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In November 2017 the Aries will feel like on a frying pan. It is necessary to solve a lot of problems, clear things out with close people and deal with old affairs. In general, there will be enough fuss and work. Alas, Aries will not have enough time and energy for everything. But, if you plan in advance for the whole November, you can improve all areas of your life. Even your unsteady financial position will become stable. Horoscope in November 2017 recommends Aries to pay attention to intuitive hints. Caution does not hurt, even if you are engaged in monotonous work. In November, you will have many ill-wishers, but you should not be afraid of them. Aries will meet his opponents half-way. Personal life will play with new colors. Take the initiative in your hands to win the heart of the person you like. Be attentive to your health and stop smoking immediately. Alcohol and overeating are seriously bad for you – consider this in November.
Aries Health in November 2017
The stars say that if Aries leads a healthy lifestyle, he will not complain about poor health in November. There will be enough energy to fulfill all that you have planned. Horoscope recommends to establish nutrition and pay attention to the quality of food. Otherwise, you’ll get a serious stomach poisoning. Aries should not attend the gym in November. Otherwise it will lead to an overstrain. Dress warmly and try not to catch a cold.




November 2017 will be one of the most interesting months of the year for Taurus. You will succeed without difficulty. Work, love, friends and entertainment … Taurus will finally understand what makes him truly happy. The main thing is not to get too involved with risky and adventurous enterprises. In November Taurus can be fooled around by fraudsters and ill-wishers. This will seriously “hit” your financial position, so be more careful in dealing with people. Do not trust everyone. Have a good rest In November. After all, you do not want to feel like a squeezed lemon by the end of the month, do you? Take things easy. This will help you to avoid unnecessary stress. Taurus should learn that the gray stripe can change to white. But after your doing best.
Taurus Health in November 2017
Horoscope of health for November 2017 predicts Taurus strength, energy and positive mood. All this will be with you if you give up bad habits and normalize the diet. Go to the gym or swimming pool. You can catch a cold, but there will be no serious complications after it. This month is traumatic for Taurus, so follow the traffic rules on the road.




There will not be a moment of rest for Gemini in November 2017. You will have to work hard, introduce new plans and aim at large-scale projects. But, the Twins will be all right, because you have enough energy. The boss will send Gemini to a business trip, in which you can establish profitable contacts. You have to study a completely new field of activity, which, perhaps, will lead to the search for another job. The financial situation will be stable. It is possible that Gemini’s salary will be raised, and in difficult situation you’ll get financial help from relatives. You do not expect cataclysms in your private life. Twins will meet their soul mate, and couples will be more sincere with each other. Purchasing an apartment or moving to another city are possible. In November, we will have to communicate with children more often. Monitor their behavior and discuss topics, which are interesting to them.
Gemini Health in November 2017
In November 2017 Gemini should strengthen their immunity. In autumn you can easily catch a cold and get a complication. Stars recommend Gemini to exclude heavy physical activity. Now is not the right time to overload the body and the nervous system. In November, you need to run around in the morning, relax more or join yoga-club.




Sentimental Cancer will be sad in November 2017 about the sun, warmth and love. The state of spleen is normal for you, but it’s still better to get rid of it in autumn. Cancer must increase his optimism and pull himself together to do everything that is planned. Otherwise, depression will drive you to despair. Restrain your emotions at work and at home. You should undertake any work to improve the financial situation. You’ll have enough money in November, but do not forget to help close people who are in a difficult financial situation. Bosses will encourage Cancer for diligence, but some colleagues will be jealous. Stars advise to be more confident making careers. Even if you are not an ambitious person, don’t give reins to other people. November 2017 is not the best time for frivolous affairs. Family Cancer will get tired of monotony and will constantly find fault with the spouse. You’d better not do it not to get to the divorce.
Cancer Health in November 2017
The horoscope does not advise Cancer to be nervous and overstrain himself. All this can do harm to your health and undermine the immune system. Cancer should take a number of preventive measures in order to prevent chronic diseases. For example, drink vitamins, have a contrast shower in the morning and do jerks. Avoid contacting those who have got a cold.



The vain nature of the Lion will manifest itself at large in November 2017. There is nothing surprising, because you want to be the King of the situation. This month Leo will receive so much interesting and important information that his head will go round. Do not worry, everything will fall into its place, and your plans will be realized at the end of the month. The news is expected from afar, it will encourage Leo to great achievements. You’ll get money periodically, but you’ll spend it. Horoscope recommends Leo to assess the situation in November 2017, and not rely on the inner voice. The lion is too overconfident and proud of himself, which prevents him from mixing with people. It concerns both work and love. You are to be more gentle and forgiving not to repel your loved one. By the way, business partners will also be unhappy with Leo’s behavior. Try to convince the people around that you are a good-natured and sensitive person.
Health of the Lion in November 2017
Attention and accuracy while driving – that’s what Lion will need in November. Your health is at the highest level, so you can be energetic and optimistic. Horoscope of health advises to do morning exercises and walk more often before going to bed. Keep to the diet, relax and go for a walk if the weather is fine. All this will strengthen the immunity and improve the mood of Leo in November.




For the Virgin, November 2017 will be the month of spiritual transformation and the creation of plans for the future. You will think a lot about how to improve professional and personal life. Do not interfere with the analysis of the past, so as not to make any mistakes in future. The Virgin has rich experience that will push him to put complex projects into life. However, in November you should not jump to the decisions. You have a wide range of possibilities that can be applied to the good purposes. Time will put everything in its place, though the fuss can spoil the situation. Horoscope predicts Virgo spiritual harmony and discernment. The financial situation is neither very good nor bad. Why should Virgo panic, if everything will be normal at the end of the month? You are able to solve not only your problems, but also help your close people overcome difficulties. In love, everything will go as you dreamed. Romantisism, rendezvous and a range of ​​emotions will be a real gift of fate for the Virgin.
The health of the Virgin in November 2017
Morning exercises and a cup of fresh coffee – it will be necessary for the Virgin in November. Although your potential is so incredibly high this autumn month as it is. The health horoscope advises Virgo to pay attention to the condition of heart and lungs. In case of pressure jumps or dyspnea consult a doctor in November. Jogging in the morning, breathing exercises and healthy food will help Virgin to improve health. Go to the swimming pool and dress warmer and the cold will bypass you.




Libra will deal extraordinary in ordinary situations in November 2017. This will surprise loved ones who are not familiar with such way in work and personal life. The positive mood of Libra will not be affected by cloudy autumn weather. You will be full of optimism and resolute. Critical remarks are possible on the part of colleagues and superiors, which Libra will neglect. In November, many things will work out easily, so problems will not drive you into a corner. Horoscope advises you to monitor what you say and do about a loved one. Otherwise, your frequent quarrels will lead to parting. A tense atmosphere in the team will cause many unflattering sayings about Libra. Try not to get involved in disputes and conflict situations. Let everything go its own way, and you can quickly realize the plans. Enemies and competitors will be in rage, but Libra will ignore their sharpness and negative attitude. In romantic relations everything is fine! Libra will fall in love and plunge into a sea of ​​vivid impressions. Family Libra is even closer to her husband due to a common hobby.
Health Libra in November 2017
For Libra in November 2017, the theme of “health” will not be actual. You will feel great, and colds “will not stick” to you. The health horoscope advises you to rest more so as not to harm the mental condition. Do not overdo with physical exercises, do not break the diet – and everything will be OK. Libra should avoid dangerous situations in everyday life and on the road in November.




Scorpio will think more about the material issues than about the spiritual in November 2017. You will become an immensely practical and rational person, which in some way will be beneficial. Even communicating with close people, Scorpio will be mercantile. Do not overdo it, otherwise someone will take you for a snob and a hassle. The Chosen One wants gifts and attention, and you will all be subjected to careful calculations. Horoscope predicts Scorpio a favorable financial situation. Thanks to large amounts of money, you can plan interesting projects. Cooperation with profitable partners will bring profit to Scorpio and raise his authority. In personal life everything is going well. But you need to be more gentle with your soul mate. Single Scorpio will meet a person who will become not only a passionate lover, but also a reliable friend for him. Children will require attention and advice, so do not ignore their requests.
Scorpio’s health in November 2017
In terms of health, Scorpio is not in danger in November. But this does not mean that you should break the diet and neglect your rest. Scorpio can catch a cold if preventive measures are not taken in time. It is possible that old sores will remind of themselves. The health horoscope advises Scorpio to be extremely attentive while driving. Your state of mind is not good. Scorpio should not be worried because of fiddlesticks. Go to the country more often, distract from sad thoughts and be optimistic.



Sagittarius will remind the surrounding “eternal engine” in November 2017. All this, due to the volume of work and the unrestrained energy of Sagittarius. We can say that the autumn depression will bypass you. Sagittarius, who works in the office, will establish relations with new employees. Try to avoid arrogance, otherwise you’ll get into an embarrassing situation. If you want to learn another profession, then it can be done without any doubt in November. Horoscope recommends Sagittarius to start personal business, if you have the skills and money. In the future, Investing in finance projects will lead Sagittarius to impressive profits. In his personal life there are small, but bright changes. You will get acquainted with a person who will instantly win your heart. Just do not get carried away by romantic outpourings, otherwise the relations will quickly come to an end. Sagittarius will often meet friends who will not please his soul mate In November. Find the balance between family, entertainment and work.
The Health of Sagittarius in November 2017
If Sagittarius follows measure in everything, he will maintain good health during November. Sometimes, you will miss the sun, the warmth and the past summer. But this is only a mild melancholy and a lack of vitamin D in the organism. The health horoscope advises Sagittarius to walk more, full meals and going in for sports.




Capricorn, like many others, will want harmony, bright feelings and positivity in November 2017. Autumn melancholy cannot overcome you, but sadness will still “settle” in the soul. If Capricorn himself wants to diversify his life, he will be a 100% success. By the way, November is suitable for sudden changes in your image. Change the wardrobe, visit the beautician and hairdresser and enjoy your life. Capricorn will receive a lot of news in November, although some of it will be unpleasant. Horoscope advises Capricorn to do exercises or find a new exciting hobby. Extreme sports should not be ignored either. Capricorn will understand what he mostly needs to maintain optimism. The material aspects will not upset you in November. Bonuses, salary increases and the return of old debt are possible. Capricorn will have enough strength and opportunities to achieve positive results in business. In November fortune will not upset you with light-minded people who will become reliable friends. Capricorn will often meet difficulties In love in November. Your self-esteem and excessive criticism of the beloved is the reason for this.
Health of Capricorn in November 2017
Capricorn should be softer and more compliant with people in November. Your excessive irritation can damage your health. Hard work may be unbearable for you. The result can be sad – a cold, flu and complications. The health horoscope advises Capricorn to rest more often, relax and have fun with friends. A cheerful disposition of the spirit will give you strength and energy.




In November 2017, Aquarius shocks many people with her behavior and changes in outlook. Do not worry about the reaction of others, allow yourself to do what you want in November. Horoscope predicts Aquarius a lot of unforgettable events that will radically change life. Especially, since you are a restless, emotional and unsteady person by nature. Aquarius wants to leave the comfort zone and go in search of vivid impressions. It could be a new job or love. The main thing is that Aquarius will move in the right direction, and not depend on the opinions of other people. You will discover such unexpected inner facets that you yourself will be surprised by your talents and rich potential. Aquarius will begin spiritual development, which will push to interesting discoveries and development of a new field of activity. In love, you also want something creative and diverse. But will your beloved understand your original approach to personal life?
Aquarius Health in November 2017
If in November 2017 Aquarius catches a cold, then he must immediately go to hospital. Do not risk, entrust your health to a doctor. And if the cold bypasses you, then the month will pass quietly. Just focus on nutrition and include food rich in calcium, protein and vegetable oil in the menu. The health horoscope predicts Aquarius slight stomach and intestines disruptions.




Pisces in November 2017 will do intellectual work not physical. But it will do you only good. Thanks to zeal and perseverance, Pisces will master a new profession. You do not have to change your job in November. It’s better to reveal your true skill where you are workig now. The management will entrust Pisces the responsible project, which will bring considerable income in the coming months. In order to establish relations with your loved one, Pisces will have to organize a joint trip or cultural events. For example, go to the theater, cinema or an exhibition of art. Horoscope advises Pisces to rest more and spend time with close people. Thus, you will normalize the state of mind and look at many things differently. Pisces should not strive to set the Thames on fire. Be satisfied with what fate grants you in November 2017. Even the most usual parties with friends will bring a lot of impressions and happy minutes. Walk in the park, read and enjoy life! The main thing is to look at the world positively, and not to load yourself with gloomy thoughts.
Pisces Health in November 2017
The health horoscope for November 2017 advises Pisces to dress warmer not to catch a cold. Be extremely careful not to get injured, bruised or burned. In case of illness it is necessary to consult a doctor. Very valuable advice for Pisces for November 2017 is to choose comfortable and practical shoes. Especially if you are standing or walking while working do not sit most of the time at work.


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