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We are used to the fact that a disease is always unexpected. You live, you rejoice, you hurry, you make a fuss, and suddenly … And we do not know that this “suddenly” might not have taken place, if from the height of the scientific knowledge of the 21st century, we did not forget about the good old medical astrology. Just don’t grin and imagine an old man in a stately dressing gown – before the era of materialism everything was quite different. Fairly well-known scientists who left in edification of descendants of scientific works and treatises were involved in medical astrology. Only now the descendants decided that medical astrology is charlatanry, and renounced the valuable teaching. It’s time for a serious talk about what we lost, forgetting the teachings of medical astrologers, and what we can get, remembering the information, which, fortunately, still has come down to us.
Not suddenly
So, we started with the word “suddenly”. Nothing happens “suddenly” with people who are serious about astrology: therefore people go to astrologers to get some predictions of their lives. A professional interpreter of the movement of stars and planets, can predict many events, including the possibility of the occurrence of certain diseases. Therefore, the great doctors of antiquity were professional astrologers, and famous astrologers often earned  living by doctoring. It is enough to name Hippocrates, who claimed that “a doctor who does not know astrology is more like a jester than a doctor”; Paracelsus, indicating the connection of man with the stars pointed out that “a man depends on the stars, because he has his own starry body”; Avicenna stressed  “canon of medical science”, which has a detailed section on astrology; the most popular among modern people Michel Nostradamus was not only a famous astrologer-prophet, but also a doctor of medicine, lecturing at the University of Montpellier. So, people who lived, as they say, before “historical materialism”, could know for sure that they would have to cope with colds all their life, but they would never have to walk with a fracture of their hands – “the stars promise so”. And all because a real astrologer could tell a person what he should be afraid of according to the date of his birth, and about what he can safely forget. Remember this phrase –    ” A danger foreseen is a danger avoided.” It was astrologers who provided people with this ” foreknowledge”. People did not penetrate into all these tables, reflecting the movements of celestial bodies, which were made by sophisticated astrologers, but simply knew that Aries are predisposed to diseases of the brain; Taurus often has a sore throat; Gemini may have lung problems; Cancers often have a stomach ache; Lion can get a heart disease; Virgo is most often affected by the intestines; Libra often has kidney problems; Scorpions are predisposed to diseases of the genito-urinary organs; Sagittarius often develops a gallbladder; Capricorns suffer from a spleen; Aquarians often have blood diseases; Pisces often suffers from an ankle.

Skeptical contemporaries, armed with knowledge and innovative technologies, can immediately object – why did nevertheless our ancestors still got sick?
Well, first, let’s take into account the eternal human factor. Remember Ivanushka from the Russian fairytale – “do not drink from this puddle – you’ll become a kid,” but Ivanushka still drank, because “I just wanted to.” No matter how much you tell Gemini – “Do not smoke, your sign has a danger of lung disease” – a person, if he wants – will smoke even with lung cancer.
Secondly, a person is not a simple mechanism with steady parameters, a person is a system responsive to the whole world in which he exists. Because in the opinion of astrologers we all consist of the physical body (visible, tangible) and the astral body (energy). It is the failures in the astral body that are the main causes of our human diseases.

Answers to all questions
Confess that many of us do not like to visit doctors. As a rule you go to the doctor already  with a number of symptoms, according to the presence and correlation of which the doctor has to diagnose and prescribe drugs and medical procedures. And then you hope that all appointments are successful. For all your questions, “Doctor, why did this happen to me?”, “Doctor, why do these pills help Mary, and  don’t help me ?”, “Doctor, can you do without surgery?” – the doctor  has no answers. And not because the doctor is unqualified, but because he, on the contrary, he knows that different diseases have the same symptoms, and the medicine that saved Mary will not affect Sofya at all, and that in one case the success in combating the disease is possible only with surgical intervention, and in another case the help of the herbalist is quit sufficient. All your questions could be answered by an astrologer whose knowledge of man is based on the theory of the four elements. It is believed that the world consists of 4 different elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water – combined in different proportions. And man, as a particle of this world, is also regulated by the interrelationship of these elements. If all the cosmic elements in the “Man” system are balanced, then – he will be healthy, but if the balance of the elements is violated, a person aching arises. If the doctor can determine – what malfunctions have occurred with respect to these four elements in the body of a particular person – he will be able to understand the cause of the disease, the ways of its elimination and further – possible measures to prevent the relapse.
For such purposes Doctors of antiquity composed the so-called “decumptions”, that is the horoscope of the diseases. Yes, diseases also have a horoscope. Therefore, patients of ancient astrologers remembered the exact date and time when the disease would begin. And the astrologer began to calculate the locations of cosmic objects (planets, stars and cosmic rhythms) at the time of “birth” of the disease. “Decumption” gave all the answers to all questions. Namely – what changes occurred in the ratio of the four elements in the patient’s body, which resulted in imbalance and the onset of the disease; What disease he has exactly (after all, we remember that in different diseases the symptoms often coincide); how the disease is developing, and whether cardinal treatment methods (operations) are possible; than better to treat the appeared malaise (from bloodletting to modern antibiotics) and even such particulars as the time of taking prescribed medications.
By the way, it is not only the ancient patients who knew about the importance of the astrological prognosis of the disease. Even in the time of the triumph of science and the domination of materialism, in the periods of persecution of astrology, doctors who practiced cosmobiology (the  modern official term ), queues of those searching for healing were long. Note that in these queues, as a rule, there were great men. Everybody wanted to be healthy, but especially those who enjoyed life because of their position. Much was written about the astrologers of the third Reich. But we have learnt recently about the cosmobiological advisers of the Soviet elite. And believe me, all of them, from Stalin to Yeltsin checked their actions with astrologers. And they were interested in questions of their own health not least than in politics. Because, if there are questions, the astrologer has answers to them.
Fortunately, nowadays there is a desire to revive such a cosmic examination of the patient. On our site we will discuss this topic. You will learn the basic principles of medical astrology, the basic principles of treating human diseases, cases from the experience of practicing astrologers. We will teach you to live in harmony with the Universe.

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