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Aries will prepare for the New Year holidays in December. You will be absorbed in home hassle, but it will bring only joy and pleasure. You should sum up the past doings and establish unsteady relations with your loved one. Aries will think with whom and where to celebrate the holidays. In the fuss do not forget about what should be done next year. Aries will have to work in the “avar” mode, so you need to focus and calm down. Are you tired of small things? But you cannot neglect them in December. If Aries are too fussy, it is unlikely to come to a good result. In love, too, try to be softer and attentive, so that the chosen one should not be disappointed in you. You should give up bad habits in December not to ruin your health.
Aries Health
Aries’ health will be good if he himself will monitor his conditions thoroughly. On the eve of the holidays, you will often have corporate parties at work. The health horoscope advises Aries not to overeat and to be careful with alcohol. Minimize spicy, salty and fatty food. Otherwise, in December Aries will complain of pain in the stomach.




Finances will be the only one serious difficulty for Taurus in December. You won’t have enough money for everything – family, household chores and rest. But, by mid-December, the situation promises to stabilize. Taurus will find additional earnings or get good interest for teamwork in a business project. By the way, relatives and friends will help Taurus to solve financial problems. December horoscope promises Taurus success on the love front. You will conquer the person whom you like for a long time at a glance. Do not miss your love, otherwise you will regret your indecision in December. Taurus will often spend time with family and children, which will strengthen relations with the spouse.
Taurus Health
If Taurus observes the measure in everything, nothing will undermine his health. Sit at the computer less, move and walk more. Horoscope of health advises Taurus to go to the forest, where you can breathe needles and enjoy the charm of winter nature. Include fruit and vegetable juices, eggs and chicken liver in your menu.




If the Twins miss the bright events, then, fate will reward them with a busy life in December. Your state of mind won’t be good, so do not forget to rest and relax. Gemini will have plenty of work, but do not aspire to all and to be in time everywhere. Try not to speak about your achievements in personal life with everybody. There will be a lot of envious people around Gemini, so it’s worth keeping your own counsel. December is the time when you should surround yourself with the closest people. Communicating with them, the Gemini will feel comfortable and relaxed. Personal life will depend entirely on your active position. If in December the Gemini fall in love, then, most likely, these relations will grow into a marriage union.
Health of Gemini
Take care of your nerves! This peculiar slogan must constantly appear in the consciousness of Gemini. Rest, detach from problems and communicate with those who you really enjoy. Horoscope of health advises Gemini to be outdoors more often. Do not be afraid of cold weather, but dress warmer. Otherwise, colds cannot be avoided, and this can damage immunity. Do not forget to visit a rheumatologist at the appointed time.




If Cancer wants to remember December, as a time of bright changes and productive work, he should not be lazy, but work hard. Bosses will encourage Cancer for conscientious attitude to their duties. It is possible that many decide to move to another field of activity in December. But, if you are a creative person, do not give up your original ideas. By the way, you can meet your loved one. Do not wait for an instant explanation in love, because the real feeling must pass a test of time. Cancer won’t be able to spend all December with the family, but there will be a bit of free time for close people yet. To neutralize conflict situations, Cancer needs care, tenderness and attentiveness. Be morally and financially ready for the cardinal changes in your destiny.
Cancer Health

Cancer will feel incredible fatigue In December. No wonder, you have done a great job, and now you should rest. Health Horoscope advises Cancer to undergo a course of massage and take a subscription to the pool. Drink vitamins and do not forget about preventive measures. Pay attention to the knee joints. Do not forget to wear braces.



The Lion in December will hardly keep away emotions, impulsive decisions and insane energy. In this regard, there will be many difficulties in your life. Learn to be more reserved, and you won’t make rush steps in life. Leo will be a leader not only in work, but also in his personal life. Some situations in December will persistently drag you to the past. Do not give in to provocation! Only so, you will succeed in the financial field and have good luck in love. By the way, you must not worry about your material situation. The lion will receive dividends for former work, so you will not have to “squeeze” hard in money. December will be a time of unpredictable events for you. There will be some misunderstandings in your personal life. But, much will happen in December through the fault of the proud Leo. Health will be strong if you do not forget about preventive measures.
Leo’s Health
Leo must be extremely cautious while driving a car in December. Big fines are possible. The woman-Lion needs to be examined urgently by the doctor. Especially if you plan to have a baby next year. Horoscope of health for December recommends Leo not to fall ill, and at the first symptoms go to hospital. So you can control the ailment, and the rheumatologist will provide you with qualified help.




Virgo is a balanced person by nature, therefore, rarely becomes the initiator of the conflict. Your bosses will listen to your innovations, which promise reward and praise. Virgin will hardly receive a new post in December, but will be able to master another profession. The financial situation will be complex, but by the middle of the month it will normalize. Thanks to the natural persistence and ability to negotiate competently, the Virgin will receive an impressive profit from business projects. Horoscope for December does not advise Virgo to get into situations that lead to nervous troubles. Pull yourself together, and do not try to prove your opinion to everyone. The end of December will be a time of pleasant surprises for the Virgin. On the eve of the holiday, you will leave all the problems behind and look at everything optimistically.
Health of the Virgin
If Virgo does not ignore the diet, good sleep and morning exercises in December, her health will be like that of an astronaut. In another case, you will often have to run around the doctors and complain about fatigue. Horoscope of health advises Virgo to give up bad habits.




Libra should radically reconsider his outlook on life and his inner world. If you are honest and sincere in your relations with others, then no conflicts will arise. Look closely at people who do not trust you. They can gossip about Libra and bring confusion to the working atmosphere. Lying and betraying will not pass you by. Horoscope for December recommends Libra not to make mistakes in your personal life. Otherwise, a loved one will turn away from you or go away forever. Weigh every word of yours and think over the steps for the future. A person who will help in difficult times will play an important role in the fate of Libra.
Health Weights
Libra can be happy – in December he will have good New Year spirit and good health. But, all the same it is necessary to pay attention to chronic diseases. Especially if they refer to the cardiovascular system and joints. Horoscope of health recommends to consult a rheumatologist more often. Try not to break the diet, do not overload the body and have good rest. And you need to be less nervous.




If Scorpio did an excellent job last month, then, in December he will rest on his laurels. You have been dreaming about such fine prospect for a long, haven’t you? But, it’s not worth to be absolutely lazy, otherwise there will be shortcomings in your life, debts and unsolved problems. December is suitable for noble deeds, romantic meetings and establishing business contacts. Scorpio will decide to create a family in the long run, moved to it by a loved one. Long trips, plenty of news and business planning for the next month are expected. Horoscope for December promises Scorpio a favorable financial situation. Sign important documents carefully, because your further career depends on this. Scorpio will feel strong physically and spiritually in late December.
Scorpio Health
Scorpio in December should abandon bad habits and aim at a healthy lifestyle. To avoid depression, avoid nervous overload and be positive. Scorpio Horoscope of health for December does not advise to break the sleep and work. However, this period is quite traumatic for Scorpio.



As they say, ” every day is not Sunday”. So in December, Sagittarius will feel like a cat who was not given the opportunity to eat, relax and lie in the sun. Well, do not be depressed. You will live in December under the motto: “Work hard and do not be lazy”. Sagittarius will be rewarded with relief and unusual joy of success. The December horoscope predicts Sagittarius bright events that will dramatically turn the page of life. Many of them will happen in private life, while others will affect the scope of work and business. In the financial sphere, on the contrary, profit, stability and a profitable offer are expected. Sagittarius is sure to find a “golden mean” and not lose his chance.
The Health of Sagittarius
Sagittarius will be on the verge of a nervous breakdown in December, if he forgets about the rest and constantly thinks about the problems. Try not to load yourself with gloomy thoughts, but to think about upcoming holidays. Horoscope of Health recommends Sagittarius strengthening immunity. Otherwise, colds and infections will “stick” to you all month. Eat nourishing food and go in for sports. In December, Sagittarius should temper the body and swim in the pool.




Everyone dreams of prosperity, success and love. But, Capricorn in December wants to have all this immediately and unconditionally. You will achieve excellent results in work and arrange the right people for yourself. But Capricorn will need not only wisdom, but also a bit of cunning. You must carefully work on yourself to come to the harmony of the soul. Many problems will recede to the background if you learn to analyze situations and not yield to emotional outbursts. Capricorn can take a little risk, if the moment demands it. Things will be stable with the money in December. Of course, Capricorn does not want to be satisfied with small, but he can earn a lot of trouble in pursuit of profit. It is possible that your appearance and wardrobe requires an urgent reform. Capricorn will go on a long journey, where he will get acquainted with interesting personalities.
Health of Capricorn
In December Capricorn should remember a simple fact: “Health cannot be bought for the money.” So, direct all your energy to improve your well-being. The nervous system will be on the verge of exhaustion, so the health horoscope recommends Capricorn resting and not worrying about trifles. It is advisable to run in the morning, observe a diet and sleep more. At the first symptoms of the disease, in December Capricorn should seek qualified help from a rheumatologist.




Aquarius disgusts everything that invades his personal space. You will especially appreciate freedom and strive for an independent way of life. On the part of colleagues and management, there will always be criticism addressed to you. In business, you will be successful if you plan everything in advance. Do not just work and finance, otherwise you will lose the favor of your loved ones. Business contacts with foreign partners will lead Aquarius to success. Complete past deeds, and then grab something radically new. In his family, Aquarius will show himself as an economic and caring husband. Look at yourself from the outside to give up bad habits and negative aspects of the character. A stable financial position will inspire you to have a rest, a trip and purchase things for the house.
Health Aquarius
Aquarius should be careful when driving a car. Emergency situations on the road increase, which result in injuries and bruises. It is advisable not to abuse alcohol and keep to a diet. Horoscope of health recommends Aquarius to take care of his health. Have a routine examination by a rheumatologist, this will help prevent the disease.




For Pisces, as well as for many others, it will be difficult to tune in to active work in December. But, if you don’t you’ll miss a lot of great opportunities. First, you will not be able to strengthen your position in business. Second, you won’t get the desired financial profit. Third, you will not be able to systematically approach the coming working tasks. On the eve of the holiday, you won’t be eager to go into problems. Although, many of them will torment you, and drag to the past. Horoscope for December predicts Pisces a beautiful romantic story, which will be remembered for life. It is possible that you will meet a person whose image you often saw in your dreams. But, do not rush to conclusions.
Health Pisces
Health horoscope for December advises Pisces not to forget about his health, and to consult a doctor in the case of illness. Self-medication won’t give positive results, but will only add problems and complications to Pisces. Pay special attention to the joints and the heart. In December, you need to take care of the immune system, take a walk before going to bed and do morning exercises.


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