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Since January 2018 Aries will begin a busy, creative period. Thanks to the energy of the Sun and the planet Mars, you will have active and profitable work. Your element is Fire, so you will not be bored under any circumstances. January Horoscope predicts Aries a lot of pleasant events, successful moments in career and joyful news in love. Moreover, the Red Rooster has not yet completely handed over the reins of the Yellow Dog. He, as before, cares and helps Aries in all directions.
January 2018 Horoscope does not promise Aries health problems. But if it is necessary – normalize the food and, if necessary, after a stormy New Year’s feast, go on a diet. Poisoning, stomach diseases and blood pressure jumps are possible. In the middle of January Aries can catch a cold, get a sore throat and bronchitis. The reason for this is the undermined immunity and contact with those who already have a cold. If you do not thoroughly heal in January, then the disease will go into chronic form, and for rheumatologic patients this cannot be tolerated. Therefore, fight the cold with all might.




January Horoscope promises Taurus home chores and a lot of work. You will have to solve your own personal and financial problems, which have remained after the Red Rooster. If Taurus cannot figure out all the impending troubles depression is assured to him. It is desirable to increase self-esteem and isolate oneself from routine and useless cases in January 2018. In extreme cases, look for support from relatives and friends.
If Taurus has abandoned bad habits and is engaged in sports, then he should not be particularly worried for his health. Horoscope for January 2018 Taurus predicts a wonderful time – vigorous and vivid events. The main thing is running in the morning, doing exercises and having breakfast. It is advisable to go to the gym to get rid of extra pounds and strengthen the muscles of the back. Well, if Taurus still smokes, eats up at night and neglects physical education, then he will have to run more often to doctors than in the park in January 2018. There is a small remark. If you have problems with joints, do not overdo physical exertion. Everything is good in moderation.




The Twins are controlled by the planet Mercury, which gives them incredible energy and fortitude. January Horoscope promises Gemini a quiet month, when even complex problems are resolved easily and quickly. Fortune is on your side, both in personal and professional matters. In January 2018, Gemini will sincerely rejoice in everything that fate will bring to them. There are cardinal changes in different areas of life that will be greatly positive.
January 2018 Horoscope advises Gemini to be extremely attentive to his health. Planets Uranus and Pluto can weaken the immune system and this will affect the body and the emotional state.
Gemini may have problems with the stomach and intestines in January 2018. But if you follow a diet, exclude alcohol and carbonated drinks the health will really improve. Try to forget for a while about oily, salty and spicy food. And remember that tasty food is often harmful and difficult to digest. However, in January, Gemini must better listen for his rheumatologist who knows his body and tells you how to behave in order not to get to hospital.




If Cancer wants to remember December, as a time of bright changes and productive work, he should not be lazy, but work hard. Bosses will encourage Cancer for conscientious attitude to their duties. It is possible that many decide to move to another field of activity in December. But, if you are a creative person, do not give up your original ideas. By the way, you can meet your loved one. Do not wait for an instant explanation in love, because the real feeling must pass a test of time. Cancer won’t be able to spend all December with the family, but there will be a bit of free time for close people yet. To neutralize conflict situations, Cancer needs care, tenderness and attentiveness. Be morally and financially ready for the cardinal changes in your destiny.
Cancer Health

Cancer will feel incredible fatigue In December. No wonder, you have done a great job, and now you should rest. Health Horoscope advises Cancer to undergo a course of massage and take a subscription to the pool. Drink vitamins and do not forget about preventive measures. Pay attention to the knee joints. Do not forget to wear braces.



Leo is the most active and temperamental sign is the zodiacal horoscope. Therefore, in early 2018, he is full of strength and sense of purpose. A Yellow Dog is attracted to such energetic personalities and is glad to help them achieve their goals. January 2018 Horoscope gives Leo inspiration and creative excitement. Many Leo wishes will be successfully implemented. The main thing is not to stay idle, otherwise all your chances will “sail away” to other people. The lion needs to plan his affairs clearly, in order to fulfill them exelently. Initiative will help to make a career and will play an important role in your personal life.
January 2018 Horoscope does not promise Leo poor health and gloomy mood. Everything will turn out great if you carefully listen to your body yourself . Note that the first “bells” can turn into a serious illness. Leo needs to rest properly, observe the diet and sleep enough In January 2018,. By the way, the last one is the most important. If you stay up late, then in the morning you are provided with bags under the eyes, yawning and fatigue. Pay attention to your spine, especially the cervical spine.




Virgo is able to analyze even those situations, which do not deserve it. This ability was given her by planet Mercury, which helps to avoid problems and teaches you to reasonably approach any questions. January 2018 Horoscope promises Virgin a happy time, when it is possible to come to the result in all spheres of life without obstacles. You will find time for everything – work, love and recreation. The main thing is not to be afraid of serious changes and not too cling to the past. In January 2018 Virgin should not lose sight of the little things. After all, the favorable outcome of more important cases depends on them. Horoscope advises Virgo to meet people she has not talked to for a long time. It can be both friendly and love connections. Although, do not try to take advantage of everything, otherwise people will turn away from you.
January 2018 Horoscope promises Virgin excellent mental and physical health. But only if you follow the route of sleeping, resting and nutrition. Otherwise, the organism will fail, and the Virgo will fall ill. In January, you need to strengthen the immune system so that you do not catch cold throughout the winter. By eliminating physical activity and gluttony, you can become brighter and more positive. Horoscope recommends Virgo walking more, especially if she (or he) often drives a car. Rheumatologists, for sure, will support such advice of the stars.




Horoscope January 2018 recommends Libra to be more patient during the difficult moments and take a new course. Do not expect a quick result otherwise you will spoil what you have planned. Yellow Dog will give Libra a few chances of success in business, but you need to grasp them firmly in January. Otherwise, the fortune will go to more persistent and stubborn colleagues. Libra should be balanced emotionally not to lose positive energy and fortitude In January 2018. If some problems from the past remain unresolved, it’s better not to tackle them at the beginning of the month.
Libra will not have to worry about his health in January 2018, but only if you are treated by a doctor, and not by the neighbors, grandmothers and friends. If there are chronic diseases or unclear symptoms, then take a survey and take tests. Horoscope for January 2018 recommends Libra strengthening immunity, drinking vitamins and doing physical exercises. In winter, you should have vegetables, greens and fruits on your table. An excellent option for hardening is Russian sauna, a sauna and a swimming pool. Well, and if Libra is an experienced walrus, then you can dive into an ice-hole. Restrictions are only for those who have problems with the immune system. In this case you must consult a rheumatologist. In the gym, you should train with the instructor. It is better to exclude strict diet.




Horoscope January 2018 advises Scorpio to be more courteous not only with the Yellow Dog, but also with the surrounding people. Note, if you insult or “sting” anybody the grievance will be “bloody”. In extreme cases, listen to the advice of those who are better at business. Suppressing ambition and passion in January 2018, Scorpio can achieve a lot. In early 2018, Scorpio will have changes in all spheres of life, so take them with a proud head. If you exclude adventurous enterprises and risks, then you will become spiritually stronger and overcome all obstacles. The January horoscope recommends Scorpio to think through all the cases carefully, especially if your career and money are at stake.

Horoscope prepared Scorpio original projects that will allow you to realize your plans.
If in January 2018 Scorpio panics for some reason, then you cannot rely on a strong nervous system. Panic attacks, depression and irritability are nevertheless possible. January Horoscope recommends Scorpio to control emotions, to be filled with optimism and go in for sports. Just be careful with physical activity. If there is a desire to correct your figure, then in January you can go in for fitness or Pilates. It is advisable to practice under the strict guidance of an instructor and do warm-up before training. Meditation, yoga and relaxation will help Scorpio to come to norm in the evenings. In January 2018, the horoscope advises to resort to folk methods of treatment more often. But if the doctor has appointed some special procedures, then do not neglect them.



Sagittarius in January 2018 should not be afraid of problems, because Yellow Dog will always help to solve them. The Dog supports cheerful and purposeful persons who do not intend to miss the chance of success. January 2018 Horoscope wishes Sagittarius one thing – patience and perseverance. You will be able to start new projects without fear of failure and competition. In January 2018, Sagittarius will not be bothered even by the frosty weather outside, because his plans will not change at all. Respect of colleagues and the love of relatives will make it possible to realize your plans. Sagittarius is handsome and self-confident that gives a charge of vigor and energy. You can safely engage in singing, drawing and write the epic of your life. Even envious people will not get Sagittarius out of the right track, he will ignore them.
January 2018 Horoscope recommends Sagittarius to be reasonable and not be treated by himself. Only experienced specialists will help you to get rid of diseases. Yellow Dog advises Sagittarius to lead a healthy lifestyle and quit smoking. By the way, if you constantly “wash down” stress with alcohol, you can get into a harsh dependence. January horoscope advises Sagittarius not to be lazy and not to give way to despair for trifles. Everything can be solved, if you make an effort. Sport exercises is the best way to get rid of the ailments and throw out negative energy. Sagittarius can do it at home or in the gym.




January Horoscope promises Capricorn plenty of ​​joy, optimism and bright events in life. Do not deny yourself the pleasures, implement plans and do noble deeds. Capricorn is serious and balanced by nature that will allow him to achieve the desired results. Be cautious not to miss out Fortune in January 2018. So, what must Capricorn do first in January 2018? Of course, focus on problems not solved during the year of the Red Rooster. They are present not only in love, but also in work.
January Horoscope prepared Capricorn unpleasant news about his health. Don’t give way to despair prematurely. All diseases are treated well if you go to the hospital in time. If you are nerveous, then drink a valerian or meditate. Still, it’s better than drinking strong pills, especially without the doctor’s appointment. Capricorn in January 2018 must avoid stress and depression, so this condition can become long lasting. A bath, a swimming pool and meeting friends are wonderful to strengthen the nervous system. Only with those who are really “positive”. Horoscope advises Capricorn to direct energy in a positive way, and not to feel sorry for himself and moping for no reason.




Aquarius is easy-going in grain, so even winter frosty weather will not scare him. He is a cheerful, life-loving and positive sign. January Horoscope promises Aquarius well-being and sincere friendship with the Yellow Dog. In work – success, and in private life – mutual love. The planet Uranus will also help Aquarius in his endeavors. You are waiting for a new job and a decent position. In January 2018, Aquarius expects changes in all spheres of life. You will so quickly rise up the career ladder that competitors will not even dare stop you. The main thing is that Aquarius has a goal, and barriers won’t stop him. In January, you can conclude long-term cooperation and get a good profit. If there is a desire to change a profession nothing will stop you. Some Aquarius will leave abroad for a job, while others will remain at the old workplace.
January Horoscope predicts Aquarius plenty of ​​energy and willpower that will help to realize plans. You do not stay at home for a day, which already indicates the desire to move forward. In order not to injure limbs and the spine, Aquarius needs to be careful on ice. Do not overcool, dress according to the weather and do exercises for your back. In January Aquarius is able to realize that recklessness and big activity can do harm for his health. Before going to bed, you should not navigate the Internet and watch TV. Your folks will help you to get rid of bad thoughts and depression.




The most important thing for Pisces in January 2018 is to establish relations with the Yellow Dog, then you can count on success and prosperity in different spheres of life. Don’t hope to make new friends at once. After all, the patroness of 2018 is sometimes irritable and intractable. Although if the planet Neptune is good to you, the January horoscope won’t be very complicated and gloomy for Pisces. Pisces will have many trials of fate and problems in January 2018. But you can overcome everything if you have patience and wisdom.
If in January 2018, the Pisces will see in mirror their plump figure after the holidays it is necessary to go to the gym urgently. Gentle diet, training apparatus and active sports – that’s what will help you to put yourself in order. Horoscope for January 2018 advises Pisces to develop physical exercises together with the instructor. Try not to be overloaded in the gym, otherwise you will tear your back and pull the ligaments. Pisces should not be afraid of colds and flu, but the vessels and the heart require attention. In any case, only a medical specialist will prescribe an effective treatment to you.


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