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Astrological rheumatological prognosis for March 2020

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Each person is unique, each was born under a certain star that defines the tasks and opportunities that we should know. Someone has a bright star and it illuminates the path of life. And for someone, the Star is more modest and therefore the set of tasks and opportunities is different.

At my consultations, I will calculate and tell you what to know and what to overcome as a specific person. I name the professions that are more suitable for you, explain what partner you need.

I explain what you should strive for, so that the stars help you, and where to stop, so as not to lose the right direction.

Do not expect the astrologer to solve your problems by waving a magic wand. I will only help you to navigate your life.

With respect to you and your horoscope,

Angelina Raid

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Since the beginning of the month Aries behave suspiciously, because they themselves suspect everyone and behave like spies. The fact is that Aries are waiting for a meeting that will significantly affect their finances. The patrons that Aries will find this month will be very influential and demanding, but fair. Aries, feel free to multiply your resources, you have enough energy for this. Take a closer look at the person who likes you – perhaps a stormy romance will start. A trip abroad will bring you positive emotions. Mail Aries should pay attention to the prostate gland. Be careful in the sports dawn, there is a possibility of injuries. Joint pain may be bothering you throughout the month, pay attention to this problem.




Taurus solves issues in the legal sphere, works with documents. At the beginning of the month you have a lot of problems: household, financial, family. There is even a threat of divorce. Do not make sudden, hasty actions, think carefully then do. Taurus is determined, if they have something at the back of their thoughts, they will put it into life. Taurus emotions will normalize by the middle of March, and the spring of love will settle in their soul. This will help Taurus to get started more actively. Taurus should pay attention to the headaches that have arisen – this is a signal of overwork. You should see the doctor who can help you to fix the problem.




Gemini, be careful when communicating. Ill-considered statements will bring you harm. When solving problems you lack the necessary information. Therefore, it is important to ask your friends for help, they will support you and give you valuable advice. Twins should refrain from buying real estate. Such a large purchase will probably not bring you joy. You will find errors or unpleasant surprises in the documents, so be cautious. The situation will improve by mid-March, but the end of March may bring trouble. You should not take up little-known cases where you will not be able to solve the problem yourself. In March, your lungs are vulnerable. Be careful not to get pneumonia.




Cancers have big plans, your emotions betray your intentions. Pull yourself together and calm down, for you are in the grip of your illusions. Questions that you have started to solve are likely to fail. In this case, the stars recommend you to seek advice from an influential patron, or consult a lawyer. You must have made a mistake. Be especially careful if the questions concerning loaning, mortgage or taxes. Pay special attention to the household, try to be less demanding, keep harmony within yourself and in the family. Strong emotions are dangerous for Cancers, so keep yourself in hand. A nervous breakdown may require a doctor.




Lions try to lead a secret but active lifestyle in March. They keep all their plans secret and act decisively. Towards the end of the month, you will certainly get the long-awaited result. By the end of the month, the Lions will feel their real superiority, but oddly enough, Lions will not brag. Lions tempt others and tempt themselves this month. Let the romance finally come into your life, the stars align for you. Lions may be concerned about chronic diseases. Don’t run them, so that new diseases are not added to the old ones. You should get tested for hormones.



Virgins spend time in noisy companies, with friends who need their help. But the most important help you will provide to your children and your spouse. Lonely Virgins should look behind – someone is clearly not indifferent to you. Try not to give in to negative emotions at work because of your boss. Identify the source of the negative information – most likely it is someone from your environment. Try not to give out your plans to others, because someone will try to “put a spoke in the wheel”. Virgins should avoid hypothermia and also pay attention to the blood vessels.



In early March, Libra solves problems that occurred earlier. Your sense of humor and your beloved help you to be in harmony. What concerns pecuniary affairs, it is important to solve problems without delay to avoid trial. In relations with the management it is better not to leave but to solve all uncertain problems. You will be offered a new position and here you need to know all the nuances and possible pitfalls. This way you will avoid conflict with your superiors. Misunderstandings with a loved one will clear up in mid-March. This is a good time to discuss and understand all the problems in relations. As a result, your relations will move to a higher level. Libra may experience dizziness and weakness. It is necessary to pass a General blood test, possibly white blood cells lowering.

Your weak spot in February is your heart. Therefore, make a cardiogram and consult a cardiologist.



Scorpions will find a new interesting activity for self-development. In finance you will get a significant profit in the second half of March, but you will not be able to save money. You would pay for home improvement, assistance to relatives or other issues. Scorpions are better not to go on long trips because there is a possibility of luggage theft. Scorpio behaves very passionately in personal relations, while trying to excessively lead a loved one. Do not complicate your life, enjoy the first month of spring and give your spouse a little personal space at least. Scorpions should check the liver, if you feel pain – consult a doctor.



In March, the main thing for you is your family. You will not just want to spend time with your family, but also to arrange a holiday for them. Children are everything for you, so you try as much as possible, giving them love and care. March is a good time to remind your debtors to return the money, but it is better not to borrow money again. In business relations it is better not to push, but better to give in, thereby you can clarify relations with a partner. Sagittarians are recommended to take a vacation and go to the mountains. You will not only have a good rest, but also put your thoughts in order. It is better to refrain from extreme sports, since there is a possibility of injury to your hip parts. Keep your feet warm so as not to get inflammation of the genitourinary system.



Capricorns are critical and demanding at the beginning of the month. A sense of justice and duty will haunt Capricorn up until the middle of March. Capricorns are not to worry about finance, they have everything under control. Business partners will not let you down. Some Capricorns will want to establish personal intimate relations, or look for love adventure. If you have the second option, be vigilant, because your partner’s jealousy will not allow you to change. You will get a huge scandal. It is better to go on a long journey, where you can not only relax, but also learn a lot of interesting things. Capricorns are waiting for a period when you need to look at life in a new way. Take care of your heart, control your blood pressure. There is a possibility of varicose veins, be careful.




Aquarius is fascinated by art. You don’t miss any creative exhibition where your soul is filled with harmony. In the Aquarians family changes occur, someone replenishes, and someone decides to leave alone with himself. In finance the beginning of March is not very successful, and from mid-March you will get the long-awaited result. Aquarians are too critical of their half. But right now she needs your support, not criticism. You will receive gratitude and support in return. It’ll be very important for you in the near future. Pay attention to your dreams, they can predict your future. Aquarians need to pay attention to the kidneys, adrenal glands, and genitals.



In March you feel “like a fish to water”. Your relatives will support you in financial matters. Your family will help to cope with the difficulties. In personal relations Pisces are recommended to look at the object of their adoration objectively. Floating in the clouds in pink glasses you get away from reality. A person who likes you will help you with your career. Pisces should think whom to give preference to: one who loves you or the one you love. In March, the most vulnerable sphere for Fish is the urogenital system, keep your feet warm and try not to freeze, so as not to catch a cold.