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Astrological rheumatological prognosis for Desember 2019

Astrological consultation. Personal and online.

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Each person is unique, each was born under a certain star that defines the tasks and opportunities that we should know. Someone has a bright star and it illuminates the path of life. And for someone, the Star is more modest and therefore the set of tasks and opportunities is different.

At my consultations, I will calculate and tell you what to know and what to overcome as a specific person. I name the professions that are more suitable for you, explain what partner you need.

I explain what you should strive for, so that the stars help you, and where to stop, so as not to lose the right direction.

Do not expect the astrologer to solve your problems by waving a magic wand. I will only help you to navigate your life.

With respect to you and your horoscope,

Angelina Raid

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In December this year, Aries are waiting for many interesting events. Someone will have trips abroad, someone will have an interesting meeting with the opposite sex, and someone will be able to dramatically improve their financial situation. Buy a lottery ticket – you have a chance to win.

At work put the documentation in order, as the check of your work by the management is possible.

You should not take a loan in December. In the second half of December, business partners can assist you.

Aries should pay attention to the thyroid gland. Aries are also recommended to drink a complex of vitamins. Dress warmer to avoid colds.


Taurus is actively engaged in financial matters in December: accumulation and repayment of debts are possible.

Taurus is ready to go on long trips to earn good money.

At the beginning of the month, Taurus may have a misunderstanding with colleagues, but in the second half of the month the situation will change. Use this period to strengthen your relations with management. There is a chance of career growth in December.

In a personal relations do not wait for something special. Family Taurus should strengthen relations and support each other …

Be choosy about food to avoid food poisoning. Follow diet.


For Gemini December is a good time for sports. You need to put your body and mind in order. The bosses will offer you a responsible task, and you will be able to prove yourself in the best way.

Paper work will infuriate Gemini at the beginning of the month. But by the end of the month you will finally get your thoughts together and finish the work successfully.

Some Gemini will want to change the car or buy a new one – the stars will help you with this affair.

Lonely Gemini will think about creating a family. Girls can get a long-awaited offer.

Protect your health, especially your lungs. Be careful on the road, the probability of bruises and injuries is high for you.

Cancers should pay attention to parents, as well as heed their wise advice.

The Cancer’s financial prospects are still limited, but hard work will lead to the expected results. In December, Crayfish will be ready to actively help friends. However, it is better not to lend money to anyone, since the debt will most likely not be repaid.

 Cancer’s relations with colleagues and friends is developing well, but there is a lack of understanding in his personal life. It is as if they do not hear you and do not want to understand you, and your declarations of love do not make a special impression. Cheer up, the situation will change soon. In the meantime, visit theaters and museums, surround yourself with  beautiful atmosphere and  pleasant chats with friends.

Some Cancers may inherit from relatives.

The nervous system and heart are especially vulnerable this month. Keep yourself in control.



Home, life, family and work – these are the main concerns of Lion in December. Lions plan to make beautiful repairs at home, look for expensive furniture, deal with family issues.

Some Lions find extra income.

Be careful not to divulge your secrets. Some people may use the received information against you.

Strive to understand your family members, learn to give in.

Lions should put their thoughts in order; this is necessary for you. Psychosomatics is important, so think about good things.

 You may be disturbed by blood vessels, varicose veins, and liver. Therefore, you should undergo medical examination.


December will bring Virgo new friends, communication with interesting people.

You are waiting for interesting business trips, the development of new technologies, the study of new ones. Innovation is possible at work, so learn new material.

Master classes, continuing education courses are what you now need.

In their personal lives, Virgo will be too demanding, they are already in the spotlight, but they are not enough. Virgos need much attention to their person.

Virgo should do fitness; it will benefit you and cheer you up.

 In December headaches, migraines, and minor ailments may bother you. Spend as much time as possible outdoors.


Libras are extremely busy in December. It is important for you to do everything in accordance with the law and the rules!  Business trips to distant cities and maybe foreign trips await you.

In December it is important to be on the lookout for business partners, especially at the beginning of the month. Business partners will try to persuade you to verbal agreements. However, stars recommend documenting all arrangements.

You will appreciate the big profit in the second half of December. Your hard work in recent months will finally give a positive result.

Libra will seek high feelings in books, poems and songs …

Eat more foods containing calcium, try to strengthen the skeletal system. Pay attention to the spine: you need massage and exercise.


Scorpios will want to devote time to children, and someone will think about replenishment in the family.

Scorpios plan their affairs carefully, systematize tasks and information. They do so in work and in personal life.

You strive to find out all the details and this makes your loved ones nervous.

Some Scorpions plan to visit government offices to legitimize business or existing relationships.

December is a good period for you to earn money, but do not forget to follow the laws and regulations.

In December, the Scorpions are vulnerable to the nervous system, blood vessels, stomach, respiratory organs, and mammary glands in women.


Sagittarius is full of love and ready for action. At the beginning of the month, Sagittarius feels a rise of strength. From mid-December, the influence of stars is changing and Sagittarius should behave more calmly.

Sagittarius is recommended to save some money. You will soon need money very much.

If you are in a quarrel with your half, then it’s time to take a step towards reconciliation. Stars promise harmony in relations.

Sagittarius should pay attention to the immune system in December.


Capricorns are worried about the most important question for them: where to invest money so that there is an excellent result. Slowly but surely Capricorn is heading towards his intended goal.

Pay attention to family despite being busy, the family really needs your attention.

Capricorns should pay attention to blood pressure.

Smell flowers, visit the swimming pool, but don’t overdo it. Yoga classes are also helpful.


September 2019 is most difficult for Aquarius this year. 

Aquarius will think about changing jobs, they are tired of the routine. Friends will help you in search of a new job. Your new job will be very successful. If you plan to open your own business – act boldly. The stars are on your side.

Aquarius is waiting for a new acquaintance, new friends in December. You contact people easily and those around you feel comfortable.

For some Aquarius friendship can develop into love, so take a closer look at your surroundings.

Be attentive to your eyes, there may be problems.


Pisces are dreamy, they idealize the partner. You may be in the clouds for a while, but you should return to reality.

Pisces awaits December routine. You have high hopes, so it is important for you to do everything on time.

In financial terms, Pisces should not wait for achievements, but your efforts will be marked by leadership.

In personal relations Pisces lack mutual understanding. Try not to quarrel, because you can greatly offend your partner with your ardor. It’s better to tell directly what you expect from these relationships. In December Pisces should pay attention to the heart, kidneys and adrenal glands, as well as the genitourinary system.