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Astrological Rheumatology Forecast for December 2020

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In December, Aries are calculating, cold-blooded, sometimes quick-tempered, but reasonable.
Financial problems with neighbors and relatives are possible. Your family will support you in
everything, and they are ready to take on some of the household chores. The problems that you
hid from your loved ones will be revealed, but even here the family will understand and support
Cancel all trips abroad, as there is a high risk of unpleasant events, damage to your health and
the health of your loved ones. Success awaits you in litigation, disputes with partners!
The Eclipse Corridor can help you advance your career. Maintaining the harmony of your home
is the most important thing for you.
Aries' weak points are blood vessels, circulatory disorders and pinched nerves. Spend more time
outdoors, exercise, and drink more water.
Taurus should not borrow money for new projects, as unexpected events can disrupt all plans.
But the time is right for a mortgage. You can buy your dream home at a very competitive price.
A fateful meeting awaits lonely Taurus. You can safely legitimize a relationship with your loved
one. Taurus who are in real estate can make good money. Pay attention to the health of your pets.
During the corridor of eclipses, Taurus should neither lend money nor borrow money
Taurus needs healthy sleep. Due to sleep disturbance, there may be a nervous breakdown,
aggressiveness, dizziness.
Gemini are leaders in expressing their emotions. Your emotions absorb you from head to toe,
taking over your surroundings. You are highly informed in business and have serious trump
cards in your hands against competitors. Family Gemini will have a misunderstanding with a
loved one. And free Gemini idealize their loved one. Pull yourself together and stop fantasizing.
Your work partners will help you in moving up the career ladder. Teamwork will lead you to the
desired results. In terms of finance, time constraints are possible, but the situation will soon
The eclipse corridor will make you absolutely confident in your capabilities. This is a wonderful
period to prove yourself even better in your professional field.
Your central nervous system can be severely shattered due to the great burden of responsibility.
Sore throat and colds are possible.
Cancers in December want to take a philosophical position in life. You are trying to get to the
bottom of the truth. There is a person in your society whom you trust completely. However, this
person, most likely, only pretends to be a well-wisher, but uses you for selfish purposes. But a
loved one is ready to support you both morally and financially. You have a great opportunity to

change your job to one that suits you financially. But when leaving your old job, do not quarrel
with the management, and you will receive good recommendations.
Try not to violate the traffic rules, because you will be fined.
Avoid conflicts because you will be the culprit. In December, you will not be able to defend your
Your immune system is weakened, take the necessary vitamins and medications. Follow the
advice of your immunologist.
Leo is upset that others do not follow his advice. You rush to help your children, you are ready to
give them gifts, but in return you receive reproaches and discontent. Please be patient, your help
will be appreciated soon. Lonely Leos can fall in love with a foreign citizen who will later
become your spouse. An important business trip awaits you. Along the way, you will meet
someone who will help your career.
Try not to lend money. You will soon need the money yourself for the implementation of
important plans.
The eclipse corridor can affect your relationships with children and friends. You should be wise
to remain an example and authority in their eyes.
Cardiovascular system, increased nervousness, skin rash, can be caused by both external factors
and experiences.
Virgos in December are busy with home improvement, renovation and buying new furniture.
Unexpectedly for your family, you are choosing an unusual interior. You will have new desires
that will brighten your life.
Virgos should reconsider their spending. You either spend your money on entertainment and
hobbies, or you are carried away by gambling. Your friends will help you cope with this
Most Virgos will stay late at work developing new plans. Achieving your goal is now a priority
for you.
Lonely Virgo stars will give happy love. And the family Virgins are expected to be replenished
The eclipse corridor will help you establish contact with parents.
Watch for proper nutrition. You should eat more vegetables and dairy products. It is important to
restore the balance of digestion.
Libra in December is dreamy and romantic. Try to assess the situation pragmatically. Rather get
to work and the profit will please you, of course. A harmonious rhythm of life will be established
in the family. Many family Libras will think about changing their place of residence. Lonely
Libra will meet their love on social media. For some Libra, the return of a loved one awaits.
Don't miss this gift from heaven.
You will be asked to borrow money. Avoid this service – the debt will not be returned to you
soon, if at all. Libra’s eclipse corridor gives a warning to be more careful on the road and not to sign
questionable documents. In doing so, you will gain valuable experience without losses and
consequences. Why haven’t you examined the cardiovascular system yet? You must love yourself and your
health. Do not get carried away with alcohol, it can turn into a bad habit.
Scorpios go to the goal overcoming all obstacles on their own. You want to spend money on
external transformation through a new wardrobe. Do not gossip, do not tell your surroundings
what is happening within your family. Then you will hear gossip, which will be inflated in many
times. Tempting acquaintances during trips and travels are not excluded. Family Scorpios will
take care of moving to a new house or buying an apartment. You have serious competitors in
your service who are applying for the position you desire. Your ingenuity and intelligence will
help you achieve your goal as efficiently as possible. To fulfill your hopes, you need financial
investments that will bring you closer to the desired result.
The eclipse corridor will give you the opportunity to hit the jackpot. But do not forget that
money that easily comes to you can leave your wallet just as easily. Do not borrow money and
save your own money.
The reproductive system can be impaired, and digestive problems are possible. Eat a diet and get
your sleep back on track, or the nervous system can fail.
Sagittarius will be overly critical of themselves. Great opportunities will open up for you in
December. You will gain new knowledge and experience that you can use. You will share your
knowledge with others and strengthen your authority. A pleasant and exciting trip awaits for
Family Sagittarius. Free Sagittarius must choose a life partner – this union promises to be strong.
Those wishing to change their place of residence should not rush. The best option will come to
you a little later.
December is a good period for Sagittarius to make money to fulfill their old dreams.
The Eclipse Corridor will help Sagittarius cleanse themselves of all negative influences and
negative society.
Kidney stones, acute pain in the region of the heart, and headaches can be disturbing. Lead a
healthy lifestyle, you should avoid sweet and salty foods.
The emotional background of Capricorns will be positive. You confidently replenish your
resources and increase your income. You skillfully maintain harmony in your family. Disputes
and quarrels can arise with a loved one, which will end in reconciliation. Monetary disputes may
arise with business partners. Be reasonable and reasonable, you can find the right way out of the
situation. Choose peaceful solutions to disputes.
Eclipse Corridor Capricorns are not advised to bring conflict disputes to court proceedings,
otherwise in December you may lose the court. Keep any important information confidential. At
the right time, you will find the right use for it.
Vessels and joints are your weak point, with the slightest concern, do not postpone a visit to the

Aquarians are very emotional, you sometimes feel like drama, depression. But this state will
dramatically change to a combat one and you will emerge victorious from a difficult situation.
Your speech will hypnotically affect anyone, in any field of activity. You are especially
attractive to the opposite sex now. New love relationships will bring pleasant emotions and long-
term relationships. It is during this period that a person from the past with the same feelings will
appear on your way, where you have to make your choice.
Aquarians will get out of a difficult situation thanks to their prudence and deliberate actions.
The Eclipse Corridor will help Aquarius to understand the relationship with their and adopted
children. Your love for children is a gift from the universe.
Aquarians are prone to colds in December, and varicose veins can also disturb.

Pisces are very colorful in their positive and angry emotions. In financial matters, you should
take control of everything. If you want a harmonious relationship with your soul mate, you
should go to a family psychologist. Free Pisces is looking for a relationship as beautiful as in the
Pisces should pay more attention to your children. You need to build their trust and love.
The eclipse corridor will have an impact on both the career of Pisces and their family. Pisces
strives to radically change work, career, life partner. Think how much you need these changes.
In Pisces, chronic diseases can be exacerbated, which will be accompanied by acute pain. The
stomach and appendicitis are the most vulnerable organs this month.