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Astrological rheumatological prognosis for August 2020

Astrological Rheumatology Forecast for August 2020

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Aries is engaged in the restoration of documents related to your property, land or inheritance all month long. You are faced with complex problems, you will have to worry, waste time, waste money. And you should save money, because you will need it for other important tasks. At the end of August Aries can afford to rest and go on a long trip.  Lonely Aries can have a resort romance, which may develop into serious relations. Family Aries should be as attentive to each other as possible. August is a wonderful period to strengthen your relations with your loved one.

Aries should pay attention to the vessels. Some Aries may be worried about the narrowing of the vessels of the head and neck, others – the expansion of varicose veins on the legs. The cardiovascular system can disturb you also. If you have any problems see your doctor.



Taurus is ready for love adventures. In August, you want romance and tenderness. It is important not to get discouraged, as you tend to over-praise your partner. The reality is very different from your beautiful fantasies. But in the financial aspects you will be lucky with your business partners. However, planning your work carefully and in advance will help you to save time and achieve better results. Young Taurus can receive disapproval from their relatives when choosing the profession. You shouldn’t rely too much on the help of your friends. Friends may let you down because your problems may be too difficult for them.

Taurus has deficient in calcium. You may be concerned about osteochondrosis, joint pain. There is a high probability of bruises and fractures.



Gemini will receive attention from people close to you. All of your personal attention is also focused on the care and well-being of the family. Many of you will decide on a serious step – to legalize relations with your beloved. Family Gemini will think about having a baby, so they will carefully prepare for the planned replenishment. Financially, you have all the prerequisites for making a big profit. Gemini can spend money on problems that need immediate solutions.  At work, as well as on the way of career takeoff, ill-wishers and difficulties wait you. You will pass this difficult path with dignity, but you will have to make an effort to defeat the ill-wishers. Gemini should pay attention to their health, otherwise they can get chronic diseases.

You should pay attention to the stomach, the endocrine system, as well as the respiratory system.



Cancers will be engaged in personal self-development, image improvement. Cancers will have a secret hobby that will capture you entirely in August. It will be some fun, hobby, or a secret love affair. Cancers should not borrow money to implement new ideas.

You may feel acute pain in the stomach and chronic diseases may worsen. Try to switch to proper nutrition and do light exercises. Cancer women are encouraged to make an appointment with a mammologist.



Leos again feel inner confidence, charming others with their appearance. Lions assess their strength and financial capabilities quite soberly. Conscientious work brings good results and financial rewards. Some Leos will decide to change jobs. You are too strict with your family and evaluate their actions critically, but at the same time you are ready to help any moment. You unnecessarily embellish your partner, so you should evaluate his actions more soberly. Otherwise, you will be greatly disappointed.

Leos need to calm their nervous system. Because of experiences, you may get a malfunction in the nervous, hormonal, and endocrine systems. Have a good rest, go on a long trip – that will give you positive emotions.



Virgos want to travel and it is desirable that they have a favorite book with them. It is important for you to be able to separate the necessary information from unnecessary gossip. In family life absolutely different events from joyful to shocks, from quarrels to reconciliation are expected. Virgos who already have relations should be more attentive and kinder to their partner. Harsh statements or excessive jealousy can alienate your loved one. At work they will try to mislead you, so you should check the results obtained thoroughly. Routine and time-consuming work awaits you, but Virgos will cope with a difficult situation. The result will reward you.

Virgos are too sleepy, you should be outdoors more. Virgo’s cardiovascular and nervous systems can be vulnerable in August. Virgos need to be heard. Therefore, you should contact a psychologist who will help you find answers to questions that bother you.



The stars advise you to lead a secluded lifestyle in early August. It may seem to others that you are indifferent to what is happening around you. You will hear critics from close people. They will try to impose on you norms of behavior that do not suit you. A loved one may be away from you in the right moment. If possible, take the initiative, try to spend more time with your loved one. This will be your salvation in the routine surrounding you. The investments you made earlier may give a good result. Old debts will be returned to you. But the conflict that has arisen between work partners can reach legal proceedings. By the end of the month you will be able to resolve any misunderstandings that have arisen.

You may have severe headaches. You should also take sedatives. Remember that your difficulties are temporary and your nerves must be protected.



Scorpio will look different every day. Something is constantly changing in Scorpios: appearance, opinion or getting in love. In August, you are too lovely and, as a rule, choose dangerous variant for yourself. Lonely Scorpios are ready to make a love choice with an unfamiliar person. Keep yourself in control and do not do rash acts. You need to understand yourself and don’t make any mistakes. There are all prerequisites for career growth, the management will certainly notice your work. Be prepared for long-distance business trips. Scorpio should rest near water. Your financial stability is guaranteed, but you will not have enough money.

Scorpios may complain of colds. It is recommended to visit a laryngologist and check adenoids, tonsils. You may be prescribed a course of treatment.



Sagittarius are overly dreamy in August. There is nothing wrong with this, but you are more in the clouds and do little to get what you want. There is a fear in your inaction that the plans you have conceived are not being realized. You can make unfulfilled promises because of your doubts and fears. Arguments can occur in the family, try to be less critical, so as not to offend loved ones with your fervor. August can be traumatic for Sagittarius. Therefore, choose a calm and safe type of recreation, avoid extreme sports. In August a secret that you carefully hid can be revealed.

Beware of air conditioners as there is a high chance of pneumonia.



Capricorns are in a team where deliberate deceptions are likely. Be careful with documents, there is a high probability of losing important letters or an error in filling out documents. Your concentration and attentiveness will help you to avoid mistakes. Capricorns have a good opportunity to cement love relations. You can be sure that you are not mistaken in choosing a partner. Your soul mate will bring you not only love, but also good luck. Try not to allow others to interfere in your relations, because you were connected by Fortune itself, promising you a harmonious union.

August is a good time to think carefully about the right plan at work. Try to keep plans a secret until they are implemented so that competitors cannot steal your ideas. Towards the end of the month you can start implementing your plans.

Capricorns may complain of varicose veins, joint pain, exacerbation of gout. Contact the right specialist and the doctor will select the necessary treatment that can stop the disease in time.



Aquarians will behave as if all the important warnings do not concern them. Your overconfidence can let you down. Evaluate the situation more soberly, in financial matters you should be more economical. Regardless of the amount of earnings you either do not have enough money or too much money in August. Therefore, you should keep cost control and do cost planning. Aquarians will deal with family issues. Positive changes are definitely in store for you. Free Aquarians may meet mutual sympathy at work or on a business trip. A secret love affair may begin. Aquarians have accumulated too many desires, in which they themselves are entangled. You should look inside yourself and set your priorities.

Aquarius, your cardiovascular system requires attention and care. Don’t neglect your health. Only your health is able to support you in a difficult situation.



Pisces are capable of adventurous actions in August. You are looking for adventures from which you will have to extricate yourself then. It is likely that your former love will return to you. It all starts with an unexpected call or message. All is well, but old relations can negatively affect new relationships. Pisces will work tirelessly. Too many things have accumulated and it’s time to put things in order. Your planned trip may need to be postponed. Listen to your dreams, during this period they can be prophetic. Pisces should devote time to parents. Call them or rather visit them.

Fish are advised to check the endocrine system, take a blood test for hormones. For the slightest violation consult a doctor.