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Astrological rheumatology forecast for March 2021

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In March, Aries is waiting for pies and crumpets, then bruises and bumps. However, the Wheel of
Fortune will provide an advantage in the positive direction. You are waiting for pleasant financial
surprises. You will get money where you did not expect it at all. The main thing is not to spend
them thoughtlessly, so as not to regret it later. You can expect a conflict with your neighbors
because of the documentation for the house.
Family Aries is waiting for a misunderstanding. If you make a row over all the conflicts that arise
then in addition to broken dishes the case may reach divorce. However, you will be able to settle
everything with your usual wisdom.
Free Aries should not be afraid to start a family and plunge into the family routine. You will enjoy
your new lifestyle. If you go on vacation, it is very likely that you will have an interesting relations
At work you should prove yourself right now and think about your career, because there are many
competitors nearby.
Health: high risk of exacerbation of varicose veins, especially on the legs. You should not postpone
a visit to a phlebologist.
In March, it is better for Taurus not to experiment with their appearance and don’t even think about
surgical or cosmetic plastic. The result may make you very upset.
For earnings, Taurus has a good period, especially if your work is related to document management
and communication. You will also have a good chance in terms of career growth. But there you will
need special care and concentration. It will not be easy for you to cope with your new position.
In relations with your loved one you should forget old grievances and not create new ones. If you
are confident in your feelings then you will make the right step for serious relations. Family Taurus
will be able to reach a new spiritual and wise level.
March is a good time for vacation. Sea or mountain air will help you recover your strength.
Spiritual practices such as yoga or qigong will help you restore your inner balance.
Health: there may be problems with hormones, in particular, a violation of the thyroid gland.
Gemini should listen to the intuition which is particularly able to direct you on the right path now.
The most successful in finance will be the Twins, whose activities are related to real estate or
Gemini, who have decided on the choice of their half, can move on to a more serious relationship.
Family Twins should pay more attention to their loved one. If a chill has passed between you, rather
get ready for a joint trip – a good mood and warm relations are provided for you.
You have the prerequisites for career growth. However, be careful – the offer that you will receive
will contain some danger.
Health: high risk of contracting viral and colds. Pay special attention to the pain in the appendicitis
area. Take care of yourself.

In March, you will have fateful events. You should distinguish between what is necessary, right,
and important, and what is secondary and unnecessary.
Crayfish will be tempted to borrow a large amount of money. But with the repayment of debts,
there may be a problem. To avoid this, carefully analyze all your sources of income.
There may be difficulties in the issues of document management, including proceedings with the
Your loved one is ready to support you in everything, but this help will not be exactly what you
You may have difficulties at work. In order not to break the firewood, it is better to go on vacation.
You will come back with new strength and fresh ideas.
Family Cancers should pay attention to their relatives, and it's time for free Cancers to create their
own family. The advice of friends and their help can only harm you in March.
Health: lungs are your most vulnerable spot in March. High risk of contracting pneumonia.
Recently, the Lions are too strict and critical of themselves, and there is no person nearby who will
help to assess the situation objectively.
Lions in March are unnecessarily strict with their family. You restrict the freedom of your loved
ones by imposing your own rules and ethics. Relax, be tolerant and let others have their say.
Free Lions should think more about the opposite sex. After all, somewhere you are looking for the
very person who will make you happy. The family Lions will have to consolidate the already
established union.
Lions will have a good opportunity to earn and receive a solid bonus for a well-done job. Some
Lions are obsessed with the desire to increase their power and social status. Be patient, it will
happen but a little later.
Health: in March Lions are waiting for problems with their joints, respiratory organs, liver, and
blood vessels. The reason is reduced immunity.
The motto of Virgin in March: "In my house – my rules". That is your loved ones should live by the
rules you set. The people around you don’t know about this yet, but they will soon. You will have
additional sources of income. You will be able to improve your living conditions, and maybe even
buy a house.
Deep down Virgin dream of a sensual and tender relations despite the prudence. Free Virgins will
show interest in their new neighbors. Established couples should not quarrel over small things.
On the way to success, you can feel serious obstacles from competitors. Do not give up, go ahead
and towards the end of March you will see the initial victory over the detractors.
Health: high risk of food poisoning. Organize proper nutrition so that your daily diet is filled with
useful vitamins.
Libra will actively engage in self-development, invest in new knowledge. Libra is also ready to
choose a life partner, but expect condemnation from relatives. They will say that the person you
have chosen is not the best option. Never mind! Only you know what you really want. The choice
of a life partner is up to you.

Family Libra is haunted by extremes from the desire of divorce to the desire to live together happily
for the rest of their lives.
March is a great time to strengthen your business and attract new partners. In the routine work,
there will be many tasks that you will successfully cope with and get a decent fee.
Health: you can get chronic insomnia if you don't restore your sleep balance. Headaches and
dizziness may occur. Libra should check the vessels of the neck and head and also consult a good
neurologist who will prescribe treatment.
Responsibility, discipline and self-control are the main qualities of Scorpios in March. It is not easy
to implement all your ideas, but hard work will help you achieve your goal.
You will receive a message from distant relatives who are preparing a shocking surprise for you.
Scorpios will want to equip their home with a luxurious interior. March is a good time for such
Family Scorpions are waiting for warmth and comfort. Free Scorpios can fall in love with a person
of a higher social status. You will have to make an effort to charm such a capricious and difficult
object of sympathy.
In the financial issue there may be small restrictions. In March you will be involved in helping
people in need or homeless animals. You won’t just understand how you have become an altruist.
It is possible to change the type of activity or place of work. All new offers will be positive for you.
Health: take care of the central nervous system, it is in tension for a long time. It’s good to do
blood general analysis and to be examined by a physician.
Sagittarians do a lot of work in March. Suddenly you have accumulated a lot of debts recently. You
need to restore the previous mode of financial receipts.
Sagittarians can earn good money this month if they bring new ideas to their work following the
rules and the law. You will find a great offer at work, but know that you will have to work hard.
The authorities will require reporting on the work done more often than expected.
Misunderstanding and resentment of your loved one because of your constant employment will be
combined with his (her) support and love.
New interesting acquaintances are waiting for you, they will turn into a long and strong friendship.
March is a good time to buy new equipment.
Health: Sagittarians may have severe hormonal disruptions with subsequent weight gain.
Capricorn talks only about career, about additional income, about stocks that can bring benefits…
You are just obsessed with earning money. You will invest a lot, but at the same time get the
corresponding profit. And yet Capricorns do not have enough money and from this they feel
internal disharmony.
In the preparation of documents for the purchase of housing or mortgage registration, everything
will go like clockwork. Your loved one will not immediately approve your choice. However, this
issue can be easily resolved if you discuss your wishes together.
Capricorns will go on vacation with friends to a place where they will be surrounded by beautiful
nature and tranquility. The trip will give you pleasure, add strength and cheerfulness.

An interesting holiday romance awaits you.
Health: try to eliminate fatty foods and alcohol from your diet. Your liver needs support. High
probability of colds.
What you have been striving for a long time will finally become a reality in March. You have made
a lot of effort and now in early March you will feel a well-deserved success.
The financial side is being stabilized.
Family Aquarians are waiting for home improvement. Family chores will give you great pleasure.
Free Aquarians will be drawn to secret relations. Everything secret and mysterious ignites your
interest in your partner.
If you go on a trip it will not last long, but you will certainly leave a pleasant impression.
What you were afraid of before will stop bothering you. March for Aquarians is good for starting
life with a clean face.
Health: Aquarians can be bothered by cramps, stomach aches, headaches and back pain. Unpleasant
pain in the kidneys and adrenal glands.
Pisces will feel their importance. In March you will have to make choices. This applies to work,
moving, studying, relations …
Financial difficulties will require immediate action. Either you will change your job, or you will
take a second job, which will be more profitable.
Your inner circle will try to lead you astray. Follow your intuition, it will not let you down!
Pisces will decide to legitimize their long-standing personal relations.
Pisces, who met recently, will doubt whether to continue these relations. It's all the fault of the past
unpleasant experience, which left you with a mental trauma. Do not compare the past with the
present, build a sincere, romantic relations with a clean face.
Health: possible problems with the digestive tract, bloating. Switch to proper nutrition.