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Gift astrology in rheumatology

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Probably, no one doubts that the temperament, character and many psychological characteristics of a person depend on the date of his birth. It has long been due to the influence of the constellation under which a person was born. To choose the best gift for the sign of the zodiac, one should understand the essence of this sign, his main life credo. So let’s define this question.


aries The motto of Aries is: “I am, I act!”.  Aries is a stubborn individualist and pioneer. What is the best present for him? All that will distinguish him among others, that is, something that no one has, something unique. The gift must be unique and functional, since Aries is an active sign. Items of clothing should be bright and distinguish Aries in the crowd. He loves all sorts of technological innovations, ranging from audio player to home appliances. True, in this case, the gift must match the age of the person. Well-designed set of tools would be a great gift, because hammering in a nail or replacing a valve in the bathroom is a usual thing for him. If you still doubt what to give, then ask straight, and an honest Aries will lay out all his wishes.  Aries do not like: souvenirs, ceramic trinkets, soft toys.


taurus “I have” is the credo of Taurus. People of this sign value possession most, but not necessarily material values, although they like them too. The gift of Taurus must not be obligatorily expensivealthough it matters. Taurus is the most grateful “recipient” of gifts, he won’t lose them, as Aries can. Taurus likes gifts originally packed in velvet, silk, rice paper, feathers, fancy cases and caskets, lush bouquets, perfumes, an album of ancient painting, solid watches, porcelain service, crystal … The diary, organizer, desk set will suit your colleague-Taurus very well. A pillow,  blanket, slippers, good bedding, a rocking chair, fireplace, coffee table will be good for loved ones. Country outdoor furniture, chaise longue, sun umbrella, hammock, swing are good for friends. Gifts-draws, gifts-adventure are not suitable for Taurus absolutely.  


gemini The motto of this sign is: “I think.” The refined Gemini loves humor. Give him something funny, witty! High-tech items, such as flash drives, cameras, PDAs and other gadgets will be good gifts. Prestigious (brand) things – pens, desk sets, watches are also good. High-quality stationery will suit both relatives and colleagues as well as intellectual board games (backgammon, chess, deck of cards), books, CD and geographical maps. Unusual, exotic and rare flowers will impress them. Bijouterie must be bright and iridescent. Gemini will appreciate even a beautiful pillow and relaxing teasGemini likes surprise gifts and gifts, consisting of several parts. And he dislikes long speeches and congratulations greatly.   


crab Emotions are very important for Cancer. The motto of Cancer is: “I feel.” Cancer is a big homesitter, he loves comfort, so he will be delighted with antique jewelry and collectible items. Cancer loves old books, postcards, paintings, prints, charms and talismans. Knitted, wicker napkins and tablecloths, bedspreads and blankets will be accepted with gratitude. Also a great gift will be a little chest for family treasures, money, documents. Piggy Bank – a symbol of this year – will be the perfect gift!  Wicker and rattan furniture is suitable for economical Cancer. Inattention to his person may grieve Cancer.   


leo “I wish / I rule” – that is the motto of the royal Leo! People of this sign value status gifts above all, that are expensive and stylish things, claiming the rank of the owner, gold, precious stones. Stylization of aristocratic things will be perceived with enthusiasm! Lion is a sun sign, so he loves everything yellow and orange. Pillows and blankets, hammocks, folding chairs, as well as things for friendly parties such as brazier, fontoon, bar, tickets to the circus or to the cinema for the entire company will be greatly appreciated. Accessories for travel, a suitcase on wheels or a case, expensive perfume, fashionable shawl, genuine leather gloves or a nice leather belt will be appreciated. Lions adore solemn speeches and original ways of presenting gifts.   


virgo The motto of Virgin is: “I analyze.” Virgo is one of the most complex signs of the zodiac, including three completely different types of character: from calm and shy to hard, cynical and even quarrelsome. But the common feature of all Virgins is practicalityBeen aware of money value, Virgo loves gifts that bring maximum benefit. Virgo will always be happy to get hand-held juicer, vacuum cleaner, food processor. Virgo will love the multi-level clothes hanger! She will appreciate a warm blanket, linen made of natural fabric, a bag, a purse, a backpack, a travel case, a set of boxes, a box for needlework, a box with special compartments for tools. If you donate money, she knows exactly how to spend it on! Houseplants with medicinal properties (aloe, kalanchoe, geranium) will please Virgin either too. If a lot of flowers are donated a special floor stand is good, if there are many plants. Virgo will be offended by a cheap, humble present under the slogan: “The main thing is attention to others!”    


libra Libra is a sign of balance. This is a sophisticated person, who has got an inclination for artsPresent Libra with beautiful things! This esthete will highly appreciate paintings, stylish interior items, old sets, branded perfumes. Libra loves to get cognac, whiskey, good wine, elite tea and coffee. Luxurious cosmetics for the shower, bath pillow, ionizer or humidifier, air conditioner or a fan will also be good. Libra will gratefully receive a fluffy naturally colored blanket. A graceful handbag, gloves, scarf-stole are good for women. A tie-pin, an original money clip, an umbrella are good for men. Engravings, prints, posters with black and white photographs are good for the office and for studiesLibra appreciates the fact of the gift, he likes to receive gifts for no reason and in unusual forms! Libra does not like being asked the question: “What gift do you prefer?” and hates cheap trinkets.     


scorpion Scorpio is the most mystical sign of the Zodiac. He has a contradictory character. It is very difficult to please him, so you need to inquire in advance about his interests and hobbies. Scorpio will be pleased if you find a way to present a gift in an unusual way. Scorpio’s strong sexual energy and his aggression give a reason to present him weapons and erotic toys. Scorpios are fond of extreme sports: parachuting, diving, slalom, mountaineering and caving, or alpine skiing. Therefore, Scorpio will gladly accept certificates and accessories that are associated with their favorite entertainment. Houseplants are also good – predators, such as a room sundew. You can give him the figurine of scorpion and pendant with this sign of the zodiac. The certificate for Tattoo Salon, black silk bedding, candles of unusual shape will also please Scorpio. Copies are fond of historical weapons, souvenir swords … He will like the Beaujolais very much, but beware of imitations, since Scorpio knows a lot about good wines! Erotic gifts such as massage cream, body paint, Kamasutra-book will not confuse Scorpio… Remember that Scorpios do not like gifts without packaging!   


sagittarius The motto of is “I strive!” Roads, wanderings and travels are the gift themes for Sagittarius. Sagittarius will enjoy getting a subscription to the gym, pool or massage parlor. Sports accessories, for example, a home treadmill, dumbbells, a barbell, bathroom scales will always delight Sagittarius. Any humors gifts will delight him. Adventure gifts, such as a blindfolded walk on an unfamiliar wild beach, a walk on the roof, a piloting lesson with an instructor on a small plane are very good… You can donate a new computer or phone. Weapons, daggers, knives, sabers, crossbow, revolver and even a slingshot will delight him. Good dishes, especially wine glasses, glasses, beer mugs, tea sets …. Sagittarius hates useless gifts and is fond of public greetings and postcards with poems in his honor!   


aries2 Practical Capricorn is guided by the slogan: “I use!”  He is fond of everything sound and durable. But, at the same time, secretive Capricorn likes everything mysterious and mystical: esoteric things, ancient symbolism, etc. Since Capricorns do not want to change anything in their lives, they often have one hobby forever. And this is a great reason to please your Capricorn, giving him a fluffy blanket, warm home slippers, a soft scarf and mittens. A ticket to the theater, a philharmonic, a concert, original glass and leather products, money, gift certificates will delight this wonderful pragmatist! Vintage, rare jewelry, a ring, a necklace, and a bracelet will work well for a female CapricornMale Capricorns prefer a signet ring with any original sign, gifts that symbolize financial well-being and “things that bring money”. All Capricorns like beautifully packaged gifts with monograms. They cannot stand soft toys and kitchen utensils as a gift!     


aquarius “I know” is the motto of amazingly clever and inventive Aquarius. Aquarius is very sociable as a rule and his interests are very diverse. Give him something new, high-tech that fascinates imagination, and then your gift will serve as the beginning of his next hobby! Good computers, photo-cameras, home appliances for cooking: a mixer, blender, toaster, microwave, steamer … Bag, briefcase, purse, beautician, wallet with a lot of zipper and button compartments – these are things for Aquarius! For female Aquarius suitable casket for sewing, cosmetics, jewelry and small things are very good. For mail Aquarius box for tools, camera, mobile phone, lighter, a  flask, folding knife, compact flashlight are good. Aquarius do not like to be asked “What can I present you?” They will prefer gifts with a “prelude”: searching for a gift with the help of a scrapbook or a map, or gifts in a complex package!   


pisces A mystical introverted Fish is fond of cinema, music, reading – everything that allows him to enjoy solitude in this world. “I believe” is Pisces’ motto. People with this sign are always intuitively religious, even if they don’t go to church. Give them talismans, incense sticks, warm clothes or blankets. An aquarium, fountain, humidifier, an air ionizer, chaise lounge, hammock, beach cooler bag will also greatly delight Pisces. Spruces, foams, masks, bath salts are good for them too. Tickets for the concert of his favorite band, music CDs, musical instruments are good too. Glassware: a vase, decorative bottles, crystal sculptures, sconces, glass balls … All this will delight the impressionable Fish. Warm, knitted things, plaids, shawls, sweaters, scarves will warm not only their body, but also the soul. All Fishes like gifts with multi-layer packaging!