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The brightest expected event of May 2018 will be the entry of Uranus into the sign of Taurus, which will occur on May 15 and will last until April 26, 2026. It is a planet of surprises and revolutionary events, as well as a planet of intuition and genius. In this regard, a new phase of innovative technologies in medicine begins. The breakthrough is expected in the field of treatment of diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, as well as in endocrinology. But this is the prospect of a 7-year period. And now the month of May is waiting for us! 



In May 2018, your energy potential is quite high, and a slight energy decrease, which is likely on the days of New Moon on May 14, 15 and on days close to the Full Moon, on May 27, 28, will quickly pass if you do not strain your body and follow the measure in everything .
May 2018 is not the best time for dental treatment, especially for prosthetics for Aries. In this month, the throat is also vulnerable, the likelihood of ENT diseases increases, so be careful with cold drinks. By the end of the month, pressure surges are expected, especially strongly will respond Aries prone to hypertension. 

Favorable days: 3, 8, 16, 30.
Unfavorable days: 10, 18, 25.




Taurus in May increases sensitivity of the throat and the entire endocrine system. If your activity is connected with the load on the vocal chords, try to avoid drafts and not to strain your throat, otherwise there is a possibility to get acquainted with laryngitis. Nervousness will increase, blood circularity disorders are possible, your body will feel lack of vitamin E and B12. During this period, cervical myositis becomes acute and hands become especially sensitive. People suffering from diabetes should pay special attention to their food, there will be a desire to break the diet. This is especially true after the full moon. But self-medication is not recommended, do not forget to consult your doctor before. There is a danger of an overdose. 

Favorable days: 3, 8, 20.
Unfavorable days: 5, 16, 22.




Nervous excitability will increase, there will be more frequent headaches. So avoid overexertion of the eyes – they will be especially sensitive until May 15. Since May 16, the nervous system will begin to bounce back. It is recommended to pay attention to your liver. This is not a bad period for short-term starvation. The most traumatic period for Gemini from is from 26 to 29 May, so be careful, there is a danger of fractures. 
Favorable days: 3, 14, 21, 29. 
Unfavorable days: 5, 11, 17, 24. 




The sensitivity of stomach increases, in May you must be extremely careful of nutrition: do not eat heavy food, do not overeat, otherwise there may be such unpleasant phenomena as pain, heartburn, burpThe sensitivity of the liver also increases, the sensitivity to alcohol and potent drugs is aggravated, so it is better to take them. It is not recommended to start a new course of drug treatment. 
 Special days are the 18 and 19 of May. You should give preference to fruit and vegetables, drink less water – swellings are possible. But all the manipulations associated with the legs and spine will be excellent. Operations on the legs (knees, tendons) and treatment of diseases associated with metabolic disorders will be effective. Procedures related to the treatment of arthritis and the salt deposition are recommended. 
Favorable days: 7 – 9, 14, 21, 29 
Unfavorable days: 3, 11, 19. 




The Lion’s impulse makes the whole circulatory system to sing”. A conflict between conscious will and subconscious motives takes place. There is tension in relationships with another gender, difficulties at home, financial and marital relations. Hence comes the violation of health, a tendency to worry, psychosomatic disorders, internal imbalance. There will be pressure surges, anemia. Avoid salty and too sweet food. An urgent recommendation is to make an appointment for a routine examination with a doctor. Strong heart pain attacks can be taken for attacks of osteochondrosis and  vice versaFrom the 20 to 22 of May you’ll   have especially dangerous days. 
Favorable days: 1, 4, 7, 14, 25. 
Unfavorable days: 11, 19, 22, 29. 




All the processes in the body will be quite secretive for VirgoObtrusive ideas will appear, but everyone will experience in his own field. You’ll want to balance the piled up problems with delicious food. From here, naturally, gaining weight problems will begin. Virgo at the beginning of the month should pay more attention to physical exercises (necessarily dynamic) or simply to walk more in the fresh air. There may be absent-mindedness and inattention behind the wheel, a high risk of accidents, and hence the fractures of the limbs. After May 21 your health will become very fragile. The condition of connective tissues as well as tendons will worsen.  It is recommended to eat food rich in B vitamins, as well as rich in calcium. 
Favorable days: 3, 6, 12, 20, 24, 28. 
Unfavorable days: 2, 11, 15, 19, 30. 




To Libra the area of ​​the hips, kidneys and bladder, as well as the endocrine system will be the most vulnerable. Do not sit on damp grass and stones. People with diabetes and pancreatitis may have attacks of exacerbation of the disease. In this period it is important to adhere to a diet. The most critical days are from 24 to 26 May. Since the second half of May you should refrain from excess consumption of liquids, and exclude alcohol absolutely. 
Favorable days: 3, 8, 17, 26, 29. 
Unfavorable days: 4, 10, 14, 23. 




Scorpios will have to rely only on their own strength in May. They can only be wished a fabulous self-control. The joints of the hands and feet may become inflamed suddenly. Especially the knees will deliver troublesYou’ll want to resort to non-traditional methods of treatment. The apparent effect of improvement will turn into serious problems later. Do not risk your health, contact a specialist or an already proven treatment regimen. Just do not wait for quick results, this is rather a difficult month for you. Critical days will be the 27 and 28 of May. 
Favorable days: 1, 5, 8, 16, 20, 25. 
Unfavorable days: 6, 9, 13, 28. 




First of all the Sagittarius’ genitourinary system can suffer. If you have hypertension do not wait for increased pressure, take meds prescribed by a doctor just in timeThe days of 8, 9 and the 10 May are especially dangerousHip joints can begin to worry youthe sciatic nerve and veins can be of particular concern in the second half of the month. Take care of the vulnerabilities of your body and the May holidays will be perfect for you. 
Favorable days: 2, 8, 11, 16, 25, 28. 
Unfavorable days: 5, 14, 20, 27. 




Capricorns are less vulnerable than all other signs in the first half of May. Of course, old traumas can bother you, but it will not be critical. But the physical load should be reduced, especially on the spine. The second half of the month will be very nervous, you will want privacy and tranquility. But this is only your perception. You may drink sedatives. They will not damage you, of course, if you have no allergies. 
 Favorable days: 1, 4, 9, 12, 17, 23, 29.
Unfavorable days: 5, 6, 10, 19, 21.




The vast majority of Aquarius won’t have health problems. And yet in the first half of the month, the probability of getting into a stressful situation with a negative psyche impact is likely. To maintain strength you need healthy food, more rest and to be outdoors more oftenNormalize your sleepThe likelihood of injury when performing time-consuming physical work and during long trips increases You must be very careful, especially on March the 15 and 17. 
Favorable days: 5, 8, 14, 20, 22, 26, 30. 
Unfavorable days: 2, 9, 15, 17, 25. 




Horoscope Pisces for May indicates that, most representatives of this Zodiac sign won’t have major health problems. Your optimistic mood and high activity will help to cope with any stress. In case of urgent need, you will be able to mobilize in time and restore the lost forces. 
Being influenced by the Sun in the first half of the month, you will be in a good mood. This is an excellent time for treatment in a sanatorium or for a holiday at a resort. Doing meditation and yoga will also be beneficial for you. In addition, Pisces with skin problem can begin a course of procedures in a Beauty Salon or at home. The 4 and the of May are the most suitable time to start classes of this kind. 
In the middle of the month, when the influence of Mars and Uranus increases, you should lead an active lifestyle and adhere to the fruit and vegetable diet. Sedentary Pisces will experience a headache and a breakdown. Your salvation is to do morning exercises and, if possible, a light jogging. At the end of the month, a burst of colds is possible, so avoid drafts and consume the necessary amount of vitamins. 
Successful days: 6, 8, 14, 19, 25, 28. 
Not successful days: 1, 5, 13, 20, 22. 


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