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Astrological rheumatological prognosis for September 2020

Astrological Rheumatology Forecast for August 2020

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In September, Aries takes a worthy leading position in the title of “Family Man of the Month”. You literally and figuratively do everything for your family, for your children and at home. Aries’ finances are not unstable not because you can’t make enough money. It’s just that Aries is striving this month to help their business partners, their friends, children and everyone they love dearly. You often change your mind, so you cannot decide on your decision. Aries should go to a sanatorium, take care of their health.

Aries should pay special attention to bone structure, spine and joints. Possible acute pain in the joints as well as in the pelvic organs.



Taurus are ready to change their image, their worldview and even their partner in September. The fact is that Taurus is on the verge of internal transformation, and this is noticeable from the outside. Taurus has the ability to change their status in society, but be careful. Your envious people are watching you and trying to hinder you in every possible way. If your intentions are noble, then you will withstand trials and overcome obstacles. Your faith is the main support in life, your faith illuminates your life path. The stars promise Taurus a new addition to the family. If you dream of a baby, then it’s time to start realizing your plans.

Taurus should pay attention to the hormonal system, the thyroid gland. You should visit the  endocrinologist.




Gemini is interested in the financial side of life. Based on the mathematical calculation, you are ready to commit unexpected actions that will ensure the respect of your superiors. Gemini who are in relations will improve them. Lonely ones should take a closer look at the opposite sex at work. It is likely that they have been interested in you for a long time, but do not dare to approach. You should refrain from long trips. There is a high probability of unpleasant situations that will be difficult to avoid. Better take up the issue of professional development, now is the time for self-improvement.

Gemini is worried about sleep disturbance. Exacerbations of chronic diseases are quite likely. Particular attention should be paid to the intestines. If there is the slightest concern, then do not postpone a visit to a specialist.




Cancers should pay special attention to issues related to document circulation. Old debts and unresolved tasks emerge. Cancers should idealize their partner less, in fact, everything may turn out to be different than in their pink dreams. Try to pay special attention to children, they especially need your support. Try to be softer with your household, your harsh statements can alienate the people you love. Finances require special attention, but additional income for Cancers can provide your hobby and some creative ideas.

The cardiovascular system can be damaged. Try to control your emotions, irritation. In September, this condition may bother you throughout the month. Consult a neurologist to select the correct set of sedative medications.




This month Leos prefer to lead a solitary life. Thus, they gain confidence, gain inner strength. Art inspiration will help Leo. You can expect the cost of purchasing or home improvement. Leo is waiting for a light flirtation, which can unexpectedly lead to a serious, unusual, but strong relations. In communicating with children, Leos are the most caring parents, this month you have absolutely all your surroundings to yourself. A loved one helps and inspires you to achieve your goals. If you go on vacation, you will get an unforgettable pleasure.

Leo may be disturbed by varicose veins, restless sleep, or insomnia. Try to exercise and drink peppermint and lemon balm tea.




Virgos will calmly manipulate their loved ones. It’s useless to prove anything to Virgos, they know everything better than anyone. Close relatives, neighbors, will repay your debts. There is a high probability that Virgos can fall in love to unconsciousness! You can be sure that your life partner during this period will bring you only positive emotions. During this period, Virgos will have the opportunity to correct a previously made mistake. It will be great if you plunge into the sphere of philosophy and science. For long trips September is the best time.

 In September, you may feel frequent headaches and toothaches. Blood pressure should be monitored. Virgos are not recommended to engage in dangerous sports in September due to the high risk of injury.




Libra is very strict and punctual in September. You are concerned with issues of the world economy, law, politics. Libra wants to take a break away from their native land, but instead they work tirelessly. A schedule like this can be embarrassing for your significant other. Libras are ready to completely surrender to love, but they will be able to fulfill this desire only at the end of September. Some Libra will want replenishment in the family, while others will actively start this. Libra is waiting for a wave of tender feelings with a person from the past. The scales will go on a long-distance business trip, where they can conclude lucrative business contracts.

Libra can be concerned about stomach and digestion problems. You should follow the correct diet. Libra women should be more careful about their genitals.





Scorpios will receive a promotion, showing their desire to take possession of those around them. You make yourself and your partner nervous with your impulsive behavior. This is not the right time to get married. This period is suitable for resolving conflicts and misunderstandings that have arisen in the relations. In financial matters, you should apply creative ideas. Perhaps you are waiting for a profitable deal, or a lucrative business trip. You better refrain from gambling. You should be as attentive and friendly as possible with the team at work. You may have a great idea that you implement with your team. Try not to be aggressive in your family. Try to filter information that will come from neighbors or relatives, because most of what is said will be fiction.

Scorpios should be more careful with food in September. Diet will not hurt, because junk food can hit the stomach hard.




Sagittarius will change their minds at the speed of light. And not because Sagittarius are fickle, just emerging ideas seem to be one better than the other. In financial terms, the previously worked out project will give its positive results. Family Sagittarians need rest, but it is better to refrain from a trip abroad. Lonely Sagittarius have already found or are about to find their soul mate. Some have already noticed a certain person, but do not dare to admit it to themselves. It is necessary to make a decision at the end of September, you can count on reciprocity. Difficulties may arise in matters of documents, try to check everything down to the details. This recommendation will save you not only money but also your time.

The central nervous system can give you surprises. This can affect the gastrointestinal tract and affect the joints.



Capricorns should refrain from hasty actions and gambling. Both can cause you financial and physical harm. In September, Capricorns will be surprisingly too gentle with others, but you will not lose your previous confident status.

Your chosen one will give you additional confidence and faith in yourself. Free Capricorns’ romantic feelings will smoothly turn into strong family relations.

When dealing with business partners, be on the lookout. There is a high likelihood that they will want to hide the true amount of profit from common business projects.

Your finances are stable.

Blood pressure, cardiovascular system, and skin conditions can be of concern.




Aquarians stubbornly and actively go to their goal in September, they, like bulldozers, sweep away everything in their path. Your family and your relatives will give you a helping hand in financial matters. You will see positive results from business partners. It is quite likely that a major one will come from the work done. Family Aquarius will have harmony, old tender feelings will flare up. Single ones will meet their fate at work. Someone will resume relations with a person for whom you had tender feelings earlier. They are preparing to make you an interesting offer, which you will not refuse.

For Aquarius, September is a good period for studying sciences with a mathematical bias.

In September, Aquarians may notice changes in hormonal levels, thyroid disorders may be disturbing. Sudden mood swings are not excluded.




Pisces should replenish their knowledge in September to communicate with children. Because this month circumstances will turn out so that you will often be in their company. High probability of conception. Pisces are waiting for bright, unusual relations, about which you can write a touching novel. But be careful, your significant other will try to manipulate you, so do not be overly fascinated.

Do not lend money, most likely no one will return it back to you. Financial improvements will be only at the end of the month.

Fish should be outdoors as much as possible, this will be the best way for you to recuperate.

Fish may complain of sharp joint pains, headaches, and you should also check your blood pressure.