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In August 2017, representatives of all signs of the zodiac should control their emotions totally. The astrological events of this period have a significant, fateful character and require more than usual concentration. It is in August that a significant celestial phenomenon will take place – the corridor of eclipses – time for changing destiny. This event will begin on August 7 at 21:00 Moscow time (the moon eclipse) and end on August 21 at 21:26 GMT (the total solar eclipse). The eclipse of the Sun can be seen only in some states of America, but its influence will be felt by all inhabitants of the Earth.



August of 2017 will be a month of doubts for Aries. You will want to relax, and the work will require efforts. Try to find a compromise between your duties and desires. Do not start new projects in the first half of the month. Intuition can fail and you will make the wrong decision. The reason is in the moon eclipse. And be careful with technics in the second half of August.
Solar eclipse
will not work the best way in all spheres of life, including business. The stars recommend not to take the initiative on August 21-st, spend this day as calmly as possible. Perhaps it’s worth taking a day off or a vacation. On this day, all your plans, thoughts, suggestions can be distorted and misunderstood.
On a personal level, it is better to pay attention to the family atmosphere and the relationship with your dearest and nearest ones. Be more tactful with them. Do not impose your will on them. And forgive, if they have made a mistake.

To have a rest, to fall in love, to relax – this is the best for you in August. August is a bright, memorable period for Aries. There will be a lot of vitality and you must just decide how to use it.
In terms of health August horoscope advises Aries to take care of the heart. Remember that for the cardiovascular system swimming and walking out of doors are useful. Rheumatologic patient should pay attention to the knees and hip joints. Do not reduce the doses of NSAIDs and basic meds, even if it seems to you that you can do without them. If you smoke, August 7 and 21 are fine days to get rid of this bad habit or at least reduce the number of cigarettes. Smoke the last cigarette, say “farewell” to your habit, have a contrast shower and go to bed.




In August, the stars tell Taurus to take a break in business for a while. Such important astrological events as the moon and solar eclipses will have a big impact on the Taurus. If possible, take a vacation. Or live in August as calmly as possible, trying to go through this month without decisive changes. Let you support the idea that emotional restraint and correctness with colleagues will strengthen your authority. This is a suitable period for routine tasks.
Be more careful in financial matters. Do not borrow money and do not lend money.
In August, criticize your beloved ones less, spend more time with them, try to support them in all endeavors. You will be able to solve some family karmic problems this month. Taurus will understand that “
My home is my castle” and will do everything to make it really unassailable for grief and misery.
In the period of eclipses, alcohol consumption is prohibited. Also it is necessary to refuse dishes that can cause allergies. In August, the Taurus should be careful on the road and in the water. If your problem is rheumatology, try not to overcool. Stay away from splits and air conditioners. Sometimes it’s better to just endure the heat.




In August, the horoscope recommends Gemini be more vigilant in the service, do not allow conflicts to expand. Do not let emotion take over the mind. Remember that no one regrets the silence, but the words are often desirable to take back.
Try not to make important decisions, especially in the first half of August, when the probability of making a mistake in financial documents increases. Be more careful about tempting offers in August 21, the day of the solar eclipse, do not agree to participate in long-term projects, do not buy cars and real estate.
If you restrain your character, this month can become a bright and interesting period when there will be chances to show your best. This is equally true for work and for love. A period of trials in the love sphere will come for many Gemini. However, you have the opportunity to pass it without breaking the firewood. Try to cope with mood swings and help your family to do the same. And if the harsh words did sound, do not take them to heart. During this period you are unlikely to be fair, so avoid criticism.

If there is no special need to visit the hospital, you should not do this. Computer diagnostics, medical examinations and analyzes with the use of various techniques can fail without revealing the cause of the disease or, conversely, distort the results, “discovering” the disease where it does not exist. In August, the stars advise Gemini to exercise, cleanse the body. This is a wonderful month for introducing the daily diet with more fruit and vegetables. Rheumatologic patients should be cautious about physical activity. Do not overdo with alcohol and fatty foods.




The star horoscope predicts Cancers that August 2017 will be a wonderful period for rest and accumulation of strength for them. But this month is not good for active actions, manifestations of initiative and leadership qualities. On the contrary, spend it in tranquility.
If the working and financial issues still require a quick solution, think over each step. After all, the probability of errors increases in August. But even if all your precautions fail, take it philosophically. Very soon, “star weather” will improve.
Be vigilant on the road, do not fumble. Especially it concerns the days close to solar eclipse, that is from 18 to 24 of August.
Do not quarrel with your beloved ones. Even a slight squabble may cause serious family problems in the future. Moon and solar eclipses affect the psychological state negatively. Therefore, advise less, do not disturb your relatives with morals and do not interfere in scandals.
The stars recommend Cancers to take care of the nervous and cardiovascular systems in August. Exclude fatty and sweet food, replacing it with fruit, vegetables, porridges. Give up alcohol, in a hot summer month this is too much. Remember that periods of eclipses are a good opportunity to say goodbye to bad habits. Try to stop smoking. If you have painful joints, consult your doctor. Perhaps this is the beginning of the inflammatory process, and you should stop it immediately. It is most important to be in good mood – then, everything will be fine for you
regardless of the stars location.




For Lions August 2017 will be simultaneously difficult and interesting. The direction of your destiny changes depends only on your own efforts for a rather long time. Therefore, try to show all your best qualities at this time. Stars advise the Lions to rest a little from everyday affairs, but it is unlikely that they can simply lie on the couch. And since you still will not manage to get away from work, do it as good as you can. What seems insignificant today, tomorrow will determine your life. Be vigilant and try to outdo yourself in everything. Remember what an important role your actions can play in the future.
In his personal life, Leo needs to show himself as a gentle and caring partner, and not as a generalissimo, whose orders cannot be discussed. The times of eclipses are not easy for everyone, so the Lions need to be strong, and if necessary, give a helping hand to their loved ones.
Try to see the positive in everything, smile more.
In terms of health, be especially attentive to yourself on days close to a solar eclipse – on August 21. The period of its impact is from the 18th to the 24th. During this period, do not overload yourself with work, do not experiment with new food and drinks. Drive very carefully. Listen to the work of the heart, are you careful enough about your health? Protect joints, especially the ankles. But, despite all these warnings, be sure of yourself. You have very powerful heavenly patrons, and no eclipses can change your happy life line. And if you do not blunder yourself and are be a bit more cautious this month, your destiny will not be overshadowed even for short periods.




In August 2017, many Virgos might think that they had a bad luck. Even if it is so, the band will be very short. Do not enter any conflict situations at work, be more careful in your statements, do not criticize colleagues. Try not to show social activity. It is better to spend this time on vacation, away from stressful factors. But if you have to work in August, the best advice is not to strain.
By the way, the star horoscope in August offers Virgo a very interesting opportunity. If during this period you begin to learn something, then in the future it can bring you much joy and even become a source of income. Work at improving your English, and, you will see, it will come in handy. Or start painting. You will not become Rembrandt (and there how to know), but you will find a new hobby that in future will help cope with any troubles – not only emotional, but also financial. The time of eclipses is the time of opportunity.
In this period it is useful to get rid of debts. It is not recommended to take loans, it will be difficult to pay them off.
In August, the Virgin will feel that the eclipses of the Moon and the Sun have negatively reflected on the emotional state of all family members. Stars advise to provide a relaxed atmosphere in the family. Do everything you can to ensure that your home has become an island of security and happiness, where they will always listen, support and help you.
Horoscope recommends to be more careful while driving a car.
The stomach and intestines will require special attention. Do not overload yourself with heavy food, perhaps the best way is a vegetarian diet. And if you are not a fan of vegetarianism, at least reduce portions. Take care of your nervous and cardiovascular systems. Stars advise to take care of the prevention of varicose veins trouble. You may be worried about shoulder joints and knees. Avoid great physical exertion during a period of exacerbation, but start exercising again when the painful syndrome subsides.




August 2017 will be a great time for Libra. You know how to rest and relax, and this month is most suitable for such purposes. However, remember that you need to rest gently. Especially if you rest at the seaside or riverside. In these cases, the stars strongly recommend you to be cautious and vigilant.
If you still have planned your vacation for some other time and in August you will have to work, you should take into account that there may be a mess in business. Analyze thoroughly even the most intricate problems. If they do not seem important to you, still pull yourself together and do your best to put two and two together. Perhaps, in a short while they will become fatal for you. Your future will largely depend on how you are solving these issues now.
Do not forget about the eclipses factor in August. Keep in mind that there may be some tension in the relationship. Be calmer, so that your emotional outbursts do not affect relations with relatives and friends. Try not to pay attention to small things. After all, it is easy to inflict an emotional outburst in an emotional impulse, and then it is much more difficult to restore relations.
In the last summer weeks, health is above everything. You can find unreasonable fatigue and depression. Because of this you can feel unwell. But if you can overcome depression, you will see that you do not have big health problems. Eat plenty of fresh food, fruit and vegetables.
August is precisely for this. Pay attention to your physical form, do exercises. According to your horoscope for August 2017, it is not necessary to agree to surgery this month, except urgent situations. Swelling of the knee and ankle joints may indicate an inflammatory process. If you notice these symptoms, go to the doctor. The sooner you start treatment, the better.




For the Scorpions, August 2017 is a pretty quiet month. Both in the family and at work you will have peace if you do not spoil your position. And to continue the period of stability, do not participate in clarifying relations and conflicts. Everything will be settled without you.
For the Scorpions, the most suitable time has come for boring and tedious work in the field of finance, which one does not want to do, but it is necessary. Until the end of August, delay with large purchases, for example, real estate or a car. In general, it is better not to take any important decisions during this period.

For Scorpios family and close people will be in the first place in August. You will try to make up for all the time that you have missed, doing only business. There is no doubt that your dearest and nearest have missed you. Pay attention to each member of the family, help in business or even by advice, because you are very good at it. Some of your relatives may be depressed during this period, and you are the person who can help overcome it. Tell your family more often how you love them. Your attention will be enough for a long time, even if next month you again decide to plunge into work.
To maintain health in August, give up alcohol completely , at least until the middle of the month. Also avoid a lot of meat and convenience foods. This rule will help to better cope with the processes occurring in the body under the influence of the moon.
In the second half of August, such an influence will fade away, but remember that proper nutrition and activity have not harmed anyone yet. Do not return to heavy food immediately. Pay attention to the condition of the spine, do gymnastics and follow the recommendations of a rheumatologist.




August 2017 for Sagittarius will be a very good month, if you dedicate it to training. Take up any area that you want to know more about. Get new skills. Learn foreign languages ​​and programming languages, try to master ballroom dances or cuisines of the world., Everything will do you good in August and it is possible in future these hobbies can become your main occupation, which will bring worthy funds.
In business, this period is better for waiting and looking around. Do not take serious and far-reaching decisions. If possible, refuse to sign major contracts. Postpone purchases.
The energy flows from the eclipses of the Moon and the Sun will create a complex emotional background in August 2017. Depressive thoughts will annoy not only Sagittarius. Stars warn of great emotional instability. Encourage your loved ones saying that all this will be over, as soon as the luminaries enter a calm phase. Embrace with your beloved. It is as a soothing means. Sagittarius should postpone experiments with his health In August. If you have been longing to take to some special diet or start visiting a guru who promises to open the third eye quickly, do not be in a hurry to put these plans int6o life. Set them aside, a realistic view of the world will come back to you soon.
Be careful with digestion. Try to do without extreme diets, and refuse alcohol and fatty food. After all, the Moon, weakened by an eclipse, is responsible for the processes of digestion. Moderation and self-control guarantee absence of problems. In no case do not change the treatment of chronic diseases, unless your doctor advises you to do so. Pay attention to the hands. If you feel an ache, make an appointment with a rheumatologist. All negative processes should be stopped immediately.




For Capricorns, August 2017 will be one of the most successful months of the year. Anxiety and problems will step back, a calm and pleasant period awaits us. If possible go on vacation. And if not, be sure that this time will still give you pleasant surprises.
It is possible that in the middle of the month Capricorns will face lack of understanding of what is happening, plunge into vanity. The best solution is to step aside and let the universe settle your affairs. It will be good for you.
On the days close to August 21, when there is a total solar eclipse, reduce activity. Try not to sign any contracts, do not make major acquisitions.
Listen attentively to your emotional state. If you want to quarrel, think about it. Do you really need this? In August, you will not have any real reason for quarreling with loved ones. Only your own incontinence can provoke discord. Alcohol is completely unacceptable for Capricorn in August. Eliminate fatty, stale food, offal, especially meat. In the periods of eclipses, any flaws in nutrition can trigger a disease of the gastrointestinal tract. However, at any time
excesses only hamper Capricorn. Most likely, you will not have joint pains in the last month of the summer. But this is the best time to think about how to survive the coming autumn properly. Perhaps, right now you should plan meeting the doctor.




For Aquarius August 2017 will be one of the most intense and unpredictable months this year. The stars warn that your enterprising character should be restrained this month. Do not start new projects, it’s better to finish the started business calmly. If you are exhausted at work, do not rush to change something. Wait, when the luminaries calm down, and there will be more favorable time for changes for you.
The Moon and the Sun eclipses will make a significant impact on Aquarius personal life. A lot of Aquarius will experience changes in this area. Moreover, it cannot be asserted that they will be negative. It is possible that some Aquarius will have to get rid of the long-drawn-out relationships. Returning to you freedom will show how beautiful the world is, and the future has a lot of new adventures in store for you. And someone will have a chance to look at his private life from aside and to correct something. A prudent approach to destined surprises will help to understand the relationship with the opposite sex.
In August Stars recommend Aquarius to pay attention to their psychological state, for the prevention of nervous breakdowns they ought to control their actions. Meditate, breathe deeply, go for a walk. In general, use all the techniques that you only know to keep calm and prevent breakdowns. If you feel a general weakness, a pain in your body, think whether this is an exacerbation of chronic diseases. Go to the rheumatologist and take the necessary tests.




In August 2017 the stars advise Pisces to live by the principle “Who is dissatisfied with the small, the great is not given”. Do not interfere in the events too actively, let things go by themselves. You’ll see – things will work out well without you. And you are encouraged to have fun and relaxation. Pisces are very responsible, they rarely relax and are used to do everything “perfectly”. But listen to your horoscope and, finally, relax.
A total solar eclipse on the 21st day will affect the state of health and actions of Pisces. Health and career may be under the impact, but if you treat everything that is happening around you, with philosophical tolerance, there will be no destructive consequences in August.
Married couples, where there is a representative of the Pisces zodiac sign, can survive conflicts, quarrels, misunderstandings. Extra self-criticism in August 2017 is not good. Claiming your half is also not worth it, because now emotions are ruled not by reason, but by eclipses.
In August, Pisces can disturb the ileosacral (sacroiliac) joints. This problem should not be solved on your own, refer to a competent rheumatologist. Taking into account the astrological trends in the Pisces horoscope for August 2017, it will be necessary to postpone surgical interventions and deep cosmetic procedures until more quiet times. Emergency operations should be conducted with caution.


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