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Astrological rheumatology forecast for April 2021

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Aries should pay close attention to self-esteem. You should not overestimate it, but you should not lower it. Pay more attention to what is happening around you. It may happen that because of relatives you will get into an unpleasant situation and express your indignation to the guilty. Limit yourself and your family from negativity.

A loved one occupies all your thoughts in April. You should carefully analyze the future together, weighing all the pros and cons. For the step you have to take will determine your entire future life…

In financial terms, you should not be sprayed. It is better to save some of the profits for the future.

Aries should refrain from long trips, except for the hassle, nothing interesting awaits you. It is better to make an effort to move up the career ladder, you will succeed. Don’t divulge secrets.

Health: take care of your heart and be less nervous, because the cardiovascular system is your most vulnerable place in April.


Taurus should be less critical of themselves for previously missed opportunities. Some will find themselves in an emotional crisis. You should be more confident. In the near future your bright star will shine, and you will be able to achieve your goals.

Some Taurus will have an additional secret income from the sports betting. You should not try your luck too hard, otherwise you may get into debt. But in the matter of investment, the conditions for you are consistently positive.

Family Taurus should pay attention to the health of children. Also, take special care of your parents. Free Taurus will have to make a choice between personal relations and career. Be wise and don’t be afraid to talk to your loved one, it is likely that you will be able to combine everything. You will have changes in your job responsibilities. At work, you should be flexible and sociable.

Health: you should pay attention to the nervous system, as well as to the vessels of the neck and head. You may be concerned about headaches and blood pressure disorders.


Gemini will prove themselves in achieving their goals. The perfect time to move up the career ladder. Even if you did not plan to show your professional abilities, you will be noticed and given a great chance that should not be missed.

You are well informed and sociable – these qualities will help you to establish interesting connections that will lay not only good relations, but also strong and long-term friendship.

Along the way of success, you are waiting for a fateful meeting, which will mark the beginning of a serious relations. Family Twins are waiting for peace and comfort. Possible additions to the family.

Gemini should not be too extravagant. Make investments in yourself and your new knowledges, this will help you always be two steps ahead of your competitors.

In April some Twins will think about learning foreign languages, while others will go on an unplanned trip abroad.

Health: you may be concerned about acute stomach pains. Refrain from spicy food and all spices that can aggravate the painful condition of the stomach.


Many Cancers experience the state of deja vu. In April, you will return to unfinished questions, unprocessed situations and all those moments that Cancer is committed to resolve peacefully, without fear and conflict. It is possible to resume previously terminated relations, but it is important to appreciate and love yourself. For free Cancers, a fateful meeting will be held, which will be filled with positive and attractive feelings.

High probability of conception, even if it is not included in your plans.

As for the career it is important for Cancers to keep their position. Do not make drastic changes.

Be attentive to your business allies. There is a high probability that you are not surrounded by friendly people only.

The time for trips and business trips will be more favorable in the second half of the month.

Health: the liver and respiratory organs are most vulnerable in April in Cancers. Perhaps a sharp deterioration in well-being due to a violation of the immune system.


Lions feel great in the company of the opposite sex. You are like a magnet attracting the admiring glances of others.

Family Lions are waiting for a harmonious union and mutual respect. Many Lions will experience significant changes in their communication with children. Some Lions will become parents.

Lonely Lions should go out to social and solemn events more often. It is there that you will meet your destiny.

There may be a slight pause in business. However, you will find more interesting and profitable work that will exceed all your expectations. Your competitors are not able to lead and surpass you. Your lucky star shines brightly illuminating your life path.

Health: chronic fatigue, low hemoglobin, high cholesterol are possible.


At the beginning of the month, you will be faced with a choice of career, relations, travel. The fact is that for you this is a period of transformation that can give you new opportunities that you have always dreamed of, but were afraid to start. Take what is happening calmly without unnecessary emotions.

The Virgos will go where they never dared to dream before. This is a good period for mastering a new specialty or learning foreign languages. Many Virgos will feel the transformation through the blows of fate that will lead to the best choice for you. Trust your fortune and listen to your heart.

Your loved one will support you, though not in everything. Be patient, happy events are waiting for you.

Health: pay attention to the spine, and it’s not just about graceful posture. Take your health more seriously.


It’s like being under a bright spotlight. Your every action is discussed or condemned by society. Try not to pay attention to evil tongues and gossip, because there are people who really admire you.

Someone will have a stormy love affair with the person next door. For single Libra it’s time to meet your soulmate. And family Libra should solve family problems without quarrels and scandals.

Pay special attention to your children and their health.

The balance in the work will be restored again and promising opportunities for career growth will open up. Libra-businessmen must pay taxes in time.

It is useful for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be alone with nature. Clean air and the chirping of birds will help you restore your strength and inner balance.

Health: your central nervous system is overloaded, so you suffer from insomnia and a violation of the digestive tract.


In April, Scorpios are sensual and passionate, while some are overly sentimental.

The most important things this month are the increase of capital and the purchase of a home. There may be temporary difficulties with the purchase of housing. Many Scorpions are waiting for a move, perhaps to another city.

Misunderstandings and conflicts with a loved one arise because of mere trifles, in particular because of different opinions in everyday life matters. Be sure to find a common language with your loved one.

Scorpios are waiting for frequent trips, business trips.

The advanced training course will benefit you.

You will significantly improve your finance and be able to help your loved ones.

Health: in April, Scorpions can be bothered by pain in the kidney area. Do not delay your visit to the doctor.


Sagittarians work hard on themselves and their mistakes. They set tasks and go to the intended goals. Don’t violate the law. Every secret becomes clear and the punishment from the law is inevitable.

Get your documents in order. In doing so you will discover something that you thought was lost.

For Sagittarius-women, premature birth is possible.

With your loved one you should move to a more serious level of relations. Be decisive, otherwise this opportunity will be postponed for a long time.

You will move up the career ladder and get a great experience that will open up great prospects for you.

Health: frequent colds deprive you of peace. Harden your body and spirit.


Some Capricorns will be drawn to adventure, but it is dangerous. You like the game “Russian Roulette” now. Other Capricorns will want to hide from all the fuss with the help of a long trip.

It is better to restore the relations with your loved one. You should be wise and be the first to make peace.

In April you will meet a person who can excite your feelings.

The financial situation is stable, but it is necessary to act even more actively. Work to increase your budget.

In building your business there may be unpleasant surprises that you can handle. It is useful to take a refresher course, it will help in your work and business.

Health: Capricorns may be concerned about varicose veins on the legs. In this case, contact a phlebologist.


You have an excellent command of speech to control others.

Aquarians are very charismatic, your magic is able to charm absolutely any person. With all this you are in an internal struggle with yourself. There is a transformation of the spirit that will take you to a new, wise level.

You will significantly increase your income, but your expenses will also be large. Therefore, you will get the impression that you cannot manage money well.

Don’t be nervous about it, everything will be restored soon.

Single Aquarians will have personal relations at work. Aquarians who already have personal relations can take that to a higher level. Family Aquarians are waiting for an unexpected, but pleasant addition to the family.

Health: Switch to a proper diet, your stomach will not be able to support you if you eat unhealthy food. Otherwise, you will have to consult a gastroenterologist.


In April Fishes will be able to show themselves very brightly. You will consciously work hard, so that your superiors will pay attention to you. It will be difficult for you to cope with the huge flow of information that comes to you. Try to maintain an internal balance, such a rhythm of work exhausts you. However, you have every chance of winning.

Family Pisces will make an imbalance in the relations with a loved one because of their own jealousy. Free Pisces did not decide with whom exactly they want to be. You will be faced with a choice between relations that was once dear to you but painfully broken, and a new person who can ensure your prosperity.

In any case, Pisces can start life with a clean slate, both in a career and in personal relations.

Health: Fish need healthy sleep and sedatives. Your nervous system is overloaded and the risk of varicose veins is also high.