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Horoscope February 2018 prepared many pleasant surprises and great news for Aries. The Yellow Dog will not bypass your house and will bring you luck, but you must be more courteous to her. You will have to work harder and show patience and tenderness in personal relationships. Don’t refuse from business trips and new acquaintances with business people to avoid financial crisis.
If Aries thinks about serious relations, then take a closer look at your nearest environment carefully. It is quite possible that in February you will understand who is destined for you.
Good family environment will allow you to forget about the conflicts and storms on the personal front.
Horoscope of health
Stars recommend Aries to rely on
his own intuition. If you feel that the nervous tension is too great, forget about your career plans, allow yourself to relax and rest. Do not go in for sports in February, try to get enough sleep. Rheumatologic patients should pay attention to the spine and hip joints. If you are in remission, do the exercises.




February 2018 will be a time of shower favors for Taurus. The stars promise that you will not have cause for pessimism. Even small difficulties will not spoil the mood. Your great character trait – diligence – will allow you to succeed at work once again. Just observe the measure and don’t forget to rest. It is a little more difficult in the personal front, but irrepressible Taurus will destroy all obstacles. The family will be satisfied with care and generosity, which will be shown by Taurus to all members.
Horoscope of health
Taurus always does not have enough time for his health. But in February you will have to behave more responsibly than usual, otherwise the last winter month will suit you. Be attentive to yourself! Vegetable salads, dried fruit compote and protein food must certainly be on your table. Do not even think about the coca-cola, chips and, especially, alcohol beverages in February.
In any case, do not get cold. Pay attention to the joints of hands and neck. Take care that the inflammatory process does not get out of hand. And, if it does happen, do not hesitate to visit a rheumatologist.




February Horoscope promises Gemini cardinal changes in life. Gemini will have to cope with problems by himself, but some of them will be solved without your participation. In February Gemini needs to be watchful not to “stuff cones” in difficult moments. You can strengthen your financial situation for the entire period if you are responsible for work. February Horoscope prepared Gemini a special program, following which you can make your life brighter and more versatile. The main thing is that Twins should be more confident in themselves, and find hobby for their liking.
Horoscope of health
Excellent health is guaranteed Gemini in February. Even chronic joint diseases will remind you less often. Ordinary cold is possible, so do not contact those who are already sneezing and coughing. Gemini in February need to sleep at least 7 hours, live and work according the regime. The general state of the organism will depend on the positive attitude.




In February 2018, Cancer must be completely immersed in the beautiful atmosphere that surrounds him not only at home, but also at work. Yes, at work you are valued and loved, and a rare misunderstanding does not mean that the atmosphere in the service is not too favorable. Just the opposite! Remember it’s dangerous to joke with fate so do not go against it. Meet people more often and be friendly. Cancer wants to show such tenderness and care to relatives that he will forget about his personal goals and ambitions for a time in February. You just seem to be introverted person in fact Cancer is a wise and reasonable sign.

Horoscope of health
Cancer must take care of his health through the sleeves, otherwise the result will be deplorable. You care too much for others and often forget about yourself. Cancer will feel cheerful and healthy the whole 2018 only providing
careful attention to himself. Consult a rheumatologist regarding your diet and exercises.




Leo expects long-distance trips, meetings with interesting people and career growth In February. The lion needs to stop himself when he wants to make an important decision without regarding for all circumstances. If you hurry, you’ll make a lot of mistakes not only in work, but also in personal life. Leo will have many chances to success and even more persistent. You can even write a book or a musical symphony if you want. Lion’s ebullient energy will certainly find different applications in February. The main thing is not to waste it on nonsense and stupid communication.
Horoscope of health
February Horoscope recommends Lion to stand up urgently against harmful habits and excess weight. If you
put on weight a few pounds this winter they certainly do not suit you. Focus on natural products and you’ll become slimmer, younger and more energetic. Your joints will be grateful for such changes.




Virgo is not only charming, but also internally collected and self-assured. She famously deals with competitors and rivals in her personal life. Nobody can knock Virgo off the right path if she sets the goal. February Horoscope predicts Virgo success, both in professional affairs and love. Be more careful in the love sphere, because there may be a self-interested person nearby. Horoscope recommends to plan the budget carefully and do not invest in unfamiliar projects.
Horoscope of health
Horoscope advises Virgo to be vigilant in the case of health. Sometimes you are too superficial to your health that leads to frequent colds. Honey and raspberries cannot be a panacea for a serious disease. Be sure to consult a doctor if you feel unwell, because the provocation of the immune system can adversely affect your condition. Go to a rheumatologist if you feel the inflammatory process increasing.




Libra will hardly recover after winter cold and snowstorms in February. They feel frozen. Horoscope advises you to get out of the state of hibernation quickly and work hard at work. If you are used to work according to plan, then write a list of cases on a large poster. Then even a small thing will not escape from the stubborn and self-confident Libra. If you want adventures and bright emotions you can find a nice work and get acquainted with interesting people.
Horoscope of health
Stars strongly recommend Libra to follow professional treatment, and not to swallow tablets indiscriminately. Even if you know how to treat a cold, you can make a mistake. In February, Libra is advisable to undergo a preventive examination of a rheumatologist. It’s better to go to the hospital right away if something really bothers you.




February Horoscope advises Scorpio to live and work on a clearly established schedule. Then you can count on success and financial well-being. Scorpio needs proper nutrition and going to bed before midnight. Otherwise, the organism will weaken, and positive energy will be wasted. If Scorpio feels that everything is annoying him and he breaks down on close people, then he need to go to the gym urgently. Emotions are not the best assistant in work and in personal life. While sporting, Scorpio will understand that he has become not only slimmer and stronger in spirit, but also restrained psychologically.

Horoscope of health
If Scorpio feels discomfort in the area of ​​the stomach and intestines, it is better to be examined by a gastroenterologist. And do not forget about the diet. You can normalize the work of these organs by excluding salted, smoked, fried and floury food. The main thing is not to be hypochondriac and do not put diagnoses yourself. Scorpio needs to walk more, perform gymnastics for the joints and follow the measures of flu prevention in February.




February Horoscope does not promise Sagittarius a carefree and easy life. We have to fight for everything we want to get. Of course, active by nature Sagittarius is not used to give up and panic, but will be in extremely confused, complicated situation. Close relatives will help you to overcome difficulties. In the love sphere, Sagittarius is also not all smooth and sweet, as he would like. The main thing for Sagittarius is not to fall into apathy and indifference. Gain strength, patience and inspiration. By the end of the month you will feel that you have solved a lot of problems which seemed insoluble

Horoscope of health
Sagittarius seems unruffled and reinforced, but in fact, he is subject to stress and depression. Horoscope recommends Sagittarius to rise early in the morning, do exercises and wash with cool water. Pay attention to the condition of knee joints. Do exercises and do not delay with a visit to a rheumatologist.




February Horoscope predicts Capricorn good luck in love and success in business. So you can’t doubt yourself, if such an unheard luck has fallen upon you. The main thing is to meet every new day with a smile. If Capricorn is still lonely, then a happy meeting can take place in February. Your eyes will scatter because of dozens fans. Small things is not your variant, so make your choice of a life partner carefully. A salary increase and a big bonus are expected.
Horoscope of health
Stars advise Capricorn to pay special attention to his health. At the end of the winter, you may have problems with joints and kidneys. The main thing is not to cure the disease yourself. Capricorn is afraid of doctors like many others, so
delays the issue of treatment to extremes. Remember that you can take medicines in February only after a correct diagnosis. A trip to the rheumatologist will help to put everything in its place.




Horoscope promises Aquarius a quiet life without problems and unnecessary worries. You do not even have to worry about work or money. Mastering a new profession, Aquarius will be able to discover new talents and make bright colors in everyday life, especially since you are so bored by adventure and fresh impressions. Horoscope recommends him to be more careful with love intrigues. If you cross the line, you yourself will regret it. This is especially true for those who intend to take a person from the family. Lonely Aquarius will have an affair with a colleague in February. You yourself will be the initiator of such relations.
Horoscope of health
knows how to create problems for himself, especially if it concerns health. The slight “sneeze” or a slight runny nose is perceived by him as a real tragedy. But he is vigilant and at the first alarm goes to the hospital. February Horoscope does not recommend Aquarius to be too suspicious, but of course you must be careful about your health.




February stars promise Pisces the cardinal changes in life. If you are ready to change internally, then all the impending events will be just a joy. Pisces must be responsible at work and in personal life. Then you can expect career growth and financial stability. Obstacles are possible in love, but do not despair. The main thing is not to drive the events that are still destined to happen. Take situations as they are, and if necessary go with the flow.

Horoscope of health

In February, the weather is unpredictable: it’s cold, it’s sunny. Pisces, like many, will hurry to take off their hats, boots and warm down jackets. But it is too early to do so. The horoscope does not recommend overcooling and neglecting preventive measures. Otherwise, the cold will overcome you at the beginning of the month. If you feel the disease the best solution is to go to a rheumatologist.


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