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Astrological Rheumatology Forecast for January 2021

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You will be inspired by art, masterpieces of classical music and everything that gives harmony
and peace. In January, you should be as informed as possible and be able to filter the information
received. They will try to mislead you with false information or forged documents, which can
cause serious losses, especially in the financial sector. Business partners will help you. Listen to
the opinion of your loved one. You will enjoy a pleasant shopping experience at the lowest
prices and with the maximum benefit.
Watch your health. Eat less sweets, otherwise you will have to go to the dentist.

Taurus is too busy with dreams of love and his appearance. Don't get carried away with buying
new clothes. You will need money for other purposes. Don't hold on to the relations that has no
future. The stars will give Taurus a new true love and inspiration. January is not a good time to
learn foreign languages.
Your joints will respond to any weather changes. Eat less salty foods, do exercises in the

Gemini is busy with financial issues. You are considering new options for sources of income.
You are concerned about the cost of creating home comfort and home repairs. Family Twins are
able to fall in love with their partner again. Free Twins are in active search and by the end of the
month will meet a gift of fate.
In January Twins can be bothered by acute headaches, heart pain and ailments due to sleep
disorders. Take soothing herbal tinctures, breathe deeply, enjoy every moment.


Cancers feel very confident. But do not be arrogant, pride is dangerous for you. Keep balance
and harmony in communication with others. Do not gossip, and do not react to the attempts of
others to charm you. The person with whom you are currently in relations feels true love for you.
It is not necessary to destroy the existing relations because of illusions. In financial matters you
need to work hard but you're very good at it.
In January, Cancers can be disturbed by the thyroid gland, a violation of hormones. Women who
take birth control medications should consult a doctor about replacing the drug with another one.

Because of their fantasies Lions may miss the pleasant events that the stars are preparing in
January. Replace relaxing on the couch with a useful walk and TV melodramas with a trip to the
theater. Be active to receive the delights of life that fate has prepared for you. Pleasant events
will happen unexpectedly. Troubles in the family, communication with children and a loved one
will bring you a lot of positive emotions. In January Lions should give up spicy food. Pay attention to your stomach. Do not overeat, but
do not starve.

You should turn off constant self-monitoring. Let your emotions run wild, relax and dream. You
are able to realize everything you think about. Be careful with money transfers, it is possible to
transfer money to an erroneous bank account. Take care of family matters. Your loved one and
your children need your attention. If there were quarrels – make up. Tell your loved ones how
dear they are to you and give them your warmth.
Monitor your blood pressure and cardiovascular system. Spend more time in the fresh air, try not
to get too cold, so as not to get sick.

Libra is active, wants to earn all the money in the world and does not think about holidays.
Direct your energy to active recreation, sports and your favorite hobby. You need to have a good
rest, so that with new forces to start the planned business. Family Libra is waiting for global
changes, ranging from a change of residence, to the appearance of a fluffy or feathered pet
friend. Libra in love should be immersed in romance. You will not only relax, but also get
inspiration from the person you adore.
In January keep an eye on your immune system, good sleep and nutrition. It is better to give up
In January, in some cases, you "break through the window" instead of "knocking on the door".
Be reasonable. Because of your own stubbornness, you may miss the best chance. Analyze the
situation in cold blood. There is a person in your environment who is willing to help you with
help or advice. Try not to argue for money. January is a good time to change jobs.
Visit the sauna and health complexes. Drink a decoction of herbal tea. It's time to do health to
get rid of harmful toxins.

Instead of expressing sympathy for the person you like, you tell him the exact opposite. Collect
your thoughts, remove the constraint and say what you really feel. Do not take vacation loans, it
is better to collect the money, soon you will need it to implement the planned actions. Your
charisma will help you make new contracts.
In January Sagittarians will feel restless in the knee joints, so stock up on therapeutic gels and
ointments. And it is better to consult a doctor.

Capricorns are too busy solving problems that they have been working on for several months. In
January you will finally be able to solve many issues. Your charisma and charm attract the
opposite sex. There will be unity in the family, and lonely Capricorns will meet with a person
dear to you. There may be difficulties in your work that you will certainly be able to overcome.
You may feel dizzy. Check the vessels of the neck and head, as well as the nervous system.
Drink more water and less alcohol.


Stars will give success in everything that Aquarians will undertake. Therefore, feel free to take
up the implementation of your plans in work, in finance, in housing or in relation to a loved one.
But at the same time, remember your nearest and dearest, give them a helping hand. Then
Fortune will favor you for a long time.
Be attentive to your health. The experiences of the previous months can make themselves felt.
Therefore, visit a good doctor and do not forget to drink a course of sedatives.

Pisces will be carried away by romance. Your chosen one will be older or higher status than you.
Don't overly idealize the object you adore. Just enjoy his company and develop relations. Family
Pisces should clear out the relations with a loved one, this month will bring final clarity to your
Give up long-distance travel. Most likely you will remain dissatisfied with it. Great chances for
your career growth. Your speech, actions and work done will help you rise to a higher level and
perhaps two at once.
Pay attention to the heart. Make a cardiogram, make an appointment with a cardiologist.