, 31
Unfavorable days: 4, 14, 24, 28




In August 2018 the most important thing for Sagittarians is to act swiftly and resolutely. It’s time for Sagittarius to understand that the past is left behind. You cannot change anything. It is time to take up your current affairs and put things in order. According to the horoscope, some Sagittarius can be in the center of a complex intrigue, here it is necessary to deal with their environment and decide who is who.
But in love everything is in order in August 2018, the single have an opportunity to meet their love. For family Sagittarius, dreams will be directed to the future filled with love and joy. You’ll want to go somewhere and retire with your loved one. It’s time for it! Financial stability and prosperity only contribute to this. It is better to spend the money on rest, small and pleasant purchases, and postpone more serious purchases for another time.
At work you will dry your fingers to the bones and everything will not be the way you have planned. There will be problems with colleagues. It is important for Sagittarians not to get involved in any conflict, otherwise you will be announced guilty!
In August 2018 the energy of Sagittarius is great, but the stars advise to be extremely cautious while driving. Do not expose yourself to excessive risk. Pay attention to the respiratory system and leg muscles. There is a danger of re-inflammation of the sciatic nerve. You should contact specialists, even with a minor problem if something bothers you.
Favorable days: 1, 6, 8, 9, 14, 18, 20, 24, 27, 30, 31
Unfavorable days: 4, 12, 13, 22




 in August 2018 problems and unpleasant situations for Capricorn are expected to abound. Difficulties in personal matters are possible, so be careful on the roads and in the crowd. In general, this month you’ll have a lot of waste, economic and official hassles. Your natural circumspection and caution will help to resolve the situation. Rely more on your intuition.
The solar eclipse of August 11, 2018 can bring changes that will open new horizons for Capricorns, although you cannot immediately appreciate it. In August 2018, Capricorns will be ready to reveal all the discontent to the beloved man. And if money is involved in the conflict, the situation will only worsen. Stars recommend Capricorns to be less stubborn, especially in trifles.
Capricorn’s Finance is not stable in August 2018, money will go away in all directions. You’ll have to live in austerity. Suffer a little and small cash receipts can be expected by August 24-25.
August 2018 is not the best time for professional training, so it’s better to think about rest, and if there is not such an opportunity, then prepare for the problems that will appear unexpectedly. Perhaps, the reason for this is unproblematic disputes, misconduct or reassessment of one’s own capabilities. In difficult moments close people or friends from other cities will support Capricorns.
General weakening of the body Capricorn and chronic diseases will force you to take more care of your health. Sufficient sleep and rest will contribute to this. Particular attention should be paid to the teeth. And if there are any problems, try to solve them till August 7, 2018. Otherwise, a small problem will turn into big complications.
Favorable days: 1, 7, 8, 10, 12, 17, 19, 20, 28, 29, 31.
Unfavorable days: 3, 13, 22




Stars predict “steeplechase” for Aquarius in August 2018. Try not to be mistaken about the intentions of your environment and constantly check your possession of the situation. Aquarians should not rush anywhere or apply extremer efforts to achieve the desired. You will find a series of great changes that will primarily affect relationships with other people and with the society as a whole.
Family couples will have a desire to gain personal freedom, and this does not improve family relations. If partners in marriage do not have joint interests, this will further worsen your relationship. The stars advise not to rush to make decisions, the effect of eclipses will end and everything will improve in your relations. A lot of problems will push Aquarius to “military actions”, which will lead to the unexpected decision of giving up the relations. The stars recommend not to hurry up with conclusions and to think twice!!
In August 2018 your intuition will tell you where to have profitable and pleasant shopping and how to replenish your budget. Cash receipts are possible on August 8, 9, 17, 18, 26, 27. Health problems are not expected in August and it is better to deal only with preventive measures. Otherwise old sores will remind of themselves in full. Unfortunately, you do not like to care of your well-being till “the horse is stolen”.

Favorable days: 1, 6, 8, 13, 16, 20, 23, 25, 29, 31
Unfavorable days: 4, 14, 24, 26




Pisces will have to endure many wonderful moments, both in love and at work in August 2018. You are active, energetic and, most importantly, full of strength and desires. The stars recommend Pisces to act on a clear plan, and not take everything at once. You will not be bored because there are so many interesting and new things around you. A continuum of pleasures!
August 2018 will be fully loaded with work for Pisces. You, of course, are ready to undertake large and profitable projects, but not from morning till night. Stars advise Pisces not to invest money in something new and unfamiliar. On Full Moon (August 26) Pisces should not organize business trips, meetings and negotiations with business partners. It is also better to postpone important decisions for a while, so that later you cannot regret anything. Pisces will benefit from savings in purchases. You do not think too much when you spend money on stuff.
The stars advise Pisces to be more attentive to chronic illnesses in August 2018. They will remind you of themselves at the end of summer. You will spend a lot of energy and replenish it yourself. Fish can get to hospital with a strong poisoning if they start eating everything, especially unfamiliar food. In August 2018, Pisces need healthy food and follow the regime. Pisces are better to get more vitamins, but naturel, not in tablets.
Favorable days: 2, 8, 17, 19, 20, 25, 27, 31
Unfavorable days: 4, 11, 13, 22, 28.


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