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Astrological rheumatology forecast for MAY 2021

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You can be overly sentimental or overly touchy.  This is all due to the fact that in May Aries especially need the attention of a loved one. At the same time, you should control your emotions.

Aries-mothers deserve the medal “Mother of the Month”, so your love and care for your child will be a true example for the environment.

Aries will feel internal changes that they want to reflect externally. You will have an irresistible desire to spend your entire salary on changing your image, regardless of gender and age.

In May, Aries is waiting for big changes. Aries will unexpectedly wish to change their place of work, and perhaps the profession itself. Control this moment, make changes to your advantage.

Health: Your body is sounding the alarm and requires self-love. Urgently check your heart. Aries women should consult a gynecologist, there may be inflammation of the female organs.


Down with the lingering depression! Your confidence will slowly but surely return to you. Prolonged troubles will leave you, giving way to love and harmony.

Your unexpected actions will overwhelm not only your surroundings, but also yourself.  In May, Taurus will succumb to the temptation of love passions. There will be several candidates in your field of vision at once, and you should make a choice. Family Taurus can expect disputes. It is important to be able to negotiate with a partner, to hear each other. This sequence of actions will help to eliminate the tension that has arisen in the relations.

Taurus, who are going to go on a long trip or business trip, should be careful! You may face difficulties or unpleasant adventures along the way.

At work, the Taurus should pull himself together. Despite your strong position, there are contenders for your position. Your attentiveness, determination and self-control will help you not only to resist, but also to qualify for better conditions.

Health: The urogenital system, kidneys, and adrenal glands can bother Taurus. Taurus-women should keep their feet warm, as there is a risk of inflammation of the female organs.


Twins will have a second wind. The success of your resources, finances, and new opportunities will depend on how much you are able to keep important information secrets, and how much you are willing to persevere in achieving your goals.

There may be problems in the issue of document flow. During the trip, Twins may lose their identity documents. Knowing this, you can avoid the trouble waiting for you. 

Pleasant secret relations will happen with single Twins and can develop rapidly. Many Twins are ready to start a family.

Excellent opportunities await Gemini in the field of career growth. There may be unexpected offers for long-made offers. Gemini, on a long trip, you will experience an inner spiritual transformation that will help you rise a higher step.

Some Twins will think about adopting a child, or they will have a great desire to participate in charity.

Health:  Violation of the thyroid gland with a change in the hormonal background. The stomach can also disrupt the Twins ‘ function ability.


In May, Cancers will fight themselves. It’s time to draw conclusions about the correctness of your actions.  You are controlled by a person older than you, imposing their will. You are in voluntary captivity. If you show willpower, you can avoid the problems that are secretly imposed on you.

Unexpectedly for yourself, you have made dangerous enemies who have a strong position. If you show wisdom and go to reconciliation, this danger will disappear. Listen to your inner voice, it is a true compass for you now.

Cancers have a favorable time for spiritual development. It will be good if you find time for privacy in nature with a water source.

In the financial matter, the expected earnings will move to the next month.

Family Cancers should preserve what has already been created, showing patience. Lonely Crayfish will certainly meet their soul mate. Most importantly, be careful not to miss your happiness. Smile, your smile illuminates this World with light.

Health: Headaches and high blood pressure will often cause Cancer discomfort. The focus of the disease is hidden in disorders of the nervous system. Consult a neurologist. The doctor will select the necessary medications after taking which you will feel relieved.


“Why is there such injustice around, no one appreciates my kindness” – this thought often comes to the mind of Lions during May. However, the role of the victim is not peculiar to the Lion. You are still ready to impose your will on everyone. If others refuse to play by your rules, you immediately make a dramatic scene.

The reason is that Lions experience spiritual loneliness for a long time. Fill the void not with communication with your loved ones, but with a pleasant hobby that will bring you pleasure and positive emotions.

Lonely Lions are waiting for a fateful meeting. It’s enough to drown in thoughts of the past. Forget about them and let the blooming spring into your life!

Family Lions are waiting for a radical change: an addition to the family or the relocation of close relatives.

You will profit from the purchase of shares associated with foreign firms. The stars recommend Lions to have a good and active rest.

The foreign trip, scientific and economic classes will be brilliant.

Health: Lions have a high chance of bruising and fractures. Old injuries will remind you of yourself unpleasantly. You should pay attention to blood pressure.


There is a high probability of getting new profitable offers. This can be prevented by the provocations of your inner circle. May is a good time to go on vacation. It is advisable to get out to the mountains. You need to be alone with yourself for at least a couple of hours a day.

Family Virgos will immerse themselves in caring for the health of their loved ones and relatives. Virgos are especially recommended to show their attention to children, especially, first of all, to their own. Single Virgos, there is a person in your environment who claims to have warm, mutual feelings.

In the project you are working on, you need a loan for a large amount, which you will be approved. You need to allocate responsibilities wisely with your partners, so that there are no further disputes.

Your hopes will come true thanks to your dedication, patience and endurance.

Your smile is able to conquer any person, smile more often.

Health: your weak points are blood vessels, joints. Sleep disturbance is possible. You may be concerned about seizures, hormonal failure, thyroid problems.


Libra is concerned about increasing its income and capital. Libra is thoroughly interested in politics, the economy, the situation on the stock exchange and everything that can have a direct or indirect impact on their business. With all this, in May Libra is very romantic and gentle – spring has this in mind. Sensual romance attracts you irresistibly. Family Libra is waiting for frequent disputes on domestic issues with his half. Despite the hardships and worries you still keep the inner positive. Libra often indulge in pleasant memories that gave inspiration and gentle sadness. But Libra does not take decisive steps to return to the former relationship.

You will find associates willing to sponsor your work, thereby enabling you to realize your long-standing plan.

Health: at the slightest concern in the area of the kidneys and adrenal glands, contact your doctor immediately, so as not to start the problem.


Scorpios will be busy solving family problems.

In addition, attention will be paid to stocks, bonds and other financial documents.

Scorpios in May will unnecessarily idealize the person to whom they feel sympathy. Communicate, but do not fantasize, so as not to be disappointed.

Family Scorpions are waiting for the resumption of bright emotions. You will again feel the old passion with your loved one, as at the very beginning of your relations.

The planned trips will provide interesting opportunities for gaining new knowledge and profitable acquaintances. And the work will be painstaking job with a positive result. Your business partners will help you achieve the desired result.

Health: frequent headaches up to migraines, high blood pressure. You may also be concerned about a violation of the hormonal background.


Sagittarians in May will be engaged in self-development and enrichment of their inner spiritual world.

To earn money, you will need to use the old method according to the new rules. Follow this advice and you will see that you have not only maintained the level of income, but also seriously increased it.

As for personal relations the Sagittarians will bathe in well-deserved romance and love. It’s time to go on a trip with your loved one. During the trip you will find pleasant emotions and a pleasant offer.

Family Sagittarians are waiting for a long-awaited addition to the family. These news will please you and your loved ones.

There may be disputes with relatives, they will try to impose their will and their opinion on you. Sagittarians who have long dreamed of finding their own housing will be able to afford it.

Health: Sagittarians should switch to proper nutrition. Acute stomach pain may occur. In cases of anxiety, you should immediately contact a gastroenterologist and undergo a FGDS examination. If you ignore the body’s signals, you will get a stomach ulcer.


Capricorns will put their career first. It is important for you that the results of your actions lead to success. In the financial issue, unexpected, but very positive results are possible. Your business idea will be properly planned, so a successful result is guaranteed.

There may be disputes with your household about where to go on vacation. It will be difficult for you to come to a common denominator. Therefore, it is better to listen to all the suggestions and discuss the options in advance.

Lonely Capricorns can meet their soulmate on the way to work. Family Capricorns should be more careful with their loved one. The stars advise you to arrange a romantic evening – this will be pleasant for both and will strengthen the relations.

Capricorns will hide their emotions from their immediate surroundings…

 Health: Try not to keep negative thoughts and worries in yourself. Share your worries with a loved one or make an appointment with a psychologist. You definitely need to talk it out. Otherwise, the nervous system will experience overload.


Aquarians will be very demanding of themselves and their actions.

Aquarians will take checking documents and their registration most of the time. You will get the opportunity to fix your financial affairs. Make sure to use this feature. 

Family Aquarians have disputes, misunderstandings and disagreements. If Aquarius passes this difficult test with dignity, he will be able to reach a new level, where the married couple will appreciate and support each other.

If you haven’t legitimized your relations yet, it’s time to do so. Lonely Aquarians have no certainty yet, because the person from the past does not want to let you go.  However, the return of past relations doesn’t promise you development, but only spiritual devastation. You need a partner who can fill you with positive energy. Look closely, this person is somewhere near you and you will meet him in May.

Health: Aquarians will have a problem with the nervous system, sleep disorders and loss of appetite. It is likely that there is a violation of digestion.


Fish are in the thrall of fantasies and illusions in May. It is important for you to evaluate the effort required to achieve your dream. You may have financial difficulties; unplanned expenses may exceed your income.

Pisces should resolve the housing and money issues that have arisen with their relatives. There is a high probability of spoiling relations with loved ones due to misunderstanding.

Pisces will be passive in personal relations. You are waiting for the first step from the partner. Such waiting and slowness can lead to discord with a loved one. Family Pisces can be sure that you are loved and love. You just need to quarrel less with your loved one on small things. In matters of career, there may be major changes, You will be noticed finally.  Pisces are advised not to disclose their progress. Don’t let the envious people get in the way of your well-deserved success.

Avoid extreme sports.

Health: Fish have a high risk of injuries and fractures. Discomfort can cause pain in the liver. You are advised to check your stomach.