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Astrological rheumatological prognosis for April 2020

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Each person is unique, each was born under a certain star that defines the tasks and opportunities that we should know. Someone has a bright star and it illuminates the path of life. And for someone, the Star is more modest and therefore the set of tasks and opportunities is different.

At my consultations, I will calculate and tell you what to know and what to overcome as a specific person. I name the professions that are more suitable for you, explain what partner you need.

I explain what you should strive for, so that the stars help you, and where to stop, so as not to lose the right direction.

Do not expect the astrologer to solve your problems by waving a magic wand. I will only help you to navigate your life.

With respect to you and your horoscope,

Angelina Raid

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Stars recommend Aries not to be self-confident. Patiently gather strength, soon you will need it. There may be unexpected and urgent financial costs for home repairs. There may be problems with previously issued documents. Aries are in a state when you need the support of loved ones.  Your loved one will support You and breathe new life into You.  Aries can expect a pleasant addition to the family this month. 

In April, You may be concerned about the pelvic organs, the gastrointestinal tract. You may have a hormonal failure, you should not ignore the thyroid gland … You may have a breakdown, so you need proper nutrition and vitamins.




Taurus cannot sit still, inactivity is not just tiring, but driving Taurus crazy. The stars recommend Taurus not to commit rash and hasty actions. A little later You will realize that hasty actions will bring financial and emotional losses.

There may be an unpleasant surprise from relatives. Therefore, try to keep Your distance to avoid losses. There are also pleasant moments: lonely Taurus will have a pleasant and promising meeting in the near future. And family Taurus will be able to strengthen the relationship with the legal partner.

Taurus should pay attention to blood pressure, you will worry about headaches up to migraines.  Also, the stars recommend choosing food carefully, since food poisoning is likely. Make an appointment with a gastroenterologist and undergo a gastroscopy.




The Twins are concerned about the current circumstances. You worry about yourself and your loved ones.  However, the state of fear harms You. Keep cool, calm, and reasonable.

Think about resources.  Possible profits will be replaced by large costs. Some of the Twins will want to do charity work. Don’t forget to pay attention to Your loved one. You should find out what exactly is causing the misunderstanding between you. Keep a sense of humor and strengthen relationships.

Gemini must avoid fat, too sweet and spicy food. High cholesterol and gastritis are Your main ailments this month.




Cancers try to be leaders, using their authority in relations with their spouse and with others. You should tame your ego, otherwise you may lose the favor of these people later. You should work hard to replenish your resources. Your work will produce results at the end of April. You should put your real estate and other financial documents in order. This recommendation will protect You from mistakes and misunderstandings in the future.

Pay attention to your cardiovascular system. Varicose veins of the lower extremities are possible.




Lions will want to change their appearance, lifestyle, or last name radically. Lions should not worry about financial matters. If you encounter problems Higher Power will help You. Lions will think about buying  home and get a mortgage. Perhaps because of Your Lion nature, You have forgotten about the need to hear and understand Your own children. They need Your attention and care.  Lions are selfish and will demand attention from their partners.

Lions can be bothered by joints, especially the shoulder joint. Beware of physical injuries, there is a high probability of bruising.



Virgo is very attractive in April. Your charisma and charm are Your main weapons. Your money deposits will bring a good income. Lottery winnings are not excluded.  Financial problems are unlikely. However, You should not discuss these issues with outsiders. Pay attention to Your family. There is a high probability of replenishment in the family.

Virgo should pay attention to the liver, you should pass a General blood test. Osteochondrosis is another ailment that can bring you trouble in April.



Libra is diplomatic and tactful. You rely only on yourself. Your speech has a magnetic effect on others. Your optimism may seem frivolous to some of your partners. But when they understand your seriousness, confidence, and willingness to act, they will want to work with you. Before accepting their offers, check all the documents so as not to get in a debt pit.  You should help Your children. Don’t be nervous about thwarted plans – it’s not Your fault. Gain strength and be ready for changes. Your loved one will support and inspire You.

In April, the stars recommend Libra to be more attentive to his health. Dress warmly, despite the spring season. Otherwise, colds and sore throats are possible.




Scorpions will have a great desire to help their family and friends. You are ready to literally suffocate them with your all-encompassing love. Suddenly You may receive official news of a promotion that you have long sought. But you need to remember that this will put a lot of responsibility on You.

Your loved one will soon turn to You for help in resolving legal issues. Your advice will be very important and weighty.

Allergic skin diseases are possible. Beware of dislocations and fractures during this period.



Archers can’t sit still in one place.  For you it is important to call everyone, share the news, and most importantly collect the news so that you can continue to share the news. Sagittarians will behave unnecessarily jealous of their partner, express their dissatisfaction and indignation to the partner. Calm down, don’t be nervous. Now You can’t influence the current situation, so it’s better to relax and start reading.  There may be problems related to debt repayment.

Sagittarians will take your loved ones health very seriously. You study folk medicine and instructions for the use of all kinds of medicines. Read it but don’t panic. Pay special attention to the joints and the bone system. You need to drink a course of calcium. Old injuries can remind you of themselves, and stress and poor nutrition can exacerbate chronic gastritis.



Capricorns are not mercantile, but the issues of Finance and law enforcement are in the first place for them. Partners with whom you have previously concluded a deal may change previously agreed plans. Don’t panic, You will not lose your money, just get it a little later than planned.

Friends can help you expose people who are plotting against You. You will be able to provide financial assistance. There may be differences with the spouse regarding the proper upbringing of children. Do not be too strict and harsh, but try to be patient and come to a common opinion.

The cardiovascular and nervous systems require Your attention. Acute toothache can occur due to stressful experiences.




Many Aquarians will think seriously about changing the place of residence. Aquarians want changes. Most likely You will take up the case at the end of April.  Family Aquarians will show love and care for their family. It is possible that soon the stork will bring news of the expected addition to Your family. April will send new meetings with the opposite sex for Single Aquarius. And freedom-loving Aquarians will make their choice.

Others will perceive Aquarius as jealous and suspicious people. This deceptive impression will dissipate when Aquarians independently solve their problems and return to the usual rhythm of life.

At the end of April, you will face financial expenses related to the registration of documents.

Pay attention to your vision, you may need to choose contact lenses. Pay attention to the kidneys and adrenal glands. If you have had kidney stones once, then a relapse is possible.



Fish are mysterious and suspicious at the beginning of the month, and in the future they can completely hide their emotions. The only thing that is bothering the Fish is  a financial issue and document management. These questions unsettle the Fish. Relations with children drive You mad. Do not rush to punish children and impose your decisions on them. Remember your own childhood. Try to understand the children and help them make the right decision. Try not to trust your real estate documents to relatives. This may be a temptation for them.  Human envy is quite real and dangerous for You.  Your loved one will help you understand your relations with others.

Fish vulnerable place is the lungs, so try not to contact sick people. This will help to avoid infection. You may be concerned about severe stomach pain, so you should refrain from spicy and fried dishes.