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Aries, it is not a very simple month for you which is ahead. You will have to deal with all the accumulated questions on your own. You can rely on friends, but still most of the work you will have to do yourself. Aries will not be deprived of energy in July. But a fair amount of it will have to be spent on small tasks. This summer month will give you a romantic relationship, which will ruin your seriousness a little. However, do not lose your head, reckless actions are not the best way out of the situation. Aries will feel a certainty and readiness to take a responsible step. Your income will increase, and colleagues will not doubt your professionalism.
Horoscope of health
The health horoscope recommends Aries to pay attention to diet and sleeping. Arrange your day and you will feel much better.
If you start to worry about joints, do not trust your health to folk recipes in July. Take advantage of the benefits of civilization and consult a doctor.




Taurus, in July you will come across the fact that everyone wants your help. Growth of popularity will not be a positive factor for always. Quite soon you will get tired of it. After all, even those who borrowed money from you will not be in a hurry to pay the debt. Stars recommend you to leave sophisticated problems and engage in spiritual growth. Learn the meditation, you will feel the growth of strength and energy. It can be safely used while working. It’s time to show your colleagues that you do not lose your grip. The authorities will like the fighting spirit with which you will approach the solution of problems. That will affect the salary accordingly.
Horoscope of health
The health horoscope strongly recommends merging with nature. Air, water procedures and a pleasant company will perfectly raise not only the mood, but the vitality in general. Pay attention to the condition of the joints, wear
orthoses and follow the recommendations of your rheumatologist. So you will keep your health and well-being for a long time.




Gemini, you are waiting for changes. July will bring new acquaintances and impressions. The abundance of colors will cause a desire to plunge into serenity and solitude. Probably, this is affected by fatigue due to hard work recently. And yet you are overwhelmed by optimism and the desire for development. Stars recommend not to argue with the superiors, but offer your ideas and projects boldly. The approval of colleagues will raise self-esteem. Horoscope for July recommends Family Gemini to spend more time with children. Single Gemini will get a chance to find their half at the most unexpected moment.
Horoscope of health
The health horoscope advises you to pay attention to your physical condition. Avoid drafts and colds. This can become a provocation for a more serious process. Do gymnastics regularly. In July, you may be troubled by the spine. Adhere to the recommendations of a rheumatologist and the ailment will recede.




Cancer, in July the horoscope foreshadows that quite a lot of events will happen regardless of your desires. So do not worry again. Listen attentively to yourself. The inner voice will tell you to do the right. Distribute your attention in accordance with the urgency and importance of problems. Proper planning will save you enough time to spend it with your family and children. If there are disputes with beloved ones, the stars recommend the tactics of expectation. So you should avoid quarreling and unnecessary stress. And in general, others will be grateful to your pieces of advice and recommendations. The main thing is not to overdo it.
Horoscope of health
The health horoscope advises Cancers to go in for sports. Morning exercises, swimming in the pool and walks are exactly what you need at the moment. Try hardening. You can start with a contrast shower. So you have time to prepare the body for the autumn weather. Use
o`rthoses and adhere to therapy prescribed by a rheumatologist.




Leo, July will be the month of spontaneous decisions. Trust your destiny, your plans will come true, but not immediately. Stars advise with confidence to go forward without looking back to the past. Forget about the woes. Do not worry about what has already happened. This month you have to make important decisions, concerning your family and love. And yet this is not a cause for excitement. At work you will feel comfortable and relaxed. There will be no conflicts with your colleagues. And the bosses will notice your creativity and non-standard thinking.

Horoscope of health
The health horoscope advises the Lions to concentrate their attention on the spine. Do gymnastics regularly, go swimming. Eat more sour-milk products. Do not spend too much time in direct sunlight. This can become a factor that activates the autoimmune process.




Virgo, a horoscope for July 2017 promises you a very active month. You will strive to make a journey and probably not one, you will be eager for adventures and noble deeds. You will not be at home this summer, you will enjoy new deeds and interesting acquaintances. You will be longing to fill your life with bright emotions and even radically change it. But do not rush into this, better take a closer look at what you already have and appreciate what fate has given you. These are invaluable gifts, aren’t they? In financial terms, July is a happy month. Do not worry about anything, you have enough money for all your ideas, you can afford yourself and your family to live on a broad scale.
Horoscope of health
In July, Virgo will be pleased with health. Even the desire for adventure and travel will not affect your well-being. On the contrary, it will add vivacity and a good mood. Be careful with new food and try not to lose control. However, you can afford a glass of good wine in a pleasant company, it will not do you any harm. Do exercises, swim! Do not miss the opportunity to give your body the right load. It is true that some Virgos should consult a cardiologist before you start exercising. And one more very important advice is given Virgo by stars – take care of your knees, in no case overload these joints.




Stars promise Libra a pleasant surprise in July. Rely on your intuition, because in some area you are waiting for a gift of fate. Even small tips and signs will help you understand how to get to the goal faster. And the original declaration of love can make this month unforgettable for ever.
There will be no special money problems, but try not to glamor and scatter money, because your piggy bank has a bottom.

Spend more time with your beloved ones, with your family, and not with colleagues this month.
The horoscope recommends Libra to be more careful when travelling in July, especially if you go on holiday with the whole family.
Horoscope of health
The stars advise Libra to keep to a strict diet, if they do not want to severely undermine their health and gain extra pounds. Problems with metabolism and gastrointestinal tract are possible. However, do not open
the first-aid kit without a doctor’s prescription. Some Libra may have pressure jumps in July. Libra should not be recharged with coffee, it’s better to do exercises, and go in for sports, at last.
There are also special recommendations. Do not load the spine, otherwise it can cause you a lot of trouble. Pay attention to your knees and hands. If you notice swelling, consult a rheumatologist. It is better to stop the inflammatory process right away than to face a big problem.




Scorpio, July will bring a variety of impressions to you. One thing is clear, there will be no routine. All the paperwork will magically bypass you. And you are pretty fed up with it already. The ability to introduce diversity in leisure will make it colorful. Friends in many respects appreciate you for this quality. You’ll have an idea to take a trip or try a new hobby. Forgive your relatives skepticism about yoga or raw food. Your motto is: ” Everything that does not kill is worth trying.” Therefore, go ahead! Luck will accompany you in cordial affairs. The dearest person will answer your feelings. But you should take the initiative.
Horoscope of health
Scorpio Horoscope of health does not promise health problems in July. You may experience a breakdown. Therefore, it is wise to plan your day rationally. Give sufficient time to sleeping and change mental loads with physical ones. In case you are disturbed by joints, address the rheumatologist for qualified help.




Sagittarius, you will have to work in July. Assignments at work, orders and new offers from business partners will fall on you. You will easily cope with all the tasks. Such efforts will bring results. And in the near future you will significantly improve your financial situation. The requests of your relatives will also increase, but it will turn into an impulse to development. Stars advise not to rush to make important decisions. It is worth weighing all the pros and cons and to consult the family. Sagittarius will be able to achieve the goals set in July only by sequential planning of every step.
Horoscope of health
The health horoscope predicts well-being for Sagittarius. Still, do not get cold, so be careful with air conditioners. You will receive a positive charge if you merge with nature and actively spend the time. Move, eat more vegetables and fruit. Try to master yoga. This will bring not only new impressions, but also an interesting experience for the your body.



Capricorn, do not impose your opinion on others in July. It is human to err, you won’t prevent everybody from their mistakes. However, if a person trusts you, try to arm yourself with arguments and gently prove your case. Capricorns expect a romantic experience this month. New acquaintances will be exciting. Perhaps you will meet your soul mate. The stars advise Family Capricorns to smell the flowers or make a bike trip. Active rest with the whole family will help to strengthen the family relations. You will enjoy a pleasant surprise at work – a bonus or promotion.

Horoscope of health
The health horoscope warns – be careful when travelling. Be attentive to what you eat on your way. The possibility of poisoning is not excluded. Do not spend much time in the sun. If you are worried about knee and ankle joints, seek advice from a rheumatologist and limit the burden on your lower limbs.




Aquarius, the stars whisper: “Enough staying at home! It’s time to get down to business”. Follow the advice. It’s time to gather friends and plan something grand. A new business project or a trip – according to your fantasy. Some conflicts with household may emerge. Be sure and do not let the situation get out of your control. All minor troubles will soon be solved safely. Launch a family dinner, so you can talk in a warm atmosphere and strengthen the relationship. Aquarius, do not enter any other people’s arguments. You will be safer and protect your nerve cells.
Horoscope of health
The health horoscope advises to protect joints and the bone system.
Physical activity is contraindicated, especially on hands and feet. Spend less time under the air conditioning, as well as in the sun. In order to achieve good health address your rheumatologist.




Pisces, you will have an ambiguous month. There will be changes both in the business and personal spheres. Not everything that you want will happen. This will irritate you. And yet, do not despair, concentrate on positive events. Positive attitude is your wand this month. Be more affable with colleagues at work, it’s high time to get out somewhere for communication in an informal setting. Thus, you can get new reliable friends. Single Pisces will plunge into a state of love. Do not be afraid to open your heart.
Horoscope of health
The health horoscope recommends Pisces to spend less time at the computer.
Do warm-ups more often, stroll. Stagnation of blood is not at all what you need. Do not forget to drink enough liquid in such a hot time. You may be worried about ankle joints. Wear orthoses and avoid excessive stress.


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