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Astrological Rheumatology Forecast for November 2020


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Aries in November are between two fires. On the one hand, they are required to solve housing and family issues, on the other hand, it is necessary to resolve issues of career growth. In November, Aries should follow through with their litigation cases. Pay special attention to paperwork. Do not sign contracts without careful examination, even if they are given to you by close relatives. Arguments with children may arise, but your concerns are largely contrived.
Many Aries will meet their old friends, communication with whom will bring great pleasure. You shouldn’t invest a lot of money in a new business. There is no need for hasty decisions now.
In November, Aries will experience insomnia, joint pain, and trauma. Pay special attention to the stomach.

You need to rethink your position. Some Taurus go back to their old job with a promotion. There is uncertainty in the financial issue, but there is a chance of success. Your success will not please everyone, so the stars recommend that you be discreet.
High probability of accidents. Be careful while driving. Unexpected circumstances can postpone your long trip. Try not to idealize the person you like. do your home renovation or improvement. The money you spend now will help you save twice in the future. You should not quarrel with your household. November is not the right time to conceive a child. First, get your body in order.
You may be concerned about a lack of vitamins, cardiovascular system, and blood pressure.


In November, the Twins must decide what they want for themselves and what society imposes on them. This will help you prioritize and move through life with renewed vigor. There is a high probability of a good profit from the work done. This is especially true for lawyers, construction company employees and agricultural workers. Be careful with documents, there is a possibility of losing them. Your efforts in the service will be noticed and by the end of November there is a possibility of promotion. Pay attention to the health of your children, listen to their opinion.
Lonely Gemini will return to past relationships. Be careful though.
Gemini should stick to a diet. The risk of food poisoning, indigestion, diarrhea is high.


Cancers are nervous in November, mainly due to financial losses. You may even lose the trust of people who trusted you and helped you. Unmarried Cancers can unexpectedly legalize their relations. Everything will turn out spontaneously. Long trips are not excluded.
There is a chance for you to take a leading position in the service and you will be offered a new position. Office romantics are possible. The novel will be bright, but not long. The main thing is that these love stories do not bring you any trouble in the future.
In November, you will be bothered by severe headaches, kidney stones, for which you will have to take sick leave.



Lions in November will suspect that loved ones avoid them and are unfair to them. This is partly true, but you yourself are to blame, because you are too intrusive. It is better to postpone repairs. In November, you will spend more money than you expected. Lions will face misunderstandings and conflicts with their children, you speak different languages. Postpone all important conversations, otherwise the conflict will drag on.
Try to spend time in the company of close people, there you will find an interesting acquaintance, which will turn from friendship into a serious relations.
November will give you new and useful knowledge.
Do an ultrasound of the thyroid gland, check the endocrine system. Leos need to get their hormones in order.


Virgos shouldn’t be too restrained. Your loved one will support you in everything, giving you bright emotions and interesting gifts, as well as financial support.
Family Virgins will have conflict situations. Act calmly and deliberately. This tactic will help to keep the family warm and cozy.
Be patient in the service. The impeccability of the work you have done will pay off.
Among your friends there is someone who secretly envies you. Be discreet in your communication. And don’t lend money.
Strengthen your immunity and avoid colds, possibly exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, check your liver. Women should pay attention to gynecology, inflammation is possible.

Libra behaves unpredictably in November. On the one hand, they are pleasantly surprised by creative ideas, on the other hand, they are shocked by unexpected actions. However, most of your plans are illusory. It is best to arrange a rest and recuperate for yourself. Family Libra can have tensions with their half and even scandals. Jealousy, aggression, unfounded accusations can lead you to divorce.
At work, unexpected visits are possible with checks from the state institutions. Get your paperwork in order, especially if you work in the food industry.
Do not let yourself fall into an autumn depression, remember winter is ahead and all the fun is just ahead.
Nervous stress unsettles you. Possible exacerbation of gastritis, dysfunction of the digestive system. May be concerned about acute pain in the joints of the knees.

In November, Scorpios indulge in dreams. In your thoughts, you have divided the past and the present and soberly assess the current situation. Now we need to act. Money will be actively spent on restoring strength and health. Go to the sanatorium. Don’t take a loan. Get your documents in order, make peace with your relatives and solve housing issues with your neighbors. Many Scorpios will have an unexpected desire to conceive a baby, some will suddenly find out about the result. November is the best time for reconciliation and strengthening relations. Long-distance trips should be rescheduled until mid-November, otherwise the trip can cause you a lot of trouble.
Be careful at the service because envious people can set you up. But your vigilance is able to eliminate the intrigues of ill-wishers in time.
Pay attention to the genitals, hormonal disruptions, thyroid disorders are possible.

Sagittarius in November can be aggressive and quick-tempered, which will turn others against themselves. Sagittarius are very critical of their appearance. You are ready to change your look and your entire wardrobe. You will spend the money that was set aside for home improvement on image transformation.
There is a good chance to make money thanks to the participation of your business partners. Be grateful for the teamwork, otherwise you will have to develop the next project yourself. Family Sagittarius will strengthen emotional and physical feelings. And there are all the prerequisites for conceiving a child.
Unmarried Sagittarius have decided on the desired object, but do not dare to declare their feelings. You are visited by many doubts and fears about your passion.
Possible acute infectious diseases, chronic bronchitis, appendicitis.

Capricorns will spend most of their time away from home. It may be a long business trip, vacation or stay in the country-side. Some Capricorns will be overtaken by nostalgia for the past. We’ll have to return to unfinished business, the task at hand requires completion. Difficulties may arise for family Capricorns who decide to take out a mortgage, but the issue will be resolved by the end of the month. Disputes with business partners are possible. The stars are on your side, your point of view will prevail, but the resentment of the partners will remain. In the second half of the month, Capricorns will take a loan for the implementation of the business, there is every chance of success.
Free Capricorns may have a fateful meeting with a person about whom a lot of bad things have been said to you. However, after a personal meeting, this person will be able to fill all your thoughts.

In November, Aquarians should carefully analyze their actions and deeds. Aquarians are resolutely moving towards their goal. In November, you can take risks. Remember that some of the money you earn should be set aside. Don’t lend money, especially to friends. The debt will not be returned to you and they will still be accused of not providing enough funds for assistance. Do not listen to compliments, because not everyone is your friend. Some Aquarius will have a break in relations with a loved one. But you will converge again and feel complete harmony and love in the relations. Your skills and experience, as well as the person you least counted on will help you in your career. Aquarius is drawn to travel and adventure. But it is better to refrain from this.
Aquarians need to pay attention to the hormonal system, genitals. Follow diet.

Pisces feel quite confident and make plans. In November, you should resolve the existing court issues, put the documents in order. Try not to argue with management. You should do your job flawlessly, which will be noticed by management. Additional profit will be brought to you by your hobby or by your loved one. Buy a lottery ticket, you may well hit the jackpot.
Family Pisces are waiting for chores with children. Love and wisdom, protection and comfort are expected from you. A loved one will try to limit you in your actions, possibly with a scene of jealousy. Go on vacation with your loved one – you will get great pleasure.
A variety of great deals are waiting for you.
There may be problems with pressure drops, colds, you should also pay attention to your spine. Sign up for a gym, do swimming or yoga, strengthen the body. Gout attack is possible. Avoid alcoholic beverages, fatty and spicy foods and have liver tests.