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Horoscope for 2019. The year of the Boar (Pig)

2019 is the year of the Earth or Yellow Boar, which completes the twelve-year cycle of the Eastern calendar. On February 5, the peace-loving hog silently climbs the throne and replaces the cheerful Dog. This year will be the most favorable for summing up and getting rid of different odds. The Boar is very clever and reasonable and has a chivalrous character. Good Yellow Hog will bring a lot of good.  The year of the Boar is represented by female energy, so this will be a year of family and domestic chores.  In the year of the Dog, we fell in love, played romance and hovered in the clouds, so during the reign of the Yellow Earth Boar, we will have to move to action. Consequently, the year will be good for getting married and for starting new relationship. A lot of young families will appear, and those who were about to marry last year will think about offspring. Storks this year will be more active than ever, bringing more boys than girls, so you should buy blue ribbons and choose male names.  This year will be favorable for moving to another home, for building houses and buying a real estate. Boar will require everything to approach thoroughly and without haste. Boar does not tolerate running with obstacles and unnecessary fuss. But if you have thought over everything well and made a decision, then you can safely go forward without fear of obstacles. Do not rush to loans in 2019, treat the case with due diligence and caution, having properly evaluated your financial capabilities.  Earth Boar will contribute to the development of business and creative endeavors. But you should think twice before acting!  The sociable character of Boar will give you new friends, interesting trips and new projects in 2019. The friendship that starts this year promises to be lasting, since it will be based on sincerity, understanding and openness. At the same time, those who try to use personal relationships for personal gain will be disappointed. Earth Boar will not let anyone behave “like a pig.” Unfair actions in one sphere will be revealed, attempts to outwit anyone will lead to great losses in other spheres.  The Earth Boar never regrets the taken decisions, so you should expect that what was done in 2019 will provide a solid basis for further steps in any field. Yellow Boar can bring a big winning, jackpot or a sudden legacy. If you are preparing a big deal or have long dreamed of buying a lottery ticket, the time has come! This year may be the most successful financially for the “water” zodiac signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Other favorites of fate will also be: Taurus, Leo, Aquarios. In practice, it will look like the fulfillment of all desires, including the cherished ones. In 2019, for the above mentioned signs any victory can be won. But you should not relax, because fortune loves strong and persistent people.  Those who hope to wind somebody round his little finger will lose. The Boar will certainly find a trick in a dishonest deal.  Peacefulness and the inner stamina of the Earth Boar promise a generally calm year without strong emotional turmoil. The Boar has tremendous sense, so in 2019 we must also listen to our intuition, plan our deals, formulate great goals and take care of the resources to achieve them.  We wish you success in the New 2019 – The Year of the Boar!