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Astrological rheumatological prognosis for May 2020

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Each person is unique, each was born under a certain star that defines the tasks and opportunities that we should know. Someone has a bright star and it illuminates the path of life. And for someone, the Star is more modest and therefore the set of tasks and opportunities is different.

At my consultations, I will calculate and tell you what to know and what to overcome as a specific person. I name the professions that are more suitable for you, explain what partner you need.

I explain what you should strive for, so that the stars help you, and where to stop, so as not to lose the right direction.

Do not expect the astrologer to solve your problems by waving a magic wand. I will only help you to navigate your life.

With respect to you and your horoscope,

Angelina Raid

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In May, Aries has a good appetite and you can get fat. Follow the figure with physical activity. Lazy Aries will say that they have additional places for kisses and that’s good.

If Aries decided to marry a person with whom he is already in a relations, someone from the past may appear and wake up long-forgotten feelings. However, a person from the past will disappear as unexpectedly as he appeared. Therefore, do not destroy relations that already exist.

In early May, Aries will try to implement financial ideas, but from mid-May to the end of the month you will feel a shortage of funds. Be patient, soon the stars will correct the situation. In the eyes of relatives, you are a wealthy person, so do not be surprised at requests to lend money.

The most vivid Aries manifest themselves in the family circle. Households need your wise advice.

Avoid heavy physical exertion, there is a possibility of injury. Possible toothache, hormonal failure, problems with the vocal cords. You should pay attention to the gastrointestinal tract.



At the beginning of the month you are active and full of new ideas. Financial difficulties will begin to be corrected from mid-May. Taurus feels love and support from relatives.

The relations with the opposite sex  is harmonious. You are charismatic, attractive, but very jealous. Taurus can find documents that have been lost previously. Try not to tell your secrets even to relatives, otherwise your secret will turn out to be the most discussed topic of the month.

Women Taurus should pay attention to the pelvic organs, possibly exacerbation of chronic diseases. Be careful – bruises and fractures are possible. Some Taurus may have insomnia or restless dreams.



Your soul is restless. At first, you are not satisfied with your appearance, then with your social status, but when you realize that both are in order, then your complaints pass on to your loved one and to your children. Stars recommend that you compare yourself and your achievements with others less, not make claims to others. This way you can avoid serious conflicts. In financial matters, Gemini does not wait for help and rely solely on their strength and capabilities. At the same time, do not forget that parents and friends who are older than you and higher in social status will support you in any situation. By the end of May, the Twins will calm down and finally gain spring mood.

Gemini should do exercises, pay special attention to the legs, varicose veins are possible here. You should also pay attention to the intestines. Proper nutrition, exercise and fresh air will benefit you.




Crayfish are very attractive in May, so do not be surprised at the frequent compliments about your appearance. Your half is fascinated by you. Family representatives of this wonderful sign should be patient with jealousy from your half. Talk heart to heart and dispel all the doubts of a loved one.

 In conversations, Crayfish can say a lot of unnecessary, express secret information. Be restrained, watch your speech.

In your family you want to behave powerfully, that can offend your parents. Try to be softer in dealing with family, especially with your parents.

In May, financial instability awaits you. Offer management new ideas with a future perspective. Your ideas will be accepted favorably.

Pay attention to the kidneys and the genitourinary system, kidney stones may bother you unexpectedly. Annual spring viral diseases can spoil the spring mood.



Lions are very sociable, well-informed, well-read and willing to share important information with others. Some Lions devote all their free time  studying the news, other Lions devote themselves entirely to children and their upbringing.

Try not to demonstrate your intellectual potential. This approach will help to avoid many troubles and conflicts. By the end of the month the situation will change for the better, where you can prove yourself in all its glory.

An unpleasant surprise may await you on a career issue. However, after the middle of the month, the stars will direct your path in the right direction. You will pass the tests with flying colors.

There is a high probability of repayment of the old debt. But this is not worth talking to either friends or relatives, otherwise you will certainly have new debtors.

Lions are worried about joints, especially at the knees. You should also monitor your blood pressure.



Virgos are busy with calculations, layouts, redevelopments … Virgos need accurate numbers, especially regarding money and financial profit.

Virgos are too jealous in May. But they themselves can randomly meet a person with whom they once had a tender relations, and have a nice time with him.

Virgins must pay off old debts.

In May, Virgos will have a desire to study the psychology, culture and traditions of different peoples, religions, to learn the essence of philosophical teachings. Such interest will help answer questions that have long been of concern to you. Also, Virgo can do yoga, this will help to maintain tone and internal balance.

Hip pain may bother you. In this case, you should consult a doctor.



All month Libra is focused on his emotions. They are trying to find balance, which is not always possible.

An unexpected check at work may wait for the balance. It is important for the scales to restore order in the service documents, this will help to avoid troubles from unexpected inspections. Libra will find documents lost previously and that will help to correct the situation.

Family Libra awaits misunderstanding and conflict with a soul mate. You speak with your spouse as if in different languages. To solve problems you need to find an internal balance.

 Free Libra must show decisiveness, otherwise your chosen one will slip away from you forever.

Health will not let you down if you take sedatives. It is the nervous system that can malfunction. Cardiovascular system, blood pressure can bother you seriously.




Scorpios at the beginning of the month are very picky, especially to their soulmate. You are too demanding and calculating. To avoid conflicts in the family you should be softer and more patient. Your passion can be the beginning of a break in your relationship with a partner.

You may be invited to an old job with an interesting offer that Scorpions cannot refuse. New work may be related to relocation. Or you will follow your spouse to a new place where you will need to adapt. Do not worry, your loved one will support you in everything.

Your plans should be kept secret, so it will be better to implement them.

You should take a general blood test, maybe the result will show a violation of white blood cells and low hemoglobin. Take care of your nervous system.



Finance, work – everything is going well with you. Some difficulties are possible only at the beginning of the month. Feel free to get to work, and it will lead you to success. You should be a little more careful with friends. They so want to surpass you in business, and this will lead to problems.

In relations with a loved one, one should show decisiveness and wisdom in order to get out of a confused situation.

You need to pay special attention to your children. During this period, they are very active and can get into unpleasant situations from which you will have to pull them out.

You may be concerned about vasodilation, acute pain in the stomach, pancreatitis. Perhaps all chronic diseases at once will make themselves felt. In May, you should go to an appointment with your doctor so that the pain does not spoil your positive attitude.



Capricorns in May have incredible charisma and skillfully manipulate others. No one can refuse you and everyone willingly fulfills your whims.

 Capricorns will have a desire to make a rearrangement in the house, and maybe make repairs. Family Capricorns awaits replenishment in the family, so the repair will be adapted for a new family member. Free Capricorn is waiting for a fateful acquaintance, most likely – in social networks. Perhaps your chosen one will be from another city.

In May, you will work hard at the office. You need to correct the missing points, restore business ties, sign contracts, and develop a new scheme that will bring significant results.

Capricorn should consult a dentist. Pay attention to the heart and endocrine system.




You will be mysterious both for loved ones and for yourself. You will plunge into your inner World to find answers for all the accumulated questions there. You are like a philosopher, thinker, sage …. The main thing for you is not to get stuck in this state, otherwise you will lose the desire to achieve your goals. Do not move away from the practical side of life.

You are tired of the monotony, in the house you change household appliances or the interior. An affair on the side is possible. Aquarius is vulnerable, attention and love are important for them.

Relatives may apply to you for financial assistance.

Perhaps a person from the past will want to renew relations. Stars do not recommend this. Aquarius needs to clarify and strengthen relations with an existing partner.

Your vocal cords, sore throat, and digestive problems may bother you. Monitor blood sugar.



Fish wants to create a family home. If you have a loved one, get ready for a serious step. And free Pisces can meet the chosen one on the way home. Take a closer look at others.

In May, Pisces can make a good profit. Basically, Pisces work actively and earn well.

There may be troubles on the part of the neighbors, but they cannot harm you, they will only spoil your mood.

Family Pisces can find good news about family replenishment.

At work, try not to sign documents that are not well known to you, it is likely that you may be intentionally framed.

Fulfillment of hopes is being dragged out, disappointments are possible somewhere.

Pisces may have a metabolic problem. The diet should be reviewed, food poisoning is possible. Drafts should also be avoided, colds and pneumonia are dangerous.