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Astrological rheumatological prognosis for October 2020

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Aries can be awarded OSCAR for bright artistic behavior in October. Aries is the center of attention at work and in family. They cope with the chosen role easily. This does not mean that Aries behave unnaturally, just in October, Aries are “The center of the Universe”. But their second halves are perplexed by such brilliant artistry. You should keep your relatives at a distance, as they will try to interfere in your personal and family affairs in every possible way. You are completely independent and you know how to act yourself. At work, you will find a lot of routine work that only you can do. Solving all tasks will help you to move up the career ladder. Aries should engage in spiritual practices, delve into the secrets of religion. Here you will find many answers to your questions. You will experience a transformation of consciousness and a rebirth of the spirit.
Aries should visit a rheumatologist. Your joints and central nervous system can cause you discomfort.

In October, Taurus claims the title of “the most stylish and bright”, which is the reason for the envy of others. This is an important factor, because your career growth depends on your image. Take care of your money, because the neighbors may bring you an unpleasant surprise. But you will be able to solve any issue without a scandal. Special attention should be paid to the health of children. Your significant other can also bring an unexpected surprise. It is better to refuse from long-distance trips, since there is a possibility of unpleasant incidents.
There may be unexpected problems with the cardiovascular system, so if you have any alarming symptoms, contact your doctor. If you want to have children, but there is no result – contact your doctor.

Gemini in October should be patient. Gemini will have great difficulty correcting the consequences of past mistakes. You cannot shift the work to others, otherwise monetary losses are inevitable. You still feel this danger, so concentrate all your energy on your work. Conflicts in the family, including very serious ones, are inevitable. Before you accuse anyone, try to find a mistake in your actions. Try to keep the peace, show wisdom.
Some Twins show interest in people who are completely unsuitable for living together, while others start an intrigue on the side. Some Twins are waiting for news about an unplanned addition to the family. Keep an eye on your Pets, they can ruin furniture, curtains, etc.
The upcoming trials in October will be good for you.
Your Central nervous system, head vessels and cardiovascular system require careful attention.


Cancers pay great attention to the study of corporate rules and regulations, as well as the laws of the state. This knowledge will help you resist slander from your envious people. Your relatives and neighbors will ask You for money in debt. This money will most likely not be returned to you, and this may lead to a break good relation. Be careful with your loved one. A conflict can happen over a small thing, and you won’t even communicate for a while. Lonely Cancers can suddenly fall in love with an unfamiliar person.
Be careful! Your old enemies may threaten you with some compromising documents, demand some compensation …

You should work on yourself, forgive old grievances and collect your thoughts. October will help you find stability.
Cancers should pay attention to the reproductive and digestive systems. You should check your thyroid. In October you have a high risk of infectious diseases.


In October Lions are too suspicious and secretive, they prefer to stay in the shadows. Lions will carefully analyze their position in society, choosing the best behavior. At the beginning of October Lions will feel a lack of funds, but by the end of the month everything will stabilize. This is a good time to take self-improvement courses, business training or professional development. All this will be useful in the future. Many Lions will be immersed in romantic memories of their past. Even meetings former lovers are possible. Don’t hold back your emotions, immerse yourself in romance and don’t worry about anything.
Monitor your blood pressure. You may be concerned about headaches, pain in the kidneys and adrenal glands. Pay attention to the joints of the hands, there may be acute pain.


Many Virgins in October will be summing up the results of the work done and philosophical reflections. In October Virgos want to be in a friendly team and enjoy communication. But a conflict may occur here. In October you will give others the impression of a suspicious subject, although in fact your thoughts will be pure. This period will not be long and a little later you will return to your former attractive image. Try to spend more time with your family. Do not conflict with children, try to understand their desires and actions. The relations with your loved one will be harmonious. Your favorite business will bring you income, but your hobby will most likely require expenses.
Virgos should drink as much water as possible to avoid dehydration. Pay attention to your vision. Follow proper nutrition. You have a high risk of food poisoning.


In October, Libra will be active in various areas. You will have difficulties, but the chances of success are great. You will be able to overcome internal fears, get rid of other people’s influence. You can get a loan or mortgage. Family Libra should reduce claims to a minimum, as there is a high probability of divorce. Try to get close to your children. Share your knowledge and experience. Free Libra is waiting for the support of a loved one in your endeavors and career issue.
Be vigilant when signing documents. There may be a trap set for you.
High probability of colds. Chronic bronchitis may remind you of itself. Pay special attention to the cardiovascular system, you should do an ECG.


In October, the behavior of Scorpions is unpredictable. In a team you come up with unexpected interesting ideas, and when action is required you take a back seat. Show more determination, you are on the right track. You may change your job and get a promotion. Lonely Scorpios can meet their love at work. Decide on a serious relation with your loved one, the union promises to be harmonious. With relatives you have a complete misunderstanding, but do not allow conflicts. There will be new highly influential people in your environment who can become your business partners. All plans should be kept secret from others until they are implemented. Someone else’s opinion should not lead you astray.
You should check your lungs. Women should consult a mammologist, do an ultrasound of the mammary glands, as well as an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity.


The inner world of Sagittarius is very different from the outside world. You have extensive plans, but you will have to act yourself, do not count on someone’s help. You will work hard, actively attract new customers, earn good money, but you will have to spend all your profits on solving problems that arise. You will meet many strong competitors on your career path, but your drive and determination will help you win.
Sagittarians will want to take out a loan, but the stars recommend you wait until next month. Family Sagittarians should be restrained in claims to their half. A quarrel can lead not only to insults, but also to a break in the relations. Free Sagittarians should pause in the search for a partner. Nothing serious or long-term should be expected.
The cardiovascular system can cause you discomfort. You should consult a cardiologist, check the kidneys, adrenal glands.

Capricorns are determined to achieve their goals. Your competitors won’t beat you. Single Capricorns will return to their former relations, family relationships will strengthen. Creative ideas will help you fix your financial issues. Try to move your business trips to another month, or reduce the duration of your trips to a minimum. In October Capricorns will be the most striking example for their children. Take the time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your children, find out what’s bothering them, and find ways to solve their problems. This month Capricorns may have prophetic dreams.
It is important for Capricorns to take care of a healthy sleep; the condition of your skin depends on it. Visit a rheumatologist.

For Aquarians everything goes from one extreme to the other. You will feel that everything is falling apart, but suddenly you will hit the Golden jackpot. Aquarians will keep an eye on real estate. Aquarians can move in with a loved one and start a normal family life. You are quite ready for this. Family Aquarians should listen to the partner’s opinion more. Aquarians have a high probability of conception in October. Single Aquarians should refrain from relations with an unfamiliar person. Look for a partner among those around you, this will reduce the risk of painful breakups. Your communication skills, ability to see the pitfalls and not give in to provocations will help you in your work. Aquarius will benefit from psychological training to communicate with conflict people. Aquarians will go to parties where there is a lot of alcohol – take care of the liver.
Your cardiovascular system, nervous system, thyroid, and lack of energy may be bothering you. Drink a course of vitamins and minerals, it will help strengthen the body and restore strength.


Fish are very active and sociable in October. You pay special attention to children. Lonely Pisces will meet their bright love on vacation. You should be attracted to everything related to theater, hobbies, and dancing. Your favorite craft will provide you with additional income. Family Pisces will demand the impossible from a loved one, some special actions. However, after performing feats, you will still be given a family scene.
As for career, Pisces sees themselves in a high position. Thoughts are material, but in your fantasies, you should not linger and do your specific work. Be careful with your new friends. There is a chance that because of the new ones you may offend your old and trusted friend. Your neighbors will envy you. So, try to keep your business success a secret.
Pay attention to the immune system. There may be weakness, malaise, dizziness.