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Astrological rheumatology forecast for February 2021

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Aries in February want to fill their home with comfort and new furniture, but the costs of the
plan may be too high. Your desires will not match your financial capabilities, so use the popular
saying "Measure seven times, cut once". You will receive very important
information from your relatives, which you can use to your advantage. Some Aries will want to
study their pedigree in detail to create a family tree.
Aries are waiting for changes in the service. You will either retrain, or start a new activity, where
you will meet a person who can become your life partner.
Health: possible sleep disorders, problems with the nervous system, joint pain. The bone system
as a whole requires special attention. It is useful to drink a course of vitamins and calcium.

Taurus can doubt their abilities and purpose of life. These doubts will arise under external
influence. Don't listen to anyone, because you are the only one who can help yourself! Your
hard work and patience will help you to achieve all your goals! Some Taurus will plan a long trip
in search of adventure. If this is related to extreme sports, it is better to postpone the trip.
In February you should not invest in a new project. Many conditions and plans will change in the
near future. Closer to spring, you will be able to increase your budget.
Taurus will have a misunderstanding with his second half. Try to pay more attention to your
loved one, discuss your problems calmly. And most importantly, do not keep your relations in
Health: Taurus can be bothered by headache which will be associated with poor blood
circulation. It is recommended to do a general blood test.

Many Twins, inspired by the pictures of a beautiful life from social networks, will plan a trip or
even a move to another city. Take your time, think carefully about your actions. We always think
that " The grass is always green on the other side of fence.". It is much more reasonable to apply
the knowledge and training courses that you have previously accumulated. It is better to refrain
from learning new things, it is likely that you will not use them.
Some Twins will decide to borrow money or want to apply for a loan. Try to refrain from this
idea in February.

If you are in a quarrel with a loved one, then now is the time for reconciliation. You do not yet
fully know how to behave, the main thing is to show your kindness and love, the stars will do the
rest for you.
Health: Gemini should avoid lifting weights. Pay attention to your spine. May be concerned
about osteochondrosis, as well as varicose veins.

Cancers in February will be very prudent, and in emotions will show unsympathetic. In
February, people you've already helped once will want to borrow money from you. Don't turn
your wallet into a fund to help those in need. It is better for family Cancers not to quarrel over
small things, be able to make concessions, so as not to lose good relations. Free Cancers are
waiting for an interesting acquaintance with a person who will be much older. Most likely, this
person will turn out to be one of your supervisors.
Do not speak ill of people, it can ruin your reputation.
Health: possible exacerbation of chronic diseases. The nervous system will be shaken, so stock
up on sedative medications.

You should not jump to conclusions, and you should not take on a job that you cannot do. Lions
will be overly critical of themselves. With a loved one Lions show their care and love. But they
do not dare to admit their feelings openly yet.
In terms of career there may be problems that you will be able to overcome. You also have allies
with whom you can safely start your business project. But first, you need to weigh the pros and
cons. This important task should not be left to others.
Health: Lions should pay more attention to their health. There may be unplanned expenses for
examinations and medications. Malaise and pain in the joints will make themselves felt.

Virgo in February will devote a lot of time to themselves and their health. Sign up for
educational courses and wellness sessions. There may be unexpected spending money on
hobbies or secret love interests. Some Virgos idealize their partners too much, others make too
many claims. Stick to the golden mean, so as not to be charmed and disappointed. Virgo should
postpone all long-distance trips. You will not bring anything but injuries and a bad mood from
the planned trip.
You will have the opportunity to prove yourself profitably and rise a step or maybe two, in your
Health: If possible, do an MRI of the entire body. You may be concerned about the
cardiovascular system, joint pain, and sudden changes in blood pressure.

In February, you should be very careful when signing any documents. This will help to avoid
problems with the law. Family Libra may have a conflict due to different opinions on the
arrangement of home comfort. As for love relations, you will be faced with a choice. Some will
show you sincere signs of attention, a desire to help and be close to you. And others will offer
you, at first glance, beautiful relations, but later they will demand much more from you.
Try not to spend money on purchases that are not necessary in February. But wellness treatments
will do you good.
Health: baths, saunas, mud baths, wellness massages, herbal teas will help you restore your
strength. You should pay attention to healthy sleep. It is quite likely that insomnia is due to being
constantly in a nervous state.
Scorpios have too many advisers who impose their opinions. Don't listen to anyone, you have the
intelligence and experience to make the right decision yourself. Financial restrictions will not
interfere you. Your relatives will try to interfere in your personal life. Your life is your right to
choose! The main thing is a clear mind and composure. Scorpios who dream of their own home
can start now.
Noble Scorpios who want to take out a bank loan or borrow money for their lover should not do
this. After all, Scorpios, charmed by the state of love, will not be able to assess the situation
soberly and can harm themselves.
Health: possible violation of the thyroid gland, hormonal failure and respiratory diseases.

In February, Sagittarians do many unexpected things for themselves. For example, you re-fall in
love with a person to whom you once lost interest, you look at old things in a new way, you
return to abandoned business projects, etc.
In matters of earnings, you will be given new opportunities, but it will be necessary to show high
responsibility. Sagittarius lovers should not be extravagant. It is better to show your attention
and care and then you will really appreciate the situation with your loved one.
You will be able to benefit from a business trip. You will have competitors in career growth, but
your qualifications will give you a well-deserved victory.
Health: The cardiovascular system may need your care. Your body will give signals that you
should listen to.

In February, Capricorns will have wonderful opportunities in their work and career. But
remember that you and your actions are being watched. This may cause some discomfort, but the
increased attention to your person only proves that you are waiting for a favorable offer. The
only obstacle to your success may be your doubts and fears.

Family Capricorns can wait for a scene of jealousy and misunderstanding at home. Try not to
give your loved one a reason to doubt your feelings.
If you are planning to conceive a child, then during this period you have a high chance of
achieving what you expect.
Health: The central nervous system requires sedatives. Also pay attention to the respiratory

Aquarians are actively engaged in solving issues on the land plot in February. In all your
calculations, there is a small minus. When you plan, you are in the clouds. This attitude will help
Aquarians in creating works of art, but not in business.
The person you love will be completely at your mercy. Your charisma and charm will not leave
anyone indifferent. Some Aquarians are waiting for an influential patron, it is possible that this
will be of a romantic nature.
Family Aquarians should make concessions, otherwise the conflict and the breakup of the
relationship, which both will regret, is inevitable.
Health: Colds, liver pain, blood vessels.

Pisces in February can bank on luck, which should be taken advantage of. You can approve a
mortgage, you can make up with a loved one after a difficult quarrel, you can also form good
relations with a person you have been watching for a long time. The month is unfavorable for
travel: you will either lose money or your vacation will be spoiled by unpleasant adventures.
Study the documents carefully before you sign them. There may be errors in the text, and it is
likely that the transaction will not be profitable for you.
You have accumulated some secrets that they want to find out from you. Be careful.
If you have a desire to change your place of work, do not make decisions until the end of
Health: you may be concerned about itching, allergic reactions, and food poisoning.